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Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
• 4 min read

When you want to maximize your saltwater fishing time, it helps to find clever ways of making your angling life easier. This fishing hack will prevent your sinker from sliding down over the knot, and allows your bait to retain enough movement.

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Or, just make sure all hooks and lures are removed from your rods and bring them right into the shower with you after a day of fishing. This may sound like one of the funniest fishing tips you've heard in a while, but your rods and reels will last a great deal longer if you thoroughly rinse them after every saltwater outing.

Debbie Hanson is an award-winning outdoor writer, women’s sport fishing advocate, IFA world record holder, and freshwater guide living in Southwest Florida. For most anglers, red fishing in Florida is high on their bucket list for plenty of reasons.

Once you’ve fought and landed a trophy over 20 pounds, you’ll understand why this species of fish is atop the list of “favorites” for anglers of all skill levels and backgrounds. Great spots to look for and find reds are usually where rivers spill into the ocean, flats and marshes, oyster bars, and just about any bays or sounds in the state of Florida.

During colder weather, you can usually bet that redfish will move away from the shore and venture into deeper channels and around reefs or shipwrecks. They will slowly move in closer to the shallows once the weather warms and you can count on the Grand Finale of red fishing to take place in late October, November, and December.

One of the main reasons redfish became so scarce was the ease with which most anglers can catch huge numbers of reds in a short amount of time. Since redfish is a species of bass, you can ’t go wrong using anything that remotely resembles a bait fish to catch reds, especially when they are in the shallows during the late season.

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Redfish will annihilate anything that includes poppers, spoons, buzz baits and everything else top-water during the late season. There’s nothing like watching a giant redfish home in on a top-water plug and strike with amazing force and precision.

Couple that with their surprising ability to bend a rod and yank off half a spool of line in no time and it will become clear why reds are the king of the shallow water fisheries in Florida. Reds will hit just about anything that normal shallow-water game fish go after such as live shrimp, minnows, and especially mullet.

Most seasoned anglers know that there are some specific tips you’ll want to stick with for catching reds throughout the year and most will agree on a few tried-and-true methods. Large redfish have keen senses and will spook easily if you make too much noise and move in too quickly.

Here is a look at ten common household items that can be used to make your fishing outings more efficient and successful. From securing the wraps of a fly to changing the color of a lure to protecting the raw metal of a cut hook from corroding, the list goes on and on.

Surf fisherman have found a way to use zip ties when rigging eels which both speeds up the process and makes on the water repairs simple. If your reel seat starts to fail you can temporarily fix it with a few well-placed zip ties.

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TOOTHPASTE I learned this one many years ago after a night of fishing chicken livers for catfish. It works to cut the smell of eels, bunker, clams, squid and any fishy odor that you might encounter.

Bass is a general term that is shared by several types of this fish species. They are a species of black bass and considered to be an apex predator, but they can be preyed upon by other fish and animals when a juvenile.

Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t like to fish. Hooks get tossed in the tackle box with all sizes getting mixed together, treble hooks get caught in o-rings, lures get caught in boat carpeting and rubber worms get stuck together.

For most people this will involve getting out the tackle box, getting out your new lure, taking off your old, trying to find a place for it, putting back the tackle box and putting the new lure on. My hooks no longer get caught in the carpet and I don’t have to worry about my excess lures getting tangled together.

I tried keeping them in the little zip lock bags, but if my fingers are wet or slippery they are just a pain. Tic TAC containers work great for keeping sinkers and snaps in place, and they are easy to open with slippery hands.

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I prefer them over other types of containers since they fit in the slots of my tackle box. If I am taking my car to go fishing, a one piece rod is out of the question.

I would normally opt for a rubber band around the top and the bottom of the pieces, but to get them to stay together, it always feels like I’m going to break the tip of the rod off.

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