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Located in Florida ’s Panhandle, Destiny boasts access to shallow bays, productive reefs, and the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We’ll start our journey in the shallow inshore waters, where one of the Gulf Coast’s most sought-after fish is in abundance.

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There’s also a star-studded supporting cast of Spotted Trout, Flounder, and Sleepyhead adding to the menu at the end of the day. The “Silver King” is one of the world’s most prized inshore game fish, and for good reason too.

Fishing at night yields the best results, but you can combine your daytime trip with going for Jack Crevasse and Pompano for a serious workout. Anglers from all over flock to the Emerald Coast in summer for some of the world’s best Red Snapper fishing.

This elusive, exciting, and delicious fish is subject to strict harvesting regulations, so the chance to land one is a real opportunity for some angling glory. Strong and tasty, they’re a staple of the Distinguishing scene, with more than five different species regularly caught here.

Monster Goliath Grouper must be released when caught, but is a sight to behold if you manage to hook one. Just like their neighbors, Snappers and Groupers, they’re as fun as they are tasty, and make for an incredible fishing experience.

Another state record was landed in Destiny, with a monster 130 lb Cobra caught here. The action kicks off in spring, with a range of tournaments targeting this creature, and the fun continues all summer.

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They’ll eat almost anything, so get ready to enter battle and get your fill of Cobra fishing when in Destiny. Just like their shallow-water competitor, Marlin also love to leap out of the water in an attempt to wrangle off your line, providing a spectacular show and incredible battle.

Their body arches as their bill stays straight, providing an incredible show to all aboard. Their sibling, Sailfish, is equally impressive, with its stunning sail leaving anyone who crosses its path mesmerized.

The crystal clear green waters offer up incredible opportunities for sight fishing right from the beach. There are 24 miles of sand stretching along the coast from Destiny, giving you plenty of space to set up for the day.

Popular surf fishing catches in Destiny are Pompano, Redfish, Whitefish, Bluefish, Lady fish, and Rays. The calm inshore waters are a great starting point for beginners, while some more adventurous anglers can even head Gulf-side.

Rent your own vessel or head out with an experienced guide, and you can catch pretty much any of Destiny ’s long list of fish, with scalloping and spearfishing trips available, too. The whole Emerald Coast is dotted with boats of all sizes ready to take you on the fishing adventure of your dream.

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“The Edge.” Leave America behind and discover the riches of the deep water beyond the continental shelf. This is where your big game fishing takes place, with the prospect of Yahoo, Tuna, Marlin, and more.

Fortunately, the warm weather means that fishing is possible year-round and, boy, do the locals take advantage of it. Peak season hits Destiny in summer, with holiday-makers taking advantage of the red-hot fishing and blistering sunshine.

This is the time of year to catch the biggest variety of fish, so book early to avoid disappointment! Cobra is all the rage early on, while the prospect of an Indian summer may tempt you to take advantage of the big game bite later in the year.

Destiny wouldn’t deserve the title of the “Luckiest Fishing Village in the World” if it didn’t make the most of it. The town’s fishing tournaments are legendary, and those of you with a competitive streak may want to test your skills here.

The world-famous Distinguishing Rodeo lights up the town throughout October, as over 30,000 anglers and many more fans descend on Destiny. If you can’t make it in October then March, April, and May serve up the Harbor Walk Marina Cobra Tournament, with November and December showcasing the “Flounder Founder” competition.

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Come in summer and join the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic or the Best of the Bay Fishing Tournament, and you can push your skills to the limit! Thankfully, here in Destiny, you can take advantage of the incredible fishing on offer without needing a license in many cases.

Come and see why this small town has earned the title of “the Luckiest Fishing Village in the World”! If you’re a fishing enthusiast, then you know that there’s no greater feeling than getting out on the sea and waiting for that big catch.

From mahi-mahi to marlin to red snapper, there’s no shortage of awesome fish to catch in the Gulf of Mexico. Read on to learn everything you need to know about planning unforgettable deep sea fishing trips in Destiny, Florida.

Get feedback from friends who’ve already gone on deep sea fishing trips and check out online reviews. How long you want to fish is important in determining two things: the time you spend out on the water and the type of boat you’ll need.

These work well for people who have plenty of time to be out on the water and want to flex their deep sea fishing skills. There are also all day trips in which fishers leave early in the morning and get back late at night.

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All day trips are best for experienced deep sea fishermen who want to try their hand at bottom fishing and offshore trolling. If you’re planning a very short trip, then it might not matter if you’re heading out on a boat that doesn’t have a bathroom, but you’ll definitely want one if you’re going to be out on the water all day.

Determine the things you absolutely need, like a fighting chair, kitchen, or bathroom and select your charter boat from there. Your captain and crew should supply a wealth of knowledge when it comes to which fish you can keep and which ones will have to be released to catch another day.

You probably won’t need a warm windbreaker if you’re headed out during the summer, but you’ll definitely need it during cooler months. You’ll want saltwater rods and reels, proper tackles, and a fighting belt, at a minimum.

Giant Redfish caught on a Bay Charter in Destiny With that being said, it’s important to remember that sometimes it’s not as easy as hopping on a boat and heading out to sea.

The best way to maximize and make the most of your Distinguishing experience is to be prepared, and that usually starts with a fishing license. Discover everything you need to know about Fishing Licenses in Destiny, including the 2020 Rules and Regulations.

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Check out these popular Distinguishing styles, and discover which license you’ll need to make your next fishing adventure in Destiny absolutely delicious ! In Destiny, there are two main types of fishing licenses to consider, freshwater and saltwater, and the difference between the two is pretty straightforward.

A Saltwater Fishing License covers the harvest of saltwater species that live in places like the Gulf of Mexico A Freshwater Fishing License is for species that live in freshwater areas like ponds, lakes, rivers etc. Another thing to be aware of is that some species of saltwater and freshwater creatures require special permits to harvest, and fishing them has additional rules and regulations.

One of the Best Places to Fish on Okaloosa Island and Destiny is the Pier! With bays and bayous full of brackish water, there is always the chance you may catch a freshwater species, even when in saltwater.

On any given day you will be able to spot someone on their pontoon searching for dolphins, enjoying Crab Island, and fishing the Choctawhatchee Bay. And don’t forget, out-of-state fishing licenses are not valid in Florida.

A group of fishermen holds up their catch of Red Snapper It is recommended to anyone that is eligible to fish without a license to bring proof that they are qualified to do so to show the Coast Guard.

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This is a great way to prevent any possible problems that may occur when proving exemption eligibility. Fishing Charters are also a great way to experience the sport, without having to put too much thought into it.

Below are the amazing fishing charter options Destiny has to offer at the best rates online with TripS hock: This is a great option if you already know what type of fishing you’re wanting to do.

Below are the rates for Florida Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Licenses : Please note that these prices are for the general Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Licenses, and do not include specialty licenses and permits such as the ones required for harvesting Tarpon, Spiny Lobster, Shook, etc.

Luckily, Florida makes this part super easy! When you get your fishing license, it will have the expiration date printed on it, so you will know exactly when it’s time to renew.

An inshore trip to catch Redfish wouldn’t require a Federal License State and Federal Waters dictate which fish can be caught and kept based on length, weight, location, season, and other factors.

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