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• Friday, 23 October, 2020
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In the midst of the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel mistakenly identified the ship as Egyptian or Soviet and launched an airstrike, killing 34 crewmen. Israel apologized for the attack and paid damages to the United States and the families of the victims, but the incident has nonetheless been embraced by conspiracy theorists as a code for Israeli nefariousness.

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It has also been embraced as part of a strategy by the far-right to publicly confront mainstream Republicans and insinuate their ideas into establishment conservatism. Led by Nick Fuentes, a 22-year-old YouTube personality, the so-called “grouper army” has regularly and publicly challenged mainstream conservatives for their views on the USS Liberty as part of a broader effort to paint them as subservient to Israel and unworthy heirs of President Donald Trump’s America first agenda.

Days later they made headlines when they drove Donald Trump Jr. off the stage at an event the group organized at UCLA. “What a HUGE victory today,” Fuentes posted on Telegram, a secure messaging app favored by white nationalists, according to The Daily Beast.

Provocative questions about race are often wrapped in anodyne terms like “identity” and “demographics.” And at a recent Turning Point USA event in Ohio, a questioner asked Kirk if there were “any awesome, fun dance parties” at a recent speaking engagement in Israel, an apparent reference to the myth that Israelis were caught on video dancing after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Howard Graves, a senior researcher at the Southern Poverty Law Center, who tracks the extreme right, said he saw in the groupers a new iteration of the 2016 election, when Trump pushed the Republican Party rightward on issues like immigration.

Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, and Donald Trump Jr. do not seem like likely targets for a rising right-wing faction. But much to their surprise recently, the Grouper “army” chose events hosted by Kirk and Trump to descend upon.

Groupers attended a Turning Point USA conference at Ohio State University to heckle speakers with loaded questions. Trump, meanwhile, was booed off the stage at a free speech event at the University of California Los Angeles.

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The Groupers galvanize around the idea that the current Republican Party is “fake conservatism.” Basically, they try to push each conservative position farther to the right by supporting a white, male, heterosexual America. They embrace white nationalism in support of policies that, although they have foundations in conservatism, even some Republicans find too far.

Support of Israel is one major difference between the Groupers and what they call the traditional Conservative Inc. While the Republican Party remains firm in supporting its Israeli ally, the Grouper’s extreme nationalism and anti-Semitism pushes them outside the bounds of normal right-wing discourse. Fuentes is also known for casting doubt on the number of Jews that died in the Holocaust, using crude analogies relating to cookies and baking.

For example, one Grouper page posted a tweet with a photo of a blimp that says “Jews rape kids.” Fuentes, an extremely online “pundit,” thinks he can shape youth conservatism because he’s better at catering to the internet culture that many Gen Z or “Boomer” college students are inclined to consume.

“IDK if it’s post-modern or post ironic but the style and tone is very native to Boomers which is I think why people like Shapiro or Kirk imagine they’re check mating me with some of these controversies but in reality it’s just turning young people onto my content.” In the past, they have heckled speakers like right-wing talk show host Ben Shapiro, as well as Trump Jr. and Kirk.

Their goal is to expose high-profile Republicans by asking loaded questions, often about Israel and homosexuality, to prove their distance from the extreme or true right. “Turning Point is now making a concerted effort to slander all critics of their bullshit fake conservatism as ‘extremist trolls,'” @NickJFuentes tweeted.

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White nationalists Patrick Casey and Jacob Lloyd will join Fuentes in West Palm Beach for the Grouper Leadership Summit. Groupers are a loose network of alt right figures who are vocal supporters of white supremacist and “America First” pod caster Nick Fuentes.

Patrick Casey, who heads the white supremacist American Identity Movement, is also a “lead” Grouper. Fuentes is careful to position the Groupers not as white supremacists but rather as “Christian conservatives” who oppose, among other things, immigration (undocumented and legal), globalism, gay and transgender rights and feminism.

While the group and leadership’s views align with those held by the white supremacist alt right, groupers attempt to normalize their ideology by aligning themselves with “Christianity” and “traditional” values ostensibly championed by the church, including marriage and family. A November 2019 article included a video highlighting the racist and antisemitic nature of the Groupers’ questions at an October 2019 TP USA event at Ohio State University.

At the Grouper Leadership Summit in Florida in December 2019, Grouper leader Patrick Casey, head of the white supremacist American Identity Movement, focused his remarks on changing demographics in the U.S. and the “downsides to diversity.” Casey said, “Now one of the main things we discuss when we're talking about demographics is the effect that mass immigration from non-Western countries is having on our political institutions.” Fuentes rejected the white supremacist label and asserts that when others call him and the Groupers “racist,” it is “an anti-white slur.” He adds, “I am tired of caring what the left thinks.

The Groupers’ focus on Turning Point USA stems primarily from their dislike of founder Charlie Kirk, who they consider insufficiently pro-white. Among their grievances: Kirk has spoken out against white supremacy and dismissed Ashley St. Clair, a TP USA associate who was photographed at a dinner event attended by Fuentes.

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The “Grouper” meme emerged online in 2017, showing up on various platforms including the anonymous image board 4chan. The Grouper meme was adopted by people connected with the alt right, who added Groyper-related images to their Twitter handles and profile pictures.

His previous podcast, “Nationalist Review,” was co-hosted by James All sup, an open white supremacist who is now a member of American Identity Movement. This, however, is a ploy to attract mainstream support and distract from the group’s fundamentally white supremacist ideology.

In his podcast on November 11, 2019, Fuentes repeatedly claimed that many of the Groupers, including himself, were once strong Trump supporters but are angry about the administration’s embrace of Israel, and about mainstream conservatives’ support of globalism, “endless wars” and other issues they feel run counter to an “America First” agenda. Fuentes has made a number of racist and anti-Semitic comments on his America First podcast, but always claimed he was being ironic and provocative rather than expressing actual extremist views.

Casey, whose involvement with IE dates back to the group’s origins, was formerly IE’s Chief of Staff (known by his alias Reinhard Wolff). His activism has included recruitment efforts at his alma mater, San Diego State University and working for Red Ice TV, a Sweden-based alt right media company, where he wrote articles and provided live commentary.

Prior to his association with Jones, Lloyd posted YouTube videos aimed at embarrassing anti-fascist protestors at political rallies. In an interview with fellow Infowars' reporter Harrison Smith, Lloyd explained that he played a significant role in formulating the questions Groupers used at various public events to challenge and embarrass conservative speakers.

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The Groupers have targeted public appearances by mainstream conservative figures like Charlie Kirk, Rep. Daniel Crenshaw (R-TX), Donald Trump, Jr., and conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, asking questions that are often leading and focused on Israel, immigration and LGBTQ+ issues. They paint the conservative movement as having an allegiance to Jews and Israel, and rail against what they see as the prevailing anti-white and anti-American agenda, which they consider antithetical to the tenets of Christianity.

Groupers also try to monopolize any Q&A sessions, hoping to be rebuked, which would allow them to accuse mainstream conservatives of opposing free speech. Regardless of whether the Groupers continue to target TP USA events, we expect the group’s leadership will find new ways to confront traditional conservatives, normalize white nationalist ideas and attract media attention.

A number of Groupers, including Fuentes, were prevented from attending Politico, “an annual, non-partisan political convention in the United States,” which brings together “Republicans, Democrats, and people of all political stripes together to banter and spar over the most topical issues in smart and entertaining ways that often poke fun at both sides of the aisle.” The Groupers, including Patrick Casey, disrupted a Q&A session featuring Charlie Kirk, head of TP USA, and Rob Smith, a black gay conservative.

Washington, DC, America First Political Action Conference (AFPA)/National File gathering, February 28, 2020. A number of people associated with the “Grouper army,” including Nick Fuentes, Patrick Casey and Jacob Lloyd, spoke at the event, which was timed to happen when the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPA) took place in DC.

Speakers included conservative pundit Michelle Main and Alex Jones, who runs the conspiracy-oriented site Infowars. What started off as college kids messing with cuckservative drifter Charlie Kirk and his Turning Point USA (TP USA) fake-right organization has spiraled into a full-blown invasion of cuckservative and grift-right events by young men cloaked in courage, armed with the truth, and posing uncomfortable questions to the controlled opposition.

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What I want to do is provide insight into the metaphysics and ideology behind the war, offer a partial profile of the combatants, and address the first serious threat to groyperdom which now looms on the horizon, courtesy of one M. Yiannopoulos. We begin by observing the reactions of the neocons, grift-right, and the various tentacles of the Octopus and allied monsters to the grouper phenomenon.

Amidst the of was, Buddha shoals, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the rending of garments, and ever-escalating charges of racism and Holocaust denial, one thing is clear: The concerns of the groupers are not typical of American conservatism but are rather closer to the European Right, whereas American conservatism is really just a defense of liberalism, as Jeremy Boeing recently made clear: If you’ve read your history, you understand that, yes, the United States is a constitutional and liberal country.

From this Deep America arose such men as Andrew Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Madison Grant, Ezra Pound, Robert E. Howard, Huey Long, Pat Buchanan, John Wayne, and Ross Perot. This is the America of hearth and home, not of marble columns in DC and dangerous utopian nonsense in dusty tomes written by dustier men.

The grouper naturally crosses rhetorical swords with the cuckservative, the COMECON, the libertarian, and the Boomer, all of whom are vectors of liberalism and empire. The aforementioned groups would like Deep America to not ask questions, but rather to stoically carry on her burden as a vehicle for liberalism and empire.

The grouper is the dissenting American who would like to know why there is a transgender named Lady MAGA being propped up as a conservative personality. The grouper would like to know why his nation’s blood and treasure are being expended on a tiny country in the Middle East with a massive lobbying operation in DC.

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In time, its identity will become differentiated and it will become a coherent group; in other words, the process of pathogenesis will be completed. The grouper army is to a great degree self-directed, though from what I can tell, the major figureheads of the movement are Nick Fuentes, Vincent James, E. Michael Jones, and Patrick Casey.

Still, I have to disavow the recording and its leaking because I, too, have had my heated gamer moments, and I’ve said much, much worse about people of other races, faiths, and ethnicities in my angry rants. See, what I find contemptible in this rant is not the rage against “kikes,” “midgets,” and “octoroons,” but its petulance and megalomania.

Given rumors that Milo Yiannopoulos is dead broke, I would not be surprised if this were some ploy to taint Nick Fuentes as the groupers’ most visible leader. This two-year-old clip could very well be the beginning of a smear campaign against Fuentes, which would taint the entire grouper movement by association.

Vincent James, E. Michael Jones, and Patrick Casey are also riding this wave. A biblical plague of frogs has descended upon Conservative Inc., and with every question croaked, a true American nation edges closer to its birth.

Editor’s note: The “Groupers” are followers of the youthful controversial Nicholas Fuentes, host of a popular YouTube show many have accused of endorsing Holocaust denial and other troubling beliefs. The Groupers have positioned themselves against Turning Point, USA, and its leader, Charlie Kirk, the most powerful of the under-30 activists who rose to prominence during the 2016 election, becoming the self-appointed leader of the “America First” movement’s youth wing. Mr. Fuentes, who claims to be grounded in Catholic political thinking and has identified himself with the “Catholic fascism” of Francisco Franco, condemns Mr. Kirk’s social liberalism and accuses TP USA of abandoning key principles such as American exceptionalism and immigration restriction ism.

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Having taken to infiltrating TP USA’s events on college campuses and stacking their Q&A sessions with hostile comments, the Groupers are becoming an increasingly potent force on the American conservative political scene. Christian members of the alt-right began to point fingers at its de facto leader Richard Spencer’s indifferent (if not outright hostile) attitude towards religion: he repeatedly promoted paganism in his work on the quasi-official alt-right website, which marked Easter by publishing a celebration of the pagan goddess Ensure, and he largely ignored cultural matters, focusing instead on the supreme primacy of race.

Commentators like the charismatic young YouTuber Nicholas J. Fuentes took the chance to emphasize the importance of the Christian faith and to deride the paganism and moral liberalism of older Alt-Right associates. “Aside from Richard’s stances on racial identity and immigration,” Spencer’s girlfriend had written in an accidentally comical blog post about their relationship, “the majority of his positions on social politics are decidedly liberal.” On one level, this was like saying that apart from eating steak for supper every day one can be vegan.

The American cultural mainstream’s focus on transgenderism and gender fluidity encouraged young right-wingers who might once have been attracted to the alt-right to accept the premise that religious traditionalism, and not white identitarianism, was the principle around which their movement should cohere. Mr. Fuentes ’s YouTube show is titled “America First,” a name which hearkens back to the times of Father Charles Coughlin.

He and his followers look up to writers like E. Michael Jones, author of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, an analysis of conflicts between Catholic and Jewish thought which holds that Jews rejected Christ and thus “the principles of social order.” Dr. Jones can be found maintaining that the real victims of the Tree of Life synagogue shootings were the victims of Jews who “undermined the moral law.” To pause momentarily, I should be clear that the “groupers” (as Mr. Fuentes ’s followers call themselves, for reasons I don’t care to explain and you probably don’t want to know), who have shot to prominence by embarrassing mainstream conservatives like Charlie Kirk with pointed nationalistic and traditionalist questions in their Q & A session, are not a coherent group.

It is tempting for commentators to impose a rigid order on amorphous tendencies, thus to flaunt their analytical skill. One thinks of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen of the French National Rally, or of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party.

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To be clear, the universalism of the Christian faith does not preclude patriotism or immigration restriction ism, as the conservative Catholic philosopher Edward Fewer has written in reference to a book by Pope John Paul II. John Paul was by no means an arch-reactionary, but he wrote that while all human beings are equal in the eyes of God, different societies share the bonds of their common culture.

Charles Murray, the leader of Action Franchise, famously believed the Catholic Church underpinned the social order of French society, but he still dismissed the Gospels as the work of “four obscure Jews”. Still, one tactical advantage of Richard Spencer’s religious ideology was that he could embrace what leaked recordings have exposed as a naked lust for power.

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The only “evidence” they offer is a few excerpts from a statement of claim from a 2006 legal case from a woman I briefly dated that was never presented before the Court. They do not even have that document, just tabloid media reports from Rupert Murdoch-owned papers at the height of Murdoch’s News International hacking scandal.

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Some recent appearances on Delano’s channel “Citizen Zone” (weekly flagship shows named “Dank Memes Trading Company” and “Caroline”) seem designed to bully and gang-stalk me in relation to legal actions that the show’s characters are getting involved with In Real Life. I’m not sure if the role-playing participants have truly thought through what their own involvement is going to look like if the legal actions they are seemingly trying to provoke were actually initiated.

In that post I shared Mr Hoffman’s public Tweet that Ms Weaver “found” the full Statement of Claim from his Canadian lawsuit against Zack McQuay: I asked Ms Weaver specifically how she obtained this document, which she published without redacting Personally Identifying Information such as Mr McQuay’s home address.

He appears to have been at the University of Virginia Law School at the same time as former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitana, graduating in 1981 a couple of years earlier than her (’83). Despite the frequent claims by Delano & his extended gang of self-described Larders, I have never knowingly posted anything false about Mr Hoffman.

On the Friday, July 17, 2020, episode of Dank Memes Trading Company, more than half an hour of the show was dedicated to talking about me. 502019CA013860XXXXMB_18 The small minor paragraphs mentioning me (and other content creators) in this document seem at odds with such a large amount of time dedicated to publicly smearing myself and my family.

This latest Plaintiff’s Motion for Injunctive Relief offers 2 clues, buried towards the end on Page 17: The associated paragraph in the Plaintiff’s Motion references “Isaac Happy’s Dead Man’s Switch”.

fuentes nicholas iowa podcast iowastatedaily
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Happy told us directly on video and in writing to his former friends Seth and Clare Green that he had created such a thing: It is more than plausible that Cicada 3301, a group internationally renowned for containing cryptographic experts good at decoding puzzles, would be able to crack an encrypted file.

Thomas Schoenberg er is friends with Thomas Pain in the Ass of the Globalists Douglas Gabriel, a former NSA cryptographer and has demonstrated communications with intelligence community members like Robert David Steele and Began Khan, General Flynn’s former business partner. So it is also extremely plausible that he has access to such people in his network, even if you share the opinion of a handful of detractors who question the legitimacy of his connection to Cicada 3301.

There appears to have been some kind of confusion (either by accident or design) around the idea that “Z” broke a Key base file, when in fact “Z” and “X” was the code that lead to this story of Elias Priest and Allison Cross. There are a number of characters in this story that the “Z” moniker could be applied to including Zack McQuay, “Z3301”, and Contact Zero, Elias Priest.

In the preceding Part 4 of this Happy investigation, Isaac’s connection to former CIA director John Brennan was discussed; it is unclear whether “GH” refers to his replacement Gina H Aspen, or somebody else. She was married to a criminal biker who did serious time in Broward County, Florida for armed robbery and kidnapping.

It seems to be a word that gets thrown around a lot on the Internet but in reality has little to do with civil litigation in Palm Beach County Court. This appears to be the complete extent of anything being asked of me from the Plaintiff’s Motion for Injunctive Relief against Defendant Thomas Schoenberg er.

fuentes nick genocide end right wing
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A large amount of time on the Citizen Zone show was devoted to talking about Defamation law in New Zealand, where I live. They also stated that because I am a public figure in my home country (“national treasure” was the term they used at one point) I am definitely more vulnerable to a defamation suit there.

The high-profile death of an actor from Thor, Terminator Salvation, Breaking Bad and Vanderpump Rules who had recently visited Australia was big news in New Zealand media. Since then the story has become even more newsworthy with the #Mitigate pseudo-scandal starring Elias Priest, Isaac Happy, QAnon and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

This is by no means the first time Delano’s platform has been used to threaten lawsuits against me, although the actual legal basis for any of this is never stated. It’s just a soft smear, suggesting that I somehow broke some law somewhere but never being called to account for their continual failure to produce details, witnesses or evidence.

Of course, these characters openly admit they are on a role-playing channel, so it may just be a case of pawns being used to attack without risking the Queen. “Propaganda ghouls” is how these people describe themselves, taking great pleasure in frequent acknowledgment of their “live chat stop” and “gaslighting” their audience.

We’ve already seen a fake fight this year with Delano ending his “love affair” with his “babe”, now brushed off like it never happened. Similar questionable spats have occurred between this crew and Jacquelyn Weaver, Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez, Brett Trimble, Le stat, Adam Gingrich and Jack Boobies.

fuentes nicholas nick boston america bu multiculturalism cancer teen left
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It’s interesting to look back at this tweet from May 30, 2019, and see how most of the people Le stat was tagging there as his Magic colleagues and friends at the time seem to have turned on each other. I’ve made peace with many of the people Le stat named who objected to being associated with Delano’s Disinformation cell.

I had good reason behind my opinion that some people in Delano’s network at the time of Happy’s passing were ‘dark occultists”. There can be no argument that this Media Matrix image is defamatory to Mr Hoffman when he has posted it himself multiple times to his own Twitter timeline and that of his associated account, and even made fun of colleagues/friends for not being included in the map.

Mr Hoffman has admitted to purchasing Mossad t-shirts as a “gag gift” for his friends Manuel Chavez III, Mindy Robinson and Mike Ivanovich. Both Laura Loomed and “Team Mossad” MMA moll Mindy Robinson are running for Congress on the Republican ticket in 2020.

The map Glenn & the gang were discussing on Delano’s Larger show contains more names than those originally drawn by Isaac Happy : This is disingenuous, as there are Christian Zionists on the map with Israeli intelligence ties; for example Jack Boobies, Steve Bannon, Jerome Corgi, George Webb, Larry Layman.

He stated that while employed with Prodigy in the 1990s, he used my product Hoodoo when he was tasked to evaluate free HTML editors. I’m pretty sure we actually did end up doing an OEM licensing deal with Prodigy, but this was 25 years ago and I can’t show you a record now to confirm that.

fuentes nick america protectionist altright christian
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Recently on Delano’s show Mr Herman said that he “knew for a fact” that alt-right operative Jack Boobies was paid by Russia in Bitcoin to disseminate their propaganda. In between Warping on Delano’s channel and “IT consulting”, he works as an instructor at “Manhattan’s right wing safe space”, the Westside Rifle and Pistol Range, where Robert De Niro’s character Travis Sickle trained in Taxi Driver.

Someone publicly bemoans Obama’s radical homosexual agenda now finds himself as a regular bi-weekly guest on a bi-sexual Latinx’s defamation channel. A post like this on my personal blog is as much about clarifying my position on the public record to combat disinformation as it is about entertaining and informing the audience.

Fascinating or significant news presented to the appropriate editor in a concise, complete format has the best chance of being included in the newspaper and on mySA.com or ExpressNews.com.

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