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Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 19 October, 2021
• 15 min read

The film shifts from something approximating ordeal horror, to a dialogue-driven skit on human stupidity. With a limited number of characters in a single location, it sometimes feels like a stage play, with pointed dialog spoken by people with big personalities.

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Then about halfway in, the plot begins turning, abandoning nuance to become a trashy thriller. The actor brings the appropriate amount of dimness and energy to a crappy role.

A flashy provocation that keeps sweeping in big social issues without having any real sense of the implications of them. Anderson Conan's directorial debut isn't perfect, and it certainly isn't a mainstream product for the masses, but it has its merits.

Someone is Trying to Tank this Movie ... Don't Let Them! Groupers is an incredibly fun, surprisingly poignant, and undeniably original film.

I was lucky enough to see it in theaters and when I first checked the ratings they were where I expected them to be (in the 7-8 range)Suddenly, an influx of 1-star reviews (oddly on the same day) have unfairly hurt the little-indie- Movie -that-could. I'm not sure if it's homophones or someone who has it out for the director or one of the actors, but it certainly seems suspicious.

I am not a film critic...and I enjoyed the movie I am not a critic or a “film school guy”, I am just like to watch various types of movies and appreciate them for what they are, a brief escape from reality. This movie is weird, somewhat disturbing, and has some dark humor to hold the attention of the audience throughout.

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It's a look into how groups form, shape your thinking, and ultimately how we can grow out of the 'group think' mindset. A well executed Indy What Anderson Conan has done on an extreme shoestring budget is nothing short of impressive.

The writing is witty and funny, the acting by virtual unknowns, is very impressive, and the execution, while messy towards the end, is still very good for a first time writer/director. Well acted and Directed, It's a good time.

This had three qualities I appreciate immensely when successfully combined in a movie : weird, unpredictable and hilarious. It reminded me of when I was more adventurous with my movie rentals in years past: I would watch a ton of smaller budget indies, and on occasion, I would find a gem amongst the crowd.

Discovering these gems made it worth having to endure many not-so-inspired indie offerings. Groupers is a perfect example of one of those gems. The way its plot unfolded, including how the colorful characters found themselves interacting with one another, was impressively imaginative.

The character Dylan was my favorite; he had me cracking up throughout. This is a great debut from Anderson Conan and I'm excited to see what he does in the future.

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This is a film with a message and a unique voice in Director Anderson Conan. While some folks may get their feathers ruffled, that should be the goal of any good film: creating a conversation that, with any luck, will maybe cause some unity and acceptance.

Entertaining debut This movie is unpredictable and funny. A Rotund Attempt This movie was fun in parts, had better than the theater student acting I've seen in many other B movies and had memorable scenes.

Though I wasn't in love with the writing, it worked for the quirky characters who weren't part of the movie's A story. It wasn't quite the hidden gem I look for but I appreciate what was accomplished with what the moviemakers had.

The movie is shot beautifully, the acting is great, and the plot while not for everyone it's original and interesting. I did have problems with the Orin character which was the only bad part of the movie that has fun and interesting characters all over.

Give it a shot, I don't think you will regret it. Poignant and edgy Director Anderson Conan takes risks in his first feature length film.

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Reviewers who are displeased with his risk taking are falsely calling this movie trash. It is an edgy and poignant perspective on a sensitive topic, but it is tastefully done.

Watch Groupers without bringing your own baggage and you will enjoy it as art instead of a personnel threat. A good first effort... Groupers are never going to win an Oscar, but it is a bit of fun.

I have seen a lot of worse and this effort from a first time Director is much better than some formulaic dross on Netflix/Amazon. 1st half held promise For a movie on a shoestring budget it looked good.

The movie started off pretty well but it was just too long and ran out of steam. The last act with new character introductions were thinly written and juvenile.

That said I thought the movie showed promise and the 1st half I would rate 8 stars the last half 4 stars. This is not a good as some reviews suggest (fans) and certainly not as bad as some (just angry) reviewers suggest.

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Interesting Indy I caught this movie on a whim and I'm glad I did. It's a very funny premise and it made me laugh a ton.

A captivating trip It's cliché to say how some movies are better the less you know going in to them but I have to say that is the case with Groupers. The daffy premise actually serves as a perfectly off-kilter starting point to a film that never lets you settle into a groove for too long.

Right when you think you're on to the story, something changes to throw you on to another trajectory and re-color what you already saw. Couple that with the clever dialogue and very strong performances, especially from Nicole Dam bro, and you get a very watchable and fun film.

The ending doesn't quite hit the critical mass you hope it might but the journey there is well worth the trip. Promise but falls slightly short I bought this movie because I'm a fan of the filmmaker's podcasting endeavors.

The film has some great moments. And the performances by Nicole Dam bro as Meg and Terrance Went as Durant are incredible.

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It is clearly an indie film and I forgive (and actually appreciate) some of those indie flaws, but I have a hard time forgiving the bad dialogue. Some of it is saved by great performances from the actors and the interesting story, but, ultimately, the dialogue brings it down from 9 to 6 stars.

The lead actress does a wonderful job in her role as the facilitator of this social experiment. I would highly recommend this movie for anyone who enjoys non-traditional approaches to analyzing these important issues.

Solid dark comedy about homophobia and the group mentality and so much more. Good effort from a first-time filmmaker with an obvious love of great movies.

Look for the Kubrick Easter eggs while enjoying the acting of the four central characters. Great movie This movie is great, the writing is on point and very relevant to our times.

If you watch leave a review it helps these independent movies which are so important for the art of cinema The storyline is a unique and original approach to confront homophobia.

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Great script, cast and refreshing humor with a dark twist. Excellent film from first time director/writer Anderson Conan.

Nice art direction and filming This movie looks like something shot with twice the budget it had. I've heard recently that a number of people (aka Right Wing Inches) have jumped on here to bombard this movie with negative reviews.

Groupers is a unique film with a story that will stick with you for a long time. Anderson presents a very creative story that doesn't go anywhere you expect it to go at all.

This movie also makes you think about the topic of homophobia without being preachy (which makes certain movies unwatchable). If you really want something unique, entertaining, and fresh, then this is the movie for you.

Groupers is a new movie in the dark revenge comedy drama hybrid genre. The plot has a deliciously gay twist and the first half of the movie just made me smile and laugh.

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Most good comedies (especially when you incorporate horror or slasher elements) need to keep a tight runtime. The movie opens with Nicole Dam bro’s character, Meg, kidnapping two young men.

However, while Pitchfork is a classic slasher movie, Groupers is more of a psychological terror deal. And Meg (Nicole Dam bro) has a pretty excellent way of teaching them this important lesson.

Instead, the important and funny focus of Groupers was watered down in all the wrong ways. The main plot of teaching some homophobic brats a lesson is awesome and funny.

The scenes with just Nicole Dam bro (Meg, the kidnapper) and the two “victims”, Brad and Dylan, were wonderful. For the record, this does also mean I enjoyed the performances of Peter Mayer-Klepchick as Brad and Cameron Puckett as Dylan.

Groupers is the feature film debut for Anderson Conan as both a director and writer. However, this isn’t the first time making movies for Anderson Conan since he has made quite a lot of short films since beginning in 2000.

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If you enjoy dark comedies with some brutal plot points, then make sure you check out Groupers. Grouper kicks off its theatrical run in Los Angeles September 27, 2019, before opening in every other city October 1, 2019.

Director: Anderson Conan Stars: Nicole Dam bro, Peter Mayer-Klepchick, Cameron Puckett, Jesse Puddles, Brian Ioakimedes, Travis Stan berry, Max Reed III, Terrance Went, Marcus Obesity, Edward Jackson Absurdity and insanity ensue as we learn that a seductive grad student is behind thekidnaping and plans to perform a psychological and somewhat sadistic experiment on them.

A string of outlandish characters, including a one-eyed street thug and a philosophical squatter get caught upon this odd tale of revenge while bringing their own, ambiguous motives (and opinions) to the party as they pontificate whether homosexuality is a choice. Taking a page from the contraption-heavy “Saw” horror franchise but with a comedic spin and slurs aplenty, writer-director Anderson Conan concocts a homophone’s nightmare in low-budget cautionary tale Groupers,” titled after a crude slang term that compares individuals who come out of the closet later in life to a sex-changing fish.

And that increase is itself handled in a fairly messy way, delighting in ostensibly comic anarchy for the sake of it, feeling more like a juggler showing off how many objects he can work with, rather than a storyteller allowing complications to unfold organically. Initially, it's a small enough object: high school bros Brad (Peter Mayer-Klepchick) and Dylan (Cameron Puckett), having successfully made it to a bar with the laziest bouncer in the world, and promptly get abducted by Meg (Nicole Dam bro), the older woman they attempted to hit on.

When they wake up from the drug she's doped them up with, they're tied together in an elaborate system of cables in an abandoned swimming pool behind a vacant Mansion. The most elaborate part of the rig is the Chinese finger trap that she's used to connecting their penises, and thereon hangs the plot: Meg, it turns out, is a grad student with an especially demented plan for an experiment.

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Brad and Dylan, it turns out, are a pair of homophobic bullies, who've tormented her younger brother Orin (Jesse Puddles) into a suicide attempt. So she's getting to enact revenge in the form of a teachable moment: she's hoping to have the two boys demonstrate conclusively that (as they maintain), same-sex attraction is a “choice”, proposing that if they can both sprout erections while looking into each other's eyes, they'll be able to escape the trap.

Meg, Brad, and Dylan will remain the most nuanced characters in the film (it helps a lot that Dam bro gives a genuinely strong, engaging performance, and Mayer-Klepchick isn't too far behind her), and every new member of the cast is pretty much pure caricature, particularly the whiny white trash duo of Frank (Max Read III) and Hank (Travis Stan berry). It's more snide than anything, everybody spits acidic quips and barbed vulgarity, and everybody in the cast speaks more or less the same way; they have no individual personalities, only the bundle of clichés that describe them in the first moment we see them.

The setup is well-executed, the stakes are high, the acting is fantastic, and the story up to this point is intriguing and original. It is tragic to see then the dramatic comedy-thriller devolve into a manic mishmash of ideas that robs those early scenes of pathos and heart.

In the meantime, Meg reads diary entries by Orin (Jesse Puddles), a kid in their high school that Dylan and Brad bullied for being gay. A grad student kidnaps two homophobic high-school bullies to use as her subjects in an experiment performed at the bottom of an empty swimming pool.

Not big budget Hollywood spectacles, or the time-fillers that Netflix churns out, they are open game. Movies that are someone's hopes and dreams, made of their own sweat and tears and money.

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I honestly take no joy in putting down the hard work of someone that has done something I lack the courage to do myself. I went into this one being partial to first time feature filmmaker, Anderson Conan.

Things rubbed me as the makings of an amateur and a little rushed. The pace felt like that of a short film in which you only have a few minutes to establish premise and made me wary that this wouldn't play well as a feature length.

The protagonist and antagonists seemed like caricatures that felt dubbed down in order for the viewers to catch on.… Admittedly, my expectations were low given the problematic aspects of the premise, but the first act is legitimately entertaining with a pretty good performance from Nicole Dam bro (a dead ringer for Zosma Mamet).

First act is good then it becomes totally rushed and stupid with unnecessary characters being thrown in. Groupers are also just plain unfunny and terribly mediocre.

Considering the budget and the fact that it was a first time director, the acting and the look of the film are both impressive. Most of the complaints about this have centered around the fact that the central premise gets dropped in the third act in favor of a bunch of seemingly random events that don't totally connect.

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The director, whose podcast I listen to, claims that they're missing the point. A grad student kidnaps two teenage homophones who have been bullying her gay brother and puts through a strange experiment to answer the rhetorical question “Is homosexuality a choice or a predisposition at birth?” In the style of Hard Candy.

Overall an interesting movie, act 1 is amazing and definitely gets you invested. Orin is a ridiculous distraction from the film and takes away from the concept.

First act is good then it becomes totally rushed and stupid with unnecessary characters being thrown in. Groupers are also just plain unfunny and terribly mediocre.

I went into this one being partial to first time feature filmmaker, Anderson Conan. Things rubbed me as the makings of an amateur and a little rushed.

Not big budget Hollywood spectacles, or the time-fillers that Netflix churns out, they are open game. Movies that are someone's hopes and dreams, made of their own sweat and tears and money.

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I honestly take no joy in putting down the hard work of someone that has done something I lack the courage to do myself. A rewatch of the smart, funny, recent classic Groupers.

Being a fan of Anderson Conan's podcast The Film Vault for many years, I felt obligated to give his debut film a watch. Anderson shows some directing skills but the script here is the real weak point.

It's sloppy and head scratching at times and I don't think it accomplished it's intended purpose, if there even was one. Groupers did have some funny moments and Nicole Dam bro and the guy who played Orin were the standouts out in the cast.

I'm glad Anderson got to make his film and his style shows throughout. Edit Cast overview, first billed only: Nicole Dam bro ... Meg Peter Mayer-Klepchick ... Brad Cameron Puckett ... Dylan Jesse Puddles ... Orin Brian Ioakimedes ... Talkie Max Reed III ... Frank Travis Stan berry ... Hank Terrance Went ... Durant Marcus Obesity ... Tex Edward Jackson ... Omar Travis Lee Elder ...

Professor Cooper Mike Cyrano ... Bartender Laurence Scott Murphy ... Homeless Man (as Scott Murphy) Robin S. Roth ... Dylan's Grandma (as Robin Roth) Adam Manley ... High School Bully 1 View production, box office, & company info.

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