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OCR converts typed or printed text from digital images of physical documents into machine-readable, encoded text This conversion allows Trooper to search text characters from the image, providing the capability to process these documents and the information they contain.

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Including a Recognize step in your Batch Process will allow you to OCR image-based content. Most importantly, it translates pixels into machine-readable text.

In a general sense, documents exist to communicate information to the reader. Once OCR is performed, Trooper will have a set of machine-readable characters it can work with, instead of just a bunch of pixels.

You, as a human, do this by looking at the ink on a page (or pixels for a digital document) and reading the word “invoice”. Trooper does this by using a Data Extractor (and regular expression) to read the machine-readable text for the page.

OCR is how each page gets that machine-readable text in order to model the document set and process it. The Recognize activity is handed the document image and performs OCR.

Using the character positions and font sizes obtained during OCR, the results are overlaid where they are on the document. OCR gets text specifically from images, whether they were printed and scanned or imported from a digital source.

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If a form was created using a product like Adobe Acrobat and filled in using a computer, the text comprising the document and the filled fields is encoded within the document itself. As you will see, OCR is a fairly complicated process with a number of opportunities to misread a document.

Trooper has plenty of advancements to get around these errors and produce a better result, but OCR will rarely be as accurate as the original native text from a digital document. Native Text Extraction is enabled by default, but can be disabled if you wish to use OCR instead.

OCR Engines are software applications that perform the actual recognition of characters on images, analyzing the pixels on the image and figuring out what text characters they match. 1) Preprocessing : In this phase, the OCR engine prepares the image to be read by turning color and grayscale images to black and white and potentially removing artifacts getting in the way of OCR, such as specks and lines.

4) Post-Processing : Commercial OCR Engines also analyze the OCR results and attempt to correct inaccurate results, such as performing basic spellchecking. Google's open source Tesseract engine is available in version 2.72 and beyond.

Artifacts such as table lines, check boxes or even just specks from image noise can interfere with character segmenting and character recognition. Images are altered using an IP Profile, which contains a step-by-step list of IP Commands, each of which performs a specific alteration to the image.

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There are multiple different IP Commands, each of which has its own configurable properties as well. However, for the example above, the IP Profile's result is drastically different from the original image.

This property is enabled by default on OCR Profiles (and can be disabled if you so choose). However, each Synthesis operation needs to be configured independently in order to function.

Once OCR is finished, the document will revert to its original form. The image will only be altered for the purposes of obtaining OCR results.

Another thing that sets Trooper apart when it comes to OCR is our suite of Synthesis operations. This OCR Profile uses a variety of these Synthesis properties, all of which are highlighted in yellow.

To learn more about this suite of properties, what they do, how they improve OCR results, and how to configure them, visit the Synthesis article. Maybe you want to discard any characters that do not meet a minimum confidence score.

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This OCR Profile uses Transom 4.0, whose settings are seen in the highlighted portion. Deliver a proven solution for digital transformation and business process automation.

Achieve efficiency and innovation to drive revenue growth and competitive advantage. Trooper ® is a software that helps organizations build human logic and reasoning into documents and other unstructured data, embedding value and meaning without adding layers of complexity.

While once thought of as “advanced capture,” zonal OCR and template-based data extraction are a thing of the past. Organizations processing large amounts of different (or variable) documents need powerful classification and extraction.

Connect to any CMIS-compliant document repository and to both cloud and local file systems. Integrate external data sources as needed during processing for validation.

With enterprise-ready data integration you won’t pay extra for to connect your systems. Use intelligent document processing to automate data extraction and achieve a new level of efficiency and profitability.

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As a result, you get quick optimization from rapid machine learning model training. Frustrations in existing document capture software lead to the development of Trooper.

Trooper then adds in image processing, lexicons, trainable OCR, and other patented tools to achieve very high accuracy on any kind of document. Trooper was built from the ground up by BIS, a company with 35 years of continuous experience developing and delivering new technology.

Trooper is an intelligent document processing and digital data integration solution that empowers organizations to extract meaningful information from paper/electronic documents and other forms of unstructured data. The platform combines patented and sophisticated image processing, capture technology, machine learning, natural language processing, and optical character recognition to enrich and embed human comprehension into data.

-CEO Dan Retells You get 30+ years experience in the evolution of document capture, patented technology and a deep understanding of the complexity and true potential of unstructured data Trooper was built to succeed where others have failed, taking on tough challenges.

This platform processes and integrates massive amounts of difficult data from complex documents and architecture. -CEO Dan Retells Make data more useful by embedding comprehension into it Innovate by automating workflows and streamlining operations Make faster decisions by creating meaningful data Faster time to value from digital transformation with less risk of failure Increase revenue, customer experience, and strategic partnerships by making I.T.

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Simpler Become more agile by transferring knowledge more easily Improve compliance and safeguard private information Successful solutions require a level of services to get the system installed and the data models designed.

Pricing for more complex integration is based on a POC to reveal core requirements and potential partner / professional services needed. We provide data fulfillment as a “done-for-you” service or collaborate on a “done-with-you” approach to teach you our tech.

Because there are many factors that affect the timeline and amount of work that goes into the project, it is just an estimate. Done-With-You: Our most successful customers become experts with the platform, and we offer training helping facilitate that learning.

We’ve discovered the “Statement of Work” approach is limiting and counter-productive for you to achieve the results you need for quick return on investment. If we are deploying a “done-with-you” solution, we will start a paid services engagement in which you will receive a dedicated expert Trooper resource to ensure your staff is properly trained on how to set up and deploy your solution.

Achieve Simplification by Humanizing Unstructured Data Intelligent documents enable instant knowledge transfer, saving thousands of hours of work. Build human logic and reasoning into documents and other unstructured data, embed value and meaning without layers of complexity.

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The development team is located at the BIS Oklahoma City, OK Campus. We’ll get an understanding of your goals, and walk you through the typical onboarding process.

Because Trooper is a configurable document and data processing platform, it is used in a wide range of industries like healthcare, oil and gas, education, financial services, and government. Speed up learning and make your data integration project even more successful by taking advantage of our training classes.

This product has taken data processing, document scanning, and import automation to a whole new level. Erin Girt on, Database Administrator/Content Management & Capture Administrator, Oklahoma State University “All the information in some file some place is very hard to retrieve.

Sr Data Architect “Practically every unit here within our agency uses Trooper on some level. Trooper is an intelligent document processing and digital data integration solution that empowers organizations to extract meaningful information from paper/electronic documents and other forms of unstructured data.

The platform combines patented and sophisticated image processing, capture technology, machine learning, natural language processing, and optical character recognition to enrich and embed human comprehension into data. Serving technology and service providers, analytics and BI vendors, software providers, and any organization needing to capture and integrate difficult data.

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Best For: Businesses of all shapes and sizes in over 65 countries, from independent contractors to Fortune 100s, especially in construction, field service, HVAC, manufacturing, engineering, energy, and retail. Best For: All researches and professionals in Life Sciences and Clinical Trials Best For: 65,000+ medical device, biotech, pharma, CRO and academic users in 90+ countries are using Castor EDC, consent, pro, Eco, source, and DTMF solutions to accelerate delivery of their studies. The software is designed to simplify the work for all types of users involved in a study; investigator, study coordinator, monitor, data manager etc. Best For: Our market is global, and we typically serve Pharma, Medical Devices and Food industries.

We work with sponsors directly, CRO's and educational establishments Best For: Organizations looking to eliminate paper processes, increase technician productivity, and accelerate their digital transformation in the office and field. Customers include leading field enterprises. Best For: Media has supported 600+ Sponsors and CRO's in 5500+ clinical trials and 375+ approvals, largely in pharma, medical device, and diagnostics clinical research with a 98% satisfaction rating. Best For: Serving the Distribution, Manufacturing, Freight, Services, Financial, Retail, Food & Hospitality, Medical, Insurance, Cooperatives, Wine & Liquor, Apparel & Transportation Industries. Best For: Fulcrum is a hosted mobile forms platform that enables you to build custom apps for capturing information from the field.

Vie doc delivers amazing services in EDC, pro, RTS, Coding, Reporting, etc.... Clinical's platform Marvin provides a variety of intuitive, easy-to-use clinical solutions for streamlined data handling in trials....

Cincture provides all of its customers with Private Cloud EDC, so your privacy is always protected. Encased is THE best solution for the capture, management and reporting of EDC and source data in real-time.

Media is a leading clinical software company providing fast and easy-to-use electronic data capture, source, and pro. Distribute your data and take advantage of having your business information at your fingertips....

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Pros: It does most of the work for my employees, cuts time on data entry. Glad you discovered Trooper and looking forward to supporting any future needs.

Overall: By scanning our documents, we have been able to free up space that was taken up by hundreds of thousands of pages. I prefer more detailed documentation that includes the location within the DB tables when a value is added.

In regard to the DB table documentation, it is basically useless due to the bizarre field names. Pros: Trooper is extremely easy to learn, very user-friendly.

Overall: The time saved using the Trooper platform for automating processes verses manual intervention is outstanding! Pros: My initial experience with Trooper was to improve our OCR processing.

We used the CMOS connectivity capabilities to extract images from our ECM system as well as locate and identify documents containing PCI data for compliance regulations from the billions of archived documents. Our decision to invest in the training and develop a SME for Groper has been very beneficial.

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Overall: Trooper gave Change Healthcare the ability to process huge diverse client print files and extract the data into a normalized data stream for processing. Pros: One of the key feature of Trooper is the ability to identify, interpret, enhance, and extract data from many media types (TIF, JPG, PDF, Word, Excel, ECT...) Another key decision point was there wasn't a requirement for a software developer to write code, a business analyst can use a GUI base application to configure 98% of the extract jobs.

Cons: The configuration GUI has so many options to identify and extract data that it can overwhelm a beginner. Organizing, understanding, Grouping, and collecting information from documents has never been this easy.

Trooper converges document imaging, OCR, computer vision, Regular Expression, electronic workflow, and machine learning to enable you to tackle even the toughest ETL projects without writing code. When you choose Trooper for your document management solutions, your software contract is a single line-item, and all the features it has to offer are immediately at your fingertips.

This is the must-see feature of Trooper that merges Fuzzy Matching and Regular Expression to collect the most accurate data from documents with a shockingly low level of effort! Any file brought into Trooper from an electronic source carries a unique link.

Create exact PDF versions of your electronic files, and gain access to their native, pure text content. Immediately integrate with most large ECM systems without writing a single line of code or adding time to your deployment.

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The authors would like to thank Dr. Branching Tiensongrusmee (INS/81/008 Chief Technical Advisor) and Mr. Into Mintardjo (INS/81/008 Project Co-Team Leader) for their constant encouragement and support. Appreciation is also extended for the technical support given by the staff of the National Seafaring Development Center, including Mr. Mundane, Mr. Cartoon, Mr. Bombing Ricardo, Mr. AJI, Ms. Niagara, Mr. Lyon, Mr. Russian, Ms. Muawiya and Mr. Meet.

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Sea bass fed frozen fish or a moist pellet displayed the best growth response, with fish (30/m3) growing from an initial weight of 8.9g and 8.5g to a final weight of 285.5g and 257.5g in 156 days, with a food conversion ratio of 3.77 – 5.10 (dry matter basis 0.96 – 1.30) and 1.89 – 3.20 (dry matter basis 1.15 – 1.95), and with a survival of 93.3% and 93.3%, respectively. Grouper fed frozen fish and moist pellet also displayed the best growth response, with fish (30/m3) growing from an initial weight of 23.8g and 25.8g to a final weight of 471.7g and 388.7g in 156 days, with a food conversion ratio of 3.53 – 4.16 (dry matter basis 0.89 – 1.06) and 1.73 – 2.96 (dry matter basis 1.06 – 1.80), and with a survival of 90% and 98.3%, respectively.

Most people think climbing over obstacles, jumping from heights and crawling through mud for a race is crazy. World’s Toughest Mudder is a place where personal limits are pushed, bent and then broken.

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Their PR for distance covered becomes mileage plus obstacles, something which requires greater all around strength. Additionally, people break personal records for longest time spent without shelter, the longest time being awake or most calories burned during the day and that is just stuff that can be measured.

The ones that cannot be measured are more personal and involve emotions, feelings of exhaustion and willingness to continue. Where else are you going to find world champions reaching back over a wall to pull an athlete up (Everest, The Gamble, Hump Chuck) or working as a team to propel athletes over floating obstacles (Roll the Dice).

Between the distance, the time spent awake, the strength required to complete obstacles, the elevation gain, and the weather, I guarantee you will challenge. Most people view the idea of a24 hour obstacle race as impossible.

Before going this year one of my running friends wanted to know what my rest plan was because “No one can cover ground and do obstacles for 24 hours” I responded with “I can, and there are a couple of hundred other people who can also.” Some obstacles that you may think are notoriously easy suddenly reach a whole new level of difficulty later in the day.

This will give you a new appreciation for the strength you possess when you are fresh and provide you with a humbling experience. If we compiled a list of DNF (people that did not cross the finish line 24 hours after the event), from 2015, it would look more like a “Who’s Who” in OCR.

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If you are an age grouper that wants to see elites pushed to their limits and beyond than ATM is the place for that. As someone who grew up fairly athletic, I can sympathize with those picked towards the end of the group in gym class.

There are some people who have grown up always being one of the fastest or strongest athletes, ultra- OCR equalizes a lot of those genetic advantages. As the weather drops and winds pick up, lots of people will quit (about 50% is what I heard), so simply staying on the course and not stopping can put you ahead of faster or stronger athletes.

The more you train for the event, it can also help reduce how much mental toughness you need for race day. For others, it will be at the 24 hr finish line when they realize the place they thought was their limit was surpassed hours and miles ago.

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