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• Wednesday, 21 October, 2020
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Promo’s Famous Dumdum 6.00 extra pineapple chunk 1.00 Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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Send to Phone Provision Company130 Yacht Basin Dr, South port, NC28461 Terms: The recipient of this text message may incur charges depending on their wireless carrier.

Holden Beach, North Carolina On Saturday 5/9/2020 we made a call in for 2 shrimpburgrs, 1 grilled tuna sandwich, 1 order of onion rings, 1 order of fries, and 2 teas to go.

Picked order up in 20 minutes and headed to Holden Beach for a feast while watching the ocean. The fries and onion rings were hot and crispy like we love them.

This will be the new norm for us now. I can't wait until we can dine in and enjoy the view of the water. We will be back in a couple of weeks to do it again. We visited in November and decided to do take out from Provision Co.

It was made quickly and hot and ready when we arrived to pick up. Wish they stayed open all year, but I understand it’s slower in the winter.

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The view is great, the shrimp is fresh from the boat. Provisions in South port surprised us by closing a little early, so we drove down to Holden Beach.

The Provision Company isn't fancy --think no frills, low-key but delivers a fantastic view, great food (although not a lot of choices) good value and attentive service. Casual environment along the waterway, you can walk along the dock and watch the boats come in or sunset as you wait.

Counter service takes your order when you walk in and it's delivered to your table. GrouperSalad Plate and Cucumber Salad was recommended by locals and it did not disappoint, it was delicious as well as the crab cakes and cold boiled fish.

Read great reviews for this place and locals seemed to love it. The first night we checked it out and it was very crowed and a line was outside which probably means it is pretty yummy.

The kitchen was open and I have to admit the food was sitting out and there were some flies around (don't get me wrong I know it happens) my mother-in-law was not impressed, and we walked over to another restaurant that actually had a menu on the restaurant so you could see what the served.provisions had a cute menu on a chalk board or actually several. And personally I don't want to take my kids to the beach to eat hot dogs.

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It was a bit confusing/ I actually wanted to eat here, but when we went back the second day, we realized there wasn't anything my kids or mother-in-law would eat. I suggest you leave paper menus out on the balding it may make things move faster when taking orders.

Everyone loved their dishes: crab cake sandwich special, house salad with shrimp, cold boiled shrimp, and tuna sandwich. Counter service takes your order and it is delivered to your table.

I wasn't ready for the seating arrangement-you give your name AND A PERSONAL ITEM SUCH AS SUNGLASSES OR A HAT TO THE HOSTESS who places the item on a table on the enclosed deck, while you order. Well...neither I nor my wife wear hats and I wasn't going to give her a set of $200 Costa Del Mars, so my wife dug out a neon pen.

This may sound square on my part but even if you trust staff you are also having to trust everyone who walks by your table while you wait in line, order, and get your drinks. This little quaint arrangement may have a niche with some, but the food and service and location is enough to bring folks in.

I was recommended here by a friend and so thankful we drove an hour from Myrtle Beach to eat here. Great fresh seafood, fantastic atmosphere and friendly casual service.

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My wife and I agreed the next time we get that desire to go to the ocean, we will go to South port and eat at Provision Company. Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

The seafood restaurant on the water has decades of stories to tell, including some menu items no one knows about. Four aquamarine screen doors at Provision Company in South port hold more than two decades of secrets and stories.

As each customer passes in through one and out through the other with a drink in hand, wisps of perfectly cooked hamburger fumes escape the small kitchen into the yacht basin. Rising tides prompted the owners to raise the building a few feet two years ago and growing crowds in South port have led them to expand the dining area more than once.

The faces of the wait staff change, but just about everything else, including the menu, has stayed the same for 26 years. When I dined and dished with owners Paul and Maria Swanson, I learned Provision Company is all about loving people and offering Southern hospitality through good food.

The honors' system all started when Maria and Paul partnered to open Provision Company as a charter fishing business. The shop doubled as a convenience store that sold everything from Beanie Weenies to feminine products for boaters and locals in what was then a sleepy fishing town.

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Customers wrote their beer tab on a ledger inside -- on the honors' system. I'll admit I wanted to dine and dish with Maria to unveil the secrets of the groupersaladsandwich that has made me rethink my love for PO'boys.

Fried oysters in rémoulade, fully dressed between the best baguette to meet my lips changed me. Maria said the grouper salad recipe is under lock and key with staff members sworn under oath of death should they squeal.

When children scream and cry in line because they cannot decide what to order, Paul and Maria offer them octopus eyeballs. He explains they take conch fritters and cook them just until gooey, punch a hole in each and add an olive as the eye before drizzling with mustard and ketchup.

Some children delight in it so much they ask for the secret menu item on their return visit. On the third day, God created water for the tuna to live in before they are cooked rare and top the house salad for one of Paul's favorite orders.

Most customers know the drill -- they grab their beer, hand off a personal item and take in the view. There are families clad in dime-store flip-flops or folks who ferried over for the day from Bald Head Island.

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They all share the same dining room, the same view of the boats trolling by and the rising tide of the basin. But after working in fine dining kitchens and running a high-end catering gig in the British Virgin Islands, her philosophy on food remains pretty simple.

The experience is so different from any other dining establishment that first-time visitors barely have time to digest the tasty food or unique way of doing things--before there planning their next Provision Co. The unique experience starts the moment you pull into the parking lot (or dock).

Owners Paul Swanson and Maria Tilling attribute the unique Provision Co. Although it had already been listed in the Yellow Pages under Sunset Grill, everyone started calling it Yacht Basin Provision Co.

Paul went to college in South Carolina and settled in Raleigh, while Maria moved to South port (and family) after years in the Caribbean. Once they met, Paul relocated to Southport, and they tried to figure out something they could do together (using more than 30 years of combined time in restaurants).

we thought the South port waterfront was a great location for a casual outdoor dining restaurant, which it lacked. we use high quality products and make the best use of kitchen space and equipment. Many of the recipes are from Maria mother and Tina still tops her chili cheeseburger with potato salad, just like her grandmother did.

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The get-your-own drink system, along with the ordering and delivery of food, were all based on their desire to keep things simple and operate with just a few staff members. Now, orders are written down by a staff member at the counter, but first names are still the rule and its just one of the places personal touches.

Freddie and other staff members enjoy asking first-timers about their experience, and they typically remember your name when you come back a second time. This typically leads to a quick return, a worried phone call, or a check in the mail from some faraway location.

In fact the last day of the season (they typically close from mid-November to mid-March) leads to a dunking in the water for those who just made it through their first Provision Co. November also means its time for the Steve Bonnet Regatta, which started as a Halloween sailing party soon after the restaurant had opened.

The pirate theme (and maybe a bit of rum) quickly turn normally sane sailors into swashbuckling plunderers, complete with massive water balloon fights and a fairly serious race. The awards' ceremony features hilarious speeches, feeble attempts at conch blowing, and a huge buffet dinner served by Provision Co.

Maria, in proper wench clothing, says, it developed as a way to thank our loyal customers for a great year and now has a life of its own on and off the water. They also host a Spring Swing event, with big band music, dancing, and dining. Paul and Maria, long-time staff members, and restaurant regulars, all have lots of great Provision Co.

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I come here two or three times a week for the view, the food, the people, and little things like the honor system with drinks, says Harris from his typical spot at the bar. Virtually everyone at the bar, including Harris, eventually brings up Humphrey, the great white egret that has adopted the Provision Co.

He is like our mascot and even customers ask about him now. Humphrey normally stays until the end of September, before heading for a warmer climate--and probably some other egret-friendly marina restaurant. if we met another interested party that wanted to open a Provision Co., who knows? smiles Paul.

The only indication that this little shack on the waterfront is a restaurant is the line of people that may be waiting to get inside. Sandwiches from grilled yellow fin tuna to grouper salad to hamburgers and hot dogs are included, as are salads and sides.

All seating is outdoors overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway where you can enjoy the natural scenery and the passing boats.

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