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Edit Cast overview, first billed only: Nicole Dam bro ... Meg Peter Mayer-Klepchick ... Brad Cameron Puckett ... Dylan Jesse Puddles ... Orin Brian Ioakimedes ... Talkie Max Reed III ... Frank Travis Stan berry ... Hank Terrance Went ... Durant Marcus Obesity ... Tex Edward Jackson ... Omar Travis Lee Elder ... Professor Cooper Mike Cyrano ... Bartender Laurence Scott Murphy ...

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Homeless Man (as Scott Murphy) Robin S. Roth ... Dylan's Grandma (as Robin Roth) Adam Manley ... High School Bully 1 View production, box office, & company info. Edit A grad student kidnaps two homophobic high-school bullies to use as her subjects in an experiment performed at the bottom of an empty swimming pool.

The percentage of Approved Tomato meter Critics who have given this movie a positive review This question is introduced by Meg (Nicole Dam bro of The Axiom), a ballsy and acrid grad student, trying to prove or disprove this scientific thesis.

The opening scene navigates the compacted and crowded interior of a soiled bar, gracefully swaying the camera around until landing on two young jocks, Brad (Peter Mayer-Klepchick of The Girl on the Train) and Dylan (Cameron Puckett of Second born), and an attractive young woman named Meg. She impairs them with booze and promises them a wild night, only to guide them to her white van, drug them and restrain them in an empty pool in a void neighborhood.

One little ring and this experiment concludes, and the homophobic jocks get to prove their theory they hold so dearly: homosexuality is indeed a choice. But you also soon realize Meg isn’t solely trying to complete her college thesis, she’s out for some “light” vengeance.

Meg’s ardor for the research is kindled from the abuse of her gay brother, Orin (Jesse Puddles), implemented by none other than Brad and Dylan. A myriad of tests will expose their secrets, all while the study is being live-streamed, and Orin is determined to exploit the experiment in its entirety.

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The idea of a woman drugging two homophobic jocks and strapping them up, with their penises ensnared in a Chinese finger-cuff, all for some kind of vengeful experiment, is hard to swallow. Despite what the concept suggests, it’s not torture porn; it leans more toward black comedy, with social subtexts about the causes of homophobia and the corollaries of bullying.

The majority of the first half highlights the acting chops of Mayer-Klepchick, Puckett and Dam bro, who deftly bounce quips off one another. Peter Mayer-Klepchick portrays Brad, the levelheaded and quick thinking jock, who tries to undermine Orin’s abuse (“Normal high school stuff.

Nicole Dam bro is a fierce, implacable and arresting presence, allowing Meg to roam in sordid territory while still being slightly likable. The stellar performances from Mayer-Klepchick, Puckett and Dam bro are interrupted by gang members and a vindictive Orin (who’s racked up with drugs).

The destination takes a turn when new characters surface, and fruitless dialogue saturates the screen (but without the Tarantino spark, and without prompting any genuine laughs or insights). As well-aware viewers, we know Meg’s actions aren’t vindicated, and the experiment is meant to be wantonly kooky and juvenile.

These topics have been explored before, more effectively for that matter (from the blood-soaked tale of Carrie to the voracious style of Heather's), but what keeps Conan’s feature from collapsing during its bloated middle portion is a tempting self-awareness. Not only is the cast aware of their characters’ amplified traits, but Milan Janice ‘s cinematography wonderfully compiles close-up shots that are as judgmental as they are fluid.

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As gang members infiltrate the scene, Meg is forced off-screen, which also means the one character who kept everything together, is now gone for the bulk of the second half. Hank (Travis Stan berry) and Frank (Max Reed III) enter as half witted gangsters, and their long-winded conversations lead nowhere (tonally and literally).

Grouper begins and ends strong, whereas the middle is essentially a series of conversations and dick jokes that wear thin. “It’s like when the victim becomes the bully, and then they relish in it way too much…” Conan’s execution isn’t subtle, nor is it always neat or vital, but it’s strangely engrossing.

Like a stage skit, it starts fairly simple and exaggerates characters and situations knowingly, while still faintly staying in the realm of reality. The middle section is a critical miscalculation (with too many characters, humdrum exchanges and tonal shifts), but it wins back the viewer’s interest at the end.

The plot has a deliciously gay twist and the first half of the movie just made me smile and laugh. Most good comedies (especially when you incorporate horror or slasher elements) need to keep a tight runtime.

The movie opens with Nicole Dam bro’s character, Meg, kidnapping two young men. However, while Pitchfork is a classic slasher movie, Groupers is more of a psychological terror deal.

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And Meg (Nicole Dam bro) has a pretty excellent way of teaching them this important lesson. Instead, the important and funny focus of Groupers was watered down in all the wrong ways.

The main plot of teaching some homophobic brats a lesson is awesome and funny. The scenes with just Nicole Dam bro (Meg, the kidnapper) and the two “victims”, Brad and Dylan, were wonderful.

For the record, this does also mean I enjoyed the performances of Peter Mayer-Klepchick as Brad and Cameron Puckett as Dylan. Groupers is the feature film debut for Anderson Conan as both a director and writer.

However, this isn’t the first time making movies for Anderson Conan since he has made quite a lot of short films since beginning in 2000. If you enjoy dark comedies with some brutal plot points, then make sure you check out Groupers.

Absurdity and insanity ensue as we learn that a seductive grad student is behind thekidnaping and plans to perform a psychological and somewhat sadistic experiment on them. A string of outlandish characters, including a one-eyed street thug and a philosophical squatter get caught upon this odd tale of revenge while bringing their own, ambiguous motives (and opinions) to the party as they pontificate whether homosexuality is a choice.

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Cameron Puckett, Anderson Conan, Nicole Dam bro, Jesse Puddles, Peter Mayer-Klepchick Two homophobic high-school bullies are kidnapped by a grad student planning to perform experiments on them.

Official Trailer On or about September 6, 2019, the film was in Completed status. A grad student kidnaps two homophobic high-school bullies to use as her subjects in an experiment performed at the bottom of an empty swimming pool.

Not big budget Hollywood spectacles, or the time-fillers that Netflix churns out, they are open game. Movies that are someone's hopes and dreams, made of their own sweat and tears and money.

I honestly take no joy in putting down the hard work of someone that has done something I lack the courage to do myself. I went into this one being partial to first time feature filmmaker, Anderson Conan.

Things rubbed me as the makings of an amateur and a little rushed. The pace felt like that of a short film in which you only have a few minutes to establish premise and made me wary that this wouldn't play well as a feature length.

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The protagonist and antagonists seemed like caricatures that felt dubbed down in order for the viewers to catch on.… Admittedly, my expectations were low given the problematic aspects of the premise, but the first act is legitimately entertaining with a pretty good performance from Nicole Dam bro (a dead ringer for Zosma Mamet).

First act is good then it becomes totally rushed and stupid with unnecessary characters being thrown in. Groupers are also just plain unfunny and terribly mediocre.

Considering the budget and the fact that it was a first time director, the acting and the look of the film are both impressive. Most of the complaints about this have centered around the fact that the central premise gets dropped in the third act in favor of a bunch of seemingly random events that don't totally connect.

The director, whose podcast I listen to, claims that they're missing the point. A grad student kidnaps two teenage homophones who have been bullying her gay brother and puts through a strange experiment to answer the rhetorical question “Is homosexuality a choice or a predisposition at birth?” In the style of Hard Candy.

Overall an interesting movie, act 1 is amazing and definitely gets you invested. Orin is a ridiculous distraction from the film and takes away from the concept.

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First act is good then it becomes totally rushed and stupid with unnecessary characters being thrown in. Groupers are also just plain unfunny and terribly mediocre.

I went into this one being partial to first time feature filmmaker, Anderson Conan. Things rubbed me as the makings of an amateur and a little rushed.

Not big budget Hollywood spectacles, or the time-fillers that Netflix churns out, they are open game. Movies that are someone's hopes and dreams, made of their own sweat and tears and money.

I honestly take no joy in putting down the hard work of someone that has done something I lack the courage to do myself. A rewatch of the smart, funny, recent classic Groupers.

Being a fan of Anderson Conan's podcast The Film Vault for many years, I felt obligated to give his debut film a watch. Anderson shows some directing skills but the script here is the real weak point.

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It's sloppy and head scratching at times and I don't think it accomplished it's intended purpose, if there even was one. Groupers did have some funny moments and Nicole Dam bro and the guy who played Orin were the standouts out in the cast.

They’re very pleased to be leaving a club with a pretty girl who intimates that they can both come home with her: just get into this large, empty truck, guys, and I’m yours. And she wants to tackle Dylan and Brad’s assertions that Open (or Aaron, they can’t quite remember his name) brought it all on himself: you choose to be gay, therefore he used his free will to think himself into a state that left him rife for victimization.

Meg’s ideas for just how to test her own ideas are non-violent but definitely uncomfortable, and had the film began and ended with ‘people tied to chairs learning life lessons from an empowered captor’, then Groupers would for me already be filed with all the rest of the ordeal cinema already out there; also, the notion of a film where minors become the subject of sexual experimentation would be unpalatable or unsustainable to many. Just as an aside, a ‘grouper’ is apparently someone who changes their sexual orientation or gender identity later in life, and as that’s displayed loud and proud at the beginning of the film, it’s not a spoiler to add that detail here.

There’s comparatively little focus or fixation on the two boys and what is being done to them, as there’s a lot more plot to follow: it’s a common feature in indie filmmaking now to have your film chartered, but it’s worth knowing that there are other characters and plot devices to come via this method, with second glances at scenes we’ve already seen; new perspectives and footage are added each time (so there’s no fixation on a single location, which helpfully breaks the film up further). In fact, as things progress, this begins to feel a lot more like a Kevin Smith-style script, an assemblage of odd people and their attitudes, all playing off one another and using just the right amount of dry humor, moving eventually from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The overarching appeal of Groupers must surely be its utterly unique handling of that challenging subject as it spirals out from the initial premise, gathers a whole host of larger-than-life characters then draws them all back together again. I'm talking about dark comedy called Groupers and this one not only had me on the edge of my seat but also left me in stitches.

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Grouper kicks things off with a kidnapping of two college students Brad (Peter Mayer-Klepchick) and his buddy Dylan (Cameron Puckett) by a woman named Meg (Nicole Dam bro), who did it because they incessantly bullied her brother Orin (Jesse Puddles) in high school, mainly because he was gay. So, as payback, Meg got the two dudes drunk, brought them to an abandoned house, and tied them up by their dicks in a Chinese finger (boner) trap.

It's all part of Meg's psychological experiment to prove that one can be gay by choice. So, for Brad and Dylan to free themselves, they have to achieve boners that would ultimately touch.

I really enjoyed how Groupers plays out; the film goes forward and then back to reveal why certain events happened. For instance, the film opens with Brad, Dylan, and Meg meeting up in a bar.

But when it flashbacks to how they actually met; it turns out Brad and Dylan were using fake Ids to score some booze and hopefully meet some babes. When I started watching Groupers, I thought it'd be a small film with a cast of three and it's all about Meg torturing Brad and Dylan.

And there's never any down moments where the film drags; It's just a seamless flow of awesome from start to finish. But I want to give a shout out to Max Reed III and Travis Stan berry's “Frank and Hank”, who are total crackups, especially when Hank constantly calls Orin “pigs in a blanket”.

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In the end, if you're looking for a dark comedy that's original and fun, then Groupers is the one you'll definitely want to check out! So, if you're looking for a dark comedy that's a clever, unique and entertaining experience, then I highly recommend taking this film for a spin, should it reach a theater near you.

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