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Write a Report Enchanted Lake is a lake located just .7 miles from Opus, in Miami-Dade County, in the state of Florida, United States, near Hollywood, FL. Please remember to check with the local Fish and Wildlife department to ensure the stream is open to the public.

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The problem is that the pier shuts down at...” Boca Raton Inlet. Remember to adjust these times based on barometric pressure, and weather changes.

These rules are established by the Board of Directors of the Enchanted Lake Residents Association, a non-profit corporation licensed under the laws of the State of Hawaii. The Board of Directors of Era is the sole authority for arbitrating, defining, and resolving any differences which may arise in the interpretation and application of these Rules and Regulations.

The purpose of these rules is to maximize the residents’ use and enjoyment of lake-associated recreation while minimizing possible annoyances and/or danger to others. While there are many “does” and don’tts” listed, the Board of Directors feels they are based on common sense and experience.

Any questions concerning the application of or explanation of these rules should be directed to the Association’s Lake Security Officer or any other Director. Each lake front resident must maintain the lakeside frontage of their property.

This means picking up all debris and never disposing waste materials of any kind into the Lake. C. Commercial or any “for profit” activities are strictly prohibited on Enchanted Lake.

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D. Under the laws of the State of Hawaii, only residents “in good standing” of Era are permitted use of the Lake. A boat is defined as any floating object capable of providing transportation.

Proof of valid liability insurance (a minimum of $300,000 limit per occurrence) applicable to power boats only. Boats operated and/or moored without a current decal will be reported by the Security Officer to the Era Directors pending notification to the owner.

Without specific approval by the Executive Board of Era, the following classes of boats are prohibited on the Lake: a. Any boat exceeding 19’ LOA (length overall) capable of speeds in excess of 5 knots.

b. Because of the boat’s design and handling characteristics, causes an excessive wake and/or is capable of speeds deemed dangerous for other boaters. Inland Rules of the Road (see 33 USC 2001-238 or obtain at any US Coast Guard office).

Sailboats, while having the right-of-way over power boats, should avoid impeding the enjoyment of the Lake by water skiers. All boats exceeding 5 MPH shall maintain a distance from the shoreline of at least 25 feet.

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Remember, the Security Officer has both the responsibility and the authority to enforce safe boating. Any boat dock structure installed on Enchanted Lake that extends beyond the water-line of your property requires approval from the Era Board of Directors.

Docks should be designed so that no horizontal or vertical forces, loads or pressures are transmitted to any wall that could collapse. If the floating structure is a dock, it needs Era approval and related government permits; if the floating structure is a boat or barge, it needs to be “lake-worthy” and have a current Era boat sticker.

Use: Any boat dock structure on Enchanted Lake shall be solely for the mooring of watercraft. Boat docks shall not be used to extend or increase the resident’s use of the lot and/or living unit (i.e., lanais, gazebos, etc.

Size and Location: Your boat dock, constructed parallel to your property waterline, must be located five (5) feet or more from your side property lines (exceptions due to lot size may be requested of the board). Railings will be permitted provided they are well-designed and are primarily constructed for safety.

C. Submitting Plans to Process Approval for Construction of Your Boat Dock. Lake residents wishing to construct or erect small boat docks in or on Enchanted Lake must submit a letter to the Era Board of Directors requesting permission to build a boat dock.

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Several Federal, State, and local agencies require applications and/or permits prior to construction of a dock. d. Residents of Kukilakila should write an informal letter of request to the CCA Board of Directors.

(Board approval is required for any construction or modification that would involve “common areas”.) Address this letter to President, Kukilakila Community Association, 515 H Kelly Drive, Kailua, HI 96734.

When the above permits/approvals have been obtained a letter should be sent to Era providing evidence to the Board that the resident is covered by an appropriate homeowner’s liability insurance policy in the amount of at least $300,000, and that it is currently in force. b. Boat dock has a proper appearance and that it be in harmony with surrounding community property.

Steps will be taken to have those boat docks in substandard condition to be brought into compliance with these Rules and Regulations. An initial letter will be sent to the owner advising that he/she is in violation of these Rules and Regulations.

Should compliance not be achieved within a reasonable period of time, as determined by the Era Board of Directors, action will be initiated to have the offending boat dock removed at the owner’s expense; such removal not to be considered a trespass. The lake is not routinely tested for pollution and the coliform count has been known to exceed public health standards for swimming after heavy rains.

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The oyster beds in shallow areas are hazardous; severe cuts can occur. Fishing in the Lake by pole or with rod and reel is limited to residents and their guests only.

Other boat owners on the Lake will need to secure permission to use the ramp from the Kukilakila Association. While it is our opinion that complying with the above requirements will benefit all Enchanted Lake residents with respect to durability of docks and safety of navigation, it should be clearly understood that Era does not guarantee or warrant the effectiveness of the above procedures and will not be responsible for any claims, damages or injury allegedly arising out of or in connection with compliance or failure to comply with these standards.

That each resident hereby recognizes the possibility that the structures authorized under the general guidelines may be subject to damage by wave wash from passing vessels. Authorization to build under the general guidelines does not relieve the owner/resident from taking all proper steps to insure the integrity of the authorized structure and the safety of boats moored thereto from damage by wave wash and the owner/resident shall not hold Era liable for any such damage.

That no attempt shall be made by any owner/resident to prevent the full and free use of all navigable waters of Enchanted Lake/Key’Lulu Stream by those persons entitled to such use.

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