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Welcome to What I Miss Most, a recurring column in which writers wax poetic about the things from home that they found themselves yearning for upon moving to NYC (or the things from NYC they craved upon moving away from it). The balmy nights, the tepid waters, the mid-afternoon storms that’d so frequently punctuate summer’s long, hot days.

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I traded those things (and a bunch of other true clichés about my homeland) for New York City, leaving behind friends, family, and Publix in the process. It would be years before I’d accept the grim truth: there is no good grouper in NYC.

The fish -- a slow-swimming reef behemoth -- is most prevalent in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, where the water is warm. In New York City, the water is as warm as the reality, which is to say, it’s quite cold.

I moved into an apartment in Brooklyn with three other Floridians, who had already been living there for a year before I arrived. Answers ranged from where to get the best fish tacos to an Argentinian café that had a killer Chilean sea bass.

The filet is tossed delicately in a deep fryer until a golden-brown outer crust develops. From there, it’s taken out and placed briefly in a basket to dry, before being set atop a bed of tartar sauce spread haphazardly over a Kaiser roll.

Inside this crispy cornmeal blanket, the grouper itself remains flaky & warm. The meat will barely hold its structure as you make your way through the sandwich.

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It sets up the piping-hot filet with a creamy, tangy, utterly smooth alley-oop. You can imagine that when I discovered I wouldn’t be able to find such seaborne supremacy in New York, I felt lost.

I was busy my first month in the New York: pounding pavement for work, arranging the shipment of my bike, and exploring with wide eyes a city I’d never stepped foot in before. Amidst the new-town thrill, I temporarily forgot about my longing for grouper.

It wouldn’t last. Sometime around mid-summer 2010, I stepped off Bedford Ave and into Williamsburg’s Surf Bar, a still-standing joint that serves strong Wiki drinks and seafood. The menu was one I’d perused countless times back in flip-flop Florida, serenaded by the sounds of seagulls cawing and speedboat engines snarling.

I anxiously scanned for my prize, but instead of the promise of flaky white fish, I found crushing disappointment. Anyway, the point is: I didn’t experience the dramatic bargaining of a struggling addict or forlorn lover.

Mine was mostly just whining about it to friends who had neither the power to give me what I wanted, nor the patience to listen to it. I wasn’t going to give up my new apartment, job, and friends to move back to Florida just to eat a crispy fried (or deliciously blackened) grouper sandwich.

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Like a fully matured grouper, depression creeps in slowly and rears its ugly head without warning. Unlike grouper, however, depression cannot be deep-fried and served on a Kaiser roll smothered in tartar sauce.

It just sits in your stomach, the way all the other fish did that I desperately ate in compromise. I often found myself calling them “pretty good” when they were actually skillfully prepared and expertly fried. Depression casts a wide net, and not even fish tacos are safe from its tangle.

As summer wound down, I booked a trip back to Florida. After my second or third day in the sweltering heat doing absolutely nothing except listening to classic rock and reapplying sunscreen (#Florida), I decided it was time to venture out to the Old Salty Dog -- a local fish shack that I’d been frequenting since I was 7 years old.

When I arrived, I noticed the large chalkboard that sat in front of the hostess stand, “Fresh Grouper !” it read in large, sloppy white letters. As if by muscle memory alone, I skipped up to the bar and placed my order.

“Fried, with extra tartar sauce on the side.” Wisdom dictates that you should always order a pint of lager with a grouper sandwich, and I did. I finished my beer, listened to Jimmy Buffett songs and eavesdropped on grizzly barflies in Guy Harvey shirts, and I was struck with a thought.

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Brooklyn is the perfect place to serve overpriced Afro-Norwegian pastries paired with locally sourced barley wine, and I love it for that. Grouper ’s home in Florida, sloppily thrown on Kaiser buns and placed in red plastic baskets lined with wax paper.

A few weeks later, back in Brooklyn, my roommates were trying to figure out where to grab dinner. Alex Robinson is a senior editor at Thrilling and a Florida native.

He plans to open his very own Afro-Norwegian pastry bar when rent prices drop a bit. Grinding grandpa Conrad Alemán broke his prior perv record for subway sex offenses when cops busted him last week for an astounding 7th time after he was accused of groping a woman on the train.

Unbeknownst to him, one of the strap hangers riding alongside the woman was a plainclothes cop, who witnessed the moment the aroused Alemán began to thrust himself against the victim, according to NYPD Sgt. But the creepy grandpa got a break in court when Justice Robert Stole granted him supervised release following his arraignment on misdemeanor charges of forcible touching.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office asked for $10,000 bail, given Alemán’s lengthy history of sexual offenses. O’Connell, who heads the Special Victims Squad for the NYPD’s Transit Bureau, told The News.

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He had the chance to withdraw his sex offense plea if he stayed out of trouble for six months, completed a rehab program and used Access-a-Ride instead of the subway, according to court records. New York City's subway crime through the decades He later called his accusers “stupid girls” working in cahoots to get him arrested.

Grouper Solutions Corp. in Mount Disco, NY | Company Info & Reviews York Department Of State Business Registration · Updated 5/19/2018 Grouper Solutions Corp. is a New York Domestic Business Corporation filed on August 24, 1998. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Grouper Solutions Corp. and is located at 14 Hillside Avenue, Mount Disco, NY 10549-1308.

Grouper are characterized by heavy bodies, big heads, and large mouths. About 75% of all grouper consumed in the US is imported from Latin America, and demand is mostly regional and ethnic.

Alternatives to grouper are tile fish, Lake Victoria perch, and rock fish. Red grouper are caught in the Gulf of Mexico and the Western Caribbean, and black grouper are caught in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific side of Latin America.

The harvest season in Latin America is June through November and domestically in the fall. A common preparation method throughout the West Indian and Latino populations is to cover a head-on gutted grouper in salt and some spices, bake, and present with the salt cover on, then crack at the table.

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For us, grouper is forever linked to the Caribbean at sunset, after a long, lazy day of seawater and sun. Wild caught in the South Atlantic, these substantial, white-fleshed, grouper fillets are dense and creamy and are just right blackened, creole-style with a side of Cajun rice and an icy rum punch.

Read Forehead Lesson stock A marinade of oil, honey, garlic and our 8-Star Aged Balsamic makes for a tangy bake for Wild Grouper fillet.

Portion Size Each Wild Grouper fillet is approximately 8-10 ounces, serving 1 person. We recommend 8-10 ounces raw weight per person when serving fish fillets.

“ Grouper pairs perfectly with Radicchio from Italy's coastal March region.” With a passion for seafood more than 40 years in the making, no one is more qualified to teach you how to cook fish than Literally’s Owner and Original Fishmonger, Joe Guerrero.

Joe has relationships with trusted fishermen worldwide, ensuring we offer the widest variety, the highest quality, the freshest seafood. Many of our fishmongers have worked with Joe for decades and have been trained to wield a knife like an artisan.

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Preheat oven to 375 F. Drizzle olive oil over a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and top with lemon slices and half of the fresh herbs. Place grouper files and top with spices, hemp seed and remaining herbs.

I created the recipe on the fly from intuition and was thrilled when Dana gave it her gorgeous stamp of approval. We love hemp seeds because they have the perfect ratio of Omega 3:6 fatty acids, plus are bursting with vitamins, fiber, and a variety of essential minerals.

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