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Fishing is a classic pastime in Red Dead Redemption 2 that needs to be unlocked. In this mission, you'll take Jack Mars ton fishing at a nearby lake.


Hold L1/LB while your fishing rod is equipped to open the bait menu Equip the bait by selecting it with the right stick, scrolling through different types with R2/L2 or RT/LT, and releasing L1/LB. Wait for a bite if you have a bomber, or entice a fish by rotating the right stick slowly if you have bait or a lure.

When your controller continuously vibrates, it's time to hook the fish with R2/RT. Instead, control your rod in the opposite direction the fish goes with the left stick.

When the fish is tired, evident by the lack of splashing water, reel it in by rotating the right stick clockwise. There's a bait shop on the northwest coast of the lake/swamp of Laura, which can be found north of Saint-Denis.

Visiting the shop will allow you to purchase bait in Red Dead Redemption 2. It's also somewhat involved, so we've put together a guide to help you learn the basics, so you can quickly start to catch fish and have a fun time.

You take little Jack down to the river for a fishing lesson, and this serves as your introduction to the system. The fish will immediately pull back, and you'll feel your line get tight, with your rod bending in reaction to the tugging.

You can also click in the right stick and push it in any direction to prevent the fish from taking more line out. Pushing the left stick down as you reel in speeds up the process because it brings the fish directly in towards you.

I found it was helpful, if not a little embarrassing, to use my thumb and index finger at the same time to reel in even faster. The amount of fight a fish puts in is directly related to its size and type.

But catching larger fish, like Sturgeon and Sockeye Salmon, can entail fights that take multiple minutes to complete. If you snap your line, you'll lose your bait or your lure, but don't get discouraged as they are plenty of fish available in Red Dead Redemption 2's numerous lakes, rivers, and swamps.

Just like in real life, selecting the right bait is critically important if you want to reel in a big one. You can purchase basic bait types like bread, corn, and cheese, or spend more money on worms and crayfish that help you land bigger fish.

Crayfish: good for larger size fish in deeper parts of rivers and lakes. Swamp lure: attracts swamp dwelling medium and large size fish Special River lure: increases your chances of catching medium to large river fish.

Special Swamp lure: increases your chances of catching medium to large swap fish. The Bait And Tackle shop in Laura sells everything you need for fishing, including live worms, crayfish, and all lure types.

There are many types of fish that can be found in Red Dead Redemption 2's lakes, ponds, rivers, and swamps. Here are the ones we've caught so far, as well as the bait type that provided the highest likelihood of reeling them in successfully.

Bluegill -- Cheese Chain Pickerel -- Corn Redfin Pickerel -- Bread Rock Bass -- Cheese or other natural baits Small mouth Bass -- Any type of natural bait Bullhead Catfish -- Cheese or corn Perch -- Bread Lake Sturgeon -- Lake lure Large mouth Bass -- Crayfish Steel head Trout -- Worms Muskie -- Lake lure Sockeye Salmon -- river lure Early morning and afternoon are when fish bite the most, due to bugs flying close to the surface.

Chain Pickerel -- Lakes, rivers, and swamps; most active in sunny weather. Redfin Pickerel -- Rivers in the south; most active on warm, sunny days.

Rock Bass -- All clear water in the country; most active on sunny days. Perch -- Rivers and lakes across the country; most active during sunny weather.

Steel head Trout -- Lakes, mostly in the south; most active during rainy weather. One further note is that fish, huge ones, loooovvvvve to hang out at the mouths of waterfalls, as the water there is more oxygenated than other areas.

Head to the shore of Flat Iron Lake in the Heartlands to a place called Gill Landing. The best advice I can give is to try to catch them when they're already close to shore, to cut down on your reeling time significantly and improve the odds of landing the fish.

At a certain point a few hours into the game, you will steal a boat and bring it to camp. At this point you can use it to head further into a lake to go after the bigger fish that tend to live in deeper water.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an often brutally violent game, but that doesn’t mean you can ’t get away for a relaxing break now and then. It just so happens that RDR2 has a pretty robust fishing system, which is mighty impressive since it’s almost completely optional.

It's a good and simple way to keep your food stocked, and you can sell your haul for a decent profit as well. To help you become an expert fisherman, we’ve put together a guide of everything you need to know about the art of fishing in RDR2.

You’ll have to wait until the chapter two mission, “A Fisher of Men.” During this mission, you take John Mars ton’s young son Jack fishing down at a river near camp. If at any time you’re unsatisfied with your current attempt, you can simply press Circle/B to cut the line and start over again.

Bait fishing, the type that is taught to you in the chapter two mission, is the straightforward, leisurely sort. Flick the left stick in the opposite direction of the tug until you stop feeling resistance on the pole.

If you try and reel while the fish is fighting, there’s a good chance your line will break and you’ll have to restart the process. Typically, you have to switch between reeling and tiring the fish out at least a few times (unless your line is right at the water’s edge).

Lure fishing is a bit harder to perfect but nets you some bigger scores. As you’re reeling, flicking your lure can help, but sometimes you will have to recast multiple times in order to get the right angle.

We found that during the tiring process, especially with large fish, you can ’t just move the line in the opposite direction. Once you catch a fish you can either use it to make a meal or sell it to the butcher for cash.

Bear in mind that big fish caught with lures must be stowed on the back of your horse. To our knowledge, the only shop specific to fishing needs is the Bait and Tackle store in Laura.

Crayfish: For catching big fish (Large mouth Bass) Crickets: For catching medium fish (Rock Bass, Small mouth Bass) Worms: For catching medium fish (Steel head Trout, Small mouth Bass, Rock Bass) Cheese: For catching small fish (Bluegill, Rock Bass) Corn: For catching small fish (Chain Pickerel, Bullhead Catfish) Bread: For catching small fish (Perch, Redfin Pickerel, Bullhead Catfish) Lake lure: For catching medium and large fish in lakes (Lake Sturgeon, Muskie) River lure: For catching medium and large river fish (Sockeye Salmon, Northern Pike) Swamp lure: For catching medium and large fish in the swamp (Long nose Gar, Channel Catfish) Each of the three lures have “special” versions that increase the likelihood of catching big fish in their respective bodies of water.

You’ll find more fish swimming around in the morning than you will at any other time of day. Also, though you can ’t control it, when rain starts falling, you can catch some real big fish, especially in the swamps.

Open your map and look directly south of “The Heartlands” down to the water’s edge. There you will find Gill’s Landing and one of the “stranger’ events (shown as a white circle).

Speak to Jeremy Gill on the dock, and he will offer you the Fisher of Fish” side quest. Fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2 requires lures and baits; however, since the video game features many fish species, it is mandatory to know the best lure and bait for each of them.

Below we discuss all baits and lures in Red Dead Redemption II, along with the fish species on which you should use them. A key location that must be visited in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the Bait and Tackle Shop in Laura.

When you talk to the shopkeeper, you’ll be able to purchase most baits and lures; so make sure you buy as many as you can carry. The said mission unlocks the Legendary Fish, for which you’ll need the Special Lures.

Check Out A Fisher of Men Mission Guide Baits & Lures Baits & Lures play an important part in attracting fish to your line.

Certain baits with specific lures are required to be able to catch different types of fish in the game. General Goods and Grocery Stores in towns and cities have a selection of baits and lures that players can choose from.

Use your Left Joystick to pull the fish in the opposite direction to where it's headed. What you should do instead is to brace the rod to keep the line secure then reel it in again once it stops squirming.

Check the water for alligators and your surroundings for other predators to have a safe fishing trip. You can find them across most bodies of water including the game's many rivers, lakes and streams.

Large Sturgeon Overview LocationRiver southwest of Saint DenisLureRiver Lure It's in the Armadillo area, to the south-east of Lake Don Julio.

Large mouth Bass Overview Location San Luis RiverLureLake Lure You can spot the location of the Muskie to the south of the piers of Van Horn Trading Post.

The Perch can be fished out of the Elysian Pool Head northwest of the Van Horn Trading Post, west of the Jawbone Clearing and use the Lake Lure to catch this fish. The Redfin Pickerel can be fished out of Stillwater Creek, to the east of Macfarlane's Ranch and west of Thieves Landing.

The Rock Bass can be fished out of the Aurora Basin, it's located to the west of Manzanita Post, near Blackwater. You can fish out the Small mouth Bass in Manila, a lake to the west of Strawberry.

The Sockeye Salmon can be found in Lake Isabelle, it's right to the north of Mount Hagen. The Steel head Trout can be fished out of the shallows north of Brandy wine Drop and Willard's Rest.

There are 13 Legendary Fish in Red Dead Redemption 2 that you can catch! There is only one of each Legendary Fish that can be found in the game so it can be a bit of a challenge to catch them.

To catch a specific Legendary fish, you need to match your lure with their preference. It's best to always have a Special River, Lake, and Swamp Lure with you before hunting for Legendary fish.

After going through the long and harsh days of the old Wild West, a man needs some time for himself. Out of multiple side activities in Red Dead Redemption 2, fishing is one and the mechanic goes quite deep including different times of day for different fish, various types of baits as well as lures.

With over 30 varieties of fish spread across several water bodies in the game, there’s a lot when it comes to the mechanic itself. In addition to being a decent source of food, you’ll be prompted in many missions and side activities to reel some fishes in the game.

Furthermore, you can also farm up Honor Points by releasing small fish and alive ones back into the water after reeling them in. For acquiring one of these items, you’ll need to head to the Bait and Tackle shop.

So it goes without saying, using a Lake Lure while you’re fishing in a river will yield no favorable results. Special Lures, as expensive as they are, increase the chances of catching the desired fish.

They will also make it possible for you to catch the bigger, legendary and rarer species of fish. This will come in the form of a nibble, with each species taking different amounts of time and bites to do so.

Once done, reel in the fish with the right stick and you’ve caught yourself some fine salty meat. Do note that you can prevent fish from breaking the line, if they choose to do so, by holding the right stick for the reel in any direction.

If the reel breaks or doesn’t go according to the plan, especially in the case of predator fishes, you can reset the line by cutting it loose with the Circle or B button. After capturing a fish, you can keep the small ones in your satchel, but for the big and heavy ones, you need to move in close to your horse and place the species there.

That’s when those fishes hop in and out of the water, waiting for you to capture the nature’s gift. Legendary Fish are harder to come by and will be specific to a certain time of day or weather condition.

Redfin Pickerel In rivers located in the southern regions of the map. Perch Found in lakes and rivers in the northern regions of the map.

Bullhead Catfish Located in the swampy regions of the map and best lured by Corn bait. Rock Bass Good chance of finding it in lakes of both north and south regions.

Bluegill Plentiful in lakes and rivers of both north and south regions of the map. Muskie Can only be found in lakes of northern regions, and the best time to fish for it is during sunny weather.

Sockeye Salmon Found in rivers of northern regions during sunny weather. Long nose Gar Only exclusive to swampy regions in overcast weather conditions.

Channel Catfish Only exclusive to swampy regions in overcast weather conditions. Small mouth Bass Plentiful in rivers of both northern and southern regions, you’ll find them swimming in mostly rainy weather.

Steel head Trout Look for it in lakes and rivers of northern and southern regions in rainy climatic conditions. Basic baits (Cheese, bread, and corn) become less effective when left in water for a long time.

Try using ramparts or stones because it’s easier to catch fish in deep water than in shallow areas Dead eye can be used to get an idea of the size of fish when it makes ripples.

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