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Maria Johnson
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
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Fishing in Black Desert Online can be a highly lucrative activity if done correctly. You can get your first fishing rod from vendors that sell fishing rods (fisher merchants and material vendors), the central market, or as a quest reward.

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First, you need to press the space button when the moving bar is in the “good” part and then you need to press the Was buttons in the correct order to get the fish. If you auto-fish you skip this step but need to wait for up to 3 extra minutes.

Despite the simplicity of basic fishing, there are many more things to consider maximizing your profit. The first thing you need to be familiar with is the different fishing rods.

Table showing the fishing rods in BDO, with skill requirements and effects. Because of the possibility of dropping a level, it is becoming common practice to simply force-enhance these rods to +10.

Each level of enhancement increases the total durability by 10 points. I would recommend getting the Euphoria rod as fast as you can, enhance it to +3 if you can, and restore its durability.

After you reach fishing skill artisan 1 you should consider switching to the Median rod. While you do not get extra durability points when you enhance the rod, you do get a bonus to your chance of getting rare fish (yellow grade).

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At +10 enhancement level, you get a +5% bonus to catching rare fish. At + 10 enhancement level the rod gets a -25% reduction to the auto- fishing timer.

So, unless you are working on a quest where you need a certain number of blue grade fish to complete, the Median rod will always be better when it comes to profit. A recent test showed that using this rod was not worth it for general fishing.

However, if used exclusively on yellow grade fish hotspots (see below) or Coelacanth spawns then it resulted in a greater net profit. Both floats can be enhanced by using black stones, increasing their benefits up to +5%.

The RNG starts with determining which main group you get your loot from. Each group’s loot table then has its own layered system that works the same way.

The actual percentages depend on player fishing skill level and location. Example on how the fishing loot table works in Black Desert Online.

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The reason why it is useful to understand how the loot system works is due to the items that give bonuses to the base chance of getting the rare or big fish category through this RNG system. The Median rod and the maple float both give a bonus to your chance of getting the rare category.

So, for every 100 catches, you will get 12 yellow fish with the +10 Median rod and +10 maple floats instead of only 2. Results of the experiment determining the effect of the Median rod and maple float in BDO. The number of fish is not very high, and this test is not extensive enough to nail down precise percentages, but it is clear how the bonus from the maple float and Median rod is added on top of the base chance.

Secondly, it is theorized that a high fishing skill also reduces, on average, the number of buttons that appear during the mini-game. The fishing skill does not appear to affect the time from throw to bite.

At Master fishing levels, about 30% of throws do not result in reduced durability. I believe the time reduction is around 7% per level for a max of about 35% at fishing rank 5.

What makes this hard to pin down is the fact that there seems to be a system in place that depends on time brackets. For example, at rank 0 the time from throw to bite might never be lower than 40 and never higher than 80.

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What happens as you gain rank is that you move to a faster timescale bracket. For example, at fishing rank 3, the Randi's sea node has a timescale bracket ranging from 29 to 57 seconds.

The same rank at the Coastal Caves and Euphoria has a timescale bracket ranging from 21 to 39 seconds (the latter number might be a little higher) and Tariff (inland) has a bracket from about 41 to 63 seconds. I would recommend the Bale nos Special as it gives a +2 to fishing rank over 90 minutes.

A blue grade alchemy stone of life gives a bonus to your fishing rank, with the sturdy type and higher giving a +2 bonuses. A life spirit stone also gives +2 to your fishing rank.

These clothes give you a boost to movement speed, increase your fishing rank and when enhanced, give extra experience to your fishing skill. You can also choose to buy a fishing costume from the pearl store.

Finally, there is the professional fisher uniform you get as a reward when you hit fishing skill artisan 1. This set of clothes is worse than the silver embroidered ones as they cannot be enhanced.

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However, with an equipment tailoring coupon, you can change it into an outfit and wear it as well as the silver embroidered clothes. Below is a table that shows these items, their bonuses, and effect duration.

A good place to active fish when you are beginning is located just outside Celia, seen in the image below. The offset to this spot is that it is always crowded, meaning that much more time passes between a throw and a haul.

Later, you want to find a spot that is either safe or remote, has ancient relic crystal shards, and is not crowded. Thirdly, you should keep in mind the different time brackets between sea, coast, and inland fishing spots.

At sea, you have a far better chance to get yellow and blue grade fish than you have on land. Note that I forgot to mention in the video that higher fishing skill results in more seagull spots being visible.

To do so you need a boat and a harpoon, both of which you can buy from the market or build yourself. The thick harpoon has a durability of 40 and you need fishing skill at professional 5 to use it.

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When you have a harpoon and a boat or ship you need to sail to a sea location to which you have a node connected. When you have detected the fish, you need to press space again and complete the mini-game.

You can also watch the video on the side to see how to harpoon fish and win the mini-game. The primary aim of this guide is to try and create a dialogue between fishers on BDO.

Currently, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding hot spots and fishing in general. The secondary aim is to create a guideline for the current knowledge. When you arrive at someone’s hot spot treat it with some respect.

Form a circle around the floats, and then we can get nice screenshots. Hotspots are not black and white like some people make them out to be.

There’s the well known hotspots with the changed loot tables and loads of yellow and blue fish. This is not just anecdotal evidence but pretty much verified over the course of a couple of days.

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For now, we class a hotspot as the size of a fishing boat. No, I like viewers to share information amongst themselves and for people to figure out where the fishing hotspots are.

WARNING THIS WILL TAKE YOUR BOAT TO THE NEAREST PORT The actually good part about the fishing costume is the increased swimming speed and the reduced stamina cost of it.

You move about as fast a fishing boat and you’re going to be able to just swim out to other people’s boats and fish from there. Paste bait increases your fishing ability, but only lasts for 5 minutes.

In order to climb up the ranks you must make a significant silver investment. It does lose some money, but high level processors don’t actually lose that much, since you can get a lot of dried fish from drying once.

Ash Tree Float increased chance to catch a big fish (professional 1) Fishing boat is great and should be worked toward but the ferry is a good alternative.

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The float position is decides your fishing location, so make sure that’s in the hot spot not yourself. To make yourselves more limber keep a rod on Hot bar 1 and a sword on 2.

A good source of EXP is also completing the fishing quests around the game. The higher the fishing skill, the faster and more likely you are to catch higher quality grade fish (grades: white, green, blue, yellow, orange) You will have the ability to use better rods.

Fishing Rods are equipped in your mainland weapon slot. Some fishing rods can be enhanced with Black Stone (Weapon) for extra stats and/or durability.

Each time you cast your fishing rod, you have a chance to lose durability on the item. If the durability reaches zero or you run out of inventory space you will stop fishing.

You can use an Item Brand Spell Stone (Pearl Store > Function > Misc. > 400 Pearls) on the fishing rod to reduce the durability consumption, allowing you to fish for longer before your rod breaks, but this is only recommended if you have enough inventory slots and are not filling your inventory overnight.

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You can also use an Item Brand Spell Stone (Pearl Store > Function > Misc. Item NameDetailsHow to obtainable Float(Requires Fishing Artisan 1)Durability: 50Chance to Catch Rare Fish +1% to +5%(depending on enhancement)Can be repaired Can be enhanced Tool Workshop (Level 2) Maple Timber x1Oil of Tranquility x3Red Crystal x2Pure Lead Crystal x2Ash Tree Float(Requires Fishing Professional 1)Durability: 50Chance to Catch Big Fish +1% to +11%(depending on enhancement)Can be repaired Can be enhanced Tool Workshop (Level 2) Ash Timber x1Oil of Tranquility x3Translucent Crystal x2Pure Lead Crystal x2 You can also use the Trio’s Fishing Chair which goes into your offhand slot.

Fishing Costume (+1) Guild Buff (+1 to +3) Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Costume (+1 to +2) Bale nos Meal (+2) Fisher’s Elixir (+2) Alchemy Stone/Life Spirit Stone (+2) Pet Skills (+1 per pet) Tailoring Coupon (+1) Next, a bar will pop up that will fill and empty 3 times maximum before automatically failing.

You must press again whilst the bar is in the blue area. You can obtain a perfect reel if you manage to press space bar at the exact time that the bar is completely full.

On a perfect reel, you get to skip the last part of the mini-game and get your fish instantly. After you have successfully completed all phases of the mini-game you will receive a window with the fish you have just caught.

With a maximum of 10 energy points you can roll for a chance to catch multiple fish. When you get a bite, your character will wait 3 minutes (base time) for you to manually catch the fish.

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This is when the game runs as a background process but does not load your graphics card. NOTE: You do not need to link the nodes to sell your fish for maximum price.

You can also dry fish before they expire and this will preserve them, but then you can no longer sell them to a trader. Instead, they can now be sold on the Central Market, but they may not be worth much depending on the type of fish and the demand.

Higher chance of obtaining Ancient Relic Crystal Shards However, you can still use your accessories from other Life Skill Mastery for an extra bonus.

Legendary fish can be caught in specific locations in both the freshwater and sea. They can be sold to traders for high prices but Imperial Fishing is unavailable.

Hotspots are indicated by a school of fish jumping out of the water with seagulls surrounding it. With a maximum of 10 energy points you can roll for a chance to catch multiple fish.

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Thick Harpoon Durability: 40 Crafting Materials: Cedar Timber x2, Iron Ingot x7, Black Stone Powder x3 Level Required: Professional LV.1 The mini-game for the harpoon takes more time and is more challenging than fishing with a rod.

You only have a certain amount of harpoons and time to hit the fish and bring its health to zero in order to catch it. To make profit from Harpooning you really need at least 700 Fishing Mastery Points.

Harpooning income relies completely on being able to capture prize fish and because of that it can be quite inconsistent. This Video and Written guide was created by our Contributor Radio at Foundry and has since been kept up-to-date by our other staff.

20-30 at least) Euphoria Sailboat/Frigate (Enhanced boat gear is advised for faster travel but not required) A fast horse (Unicorn is the best here due to desert travel but not required) 5/5 Fishing level (Guild buff, Food, Arch Stone, Silver Embroidered, Pets, Elixirs etc.) Note: I have actually had hotspot fish that have originated from Ross Sea but this is extremely rare and not worth the permanent connection.

This will help you find hotspots quickly and get the best chance to get good trade prices when you get to Valencia! Parking your boat in open areas during the route and zooming the camera into first-person perspective will give you a much greater vision range and therefore make it easier to spot hotspots if you are struggling.

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Due to the amount of potential bargain games needed for this method having this item is a huge save on energy. * Occasionally events will give them out so be on the lookout as this will be the best time to stock up / camp the market.

This map should give you the best chance of finding the hotspots needed for the quest “Fish for Villagers”. Don’t forget to bring your rods!, 3 per trip should be fine but expect to use 1.5 – 2.5 depending on your fishing level/durability reduction.

This route will give you the best chance of spotting hotspots and reducing your travel time between them (this is very important for efficiency). In the rare case that 2 or more hotspots are available near each other than the priority is Coelacanth > Sea Bass/Eye spot Puffer > Porgy > Smokey Chromes (based on fish price).

Actively run your horse for best results (AFK if you want, it will just add time) all the way to Sand Grain Bazaar and then across to Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sharing to grab the trade buff (make sure to have 100 energy!) * If you do not have a Unicorn then it might be better to hop over to a fast camel/elephant once you reach Sand Grain in-order to be more efficient when crossing the desert.

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