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Grouper Lips, LLC in Palm Beach Gardens, FL | Company Info & Reviews Florida Department Of State Business Registration · Updated 2/17/2018 Groupers, LLC is a Florida Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on December 10, 2009. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Hobart Rosemary and is located at 266 Canterbury Dr West, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418.

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Access to more records Full screen network visualizer Follow profiles See how people are connected Sliding sinker rig with 6-foot mono leader, ready to drop sardine, pinkish or other bait.

“Sometimes it’s hard to grouper fish with Mali swimming around your boat, but our stretch of offshore reefs can give up some really quality gags and scamps this time of year, particularly on spots deeper than 120 feet,” he said. The rig consists of an egg sinker sliding on an 18-inch piece of 100-pound mono between two swivels.

“If I’m fishing for gags, my favorite bait is a live golden spot or a pinkish,” said Johnson. Johnson prefers the slip sinker rig, because fooling big grouper is all about presentation.

Keep the sinker pinned against the bottom swivel and at the first sign of panic in the bait, let him swim away from the weight unencumbered. Johnson says he’d always prefer to hook his live spots, grunts, and pinkish behind the anal fin, but cautions that you have to consider the current.

Contrary to popular belief, neither scamps nor gags need a big ledge to hang around. Just beneath the twinkling, satin surface of the Caribbean, you find schools of fish of a thousand different shapes and colors.

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The surprising variety of finned friends is one of the reasons people get hooked on scuba diving. To identify some of the most common and interesting reef fish in the Caribbean, Florida, and the Western Atlantic, look for their distinctive characteristics.

Luis Javier Sandoval / Getty Images The smooth trunk fish (Lactophrys tribute) can be one of the most entertaining fish to watch on a dive. These smallish fish are frequently seen over sandy areas near the reef, where they blow little jets of water at the sand in an attempt to uncover food.

Bout Furman / Getty Images Trumpet fish (Autosomes maculate) are easy to identify by their long, thin, tubular bodies with trumpet-shaped mouths or snouts. Humberto Ramirez/Getty Images Sand divers (Synods intermedia) can be exceptionally difficult to spot.

A sand diver can be so pale that it is almost white, or it can darken to mimic a colorful reef or sponge. Eventually, it will hop to a new place on the reef and immediately adjust its colors to disappear against its background.

You can easily distinguish the banded butterfly fish by the black bars (vertical stripes) on its sides. The four eye butterfly fish's most recognizable feature is two large spots near the back of its body, one on each side.

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Butterfly fish of all species can be distinguished from angelfish, which also have rounded, flat, disc-like bodies, by the length of their anal and dorsal (top and bottom) fins. Humberto Ramirez / Getty Images Angelfish are both beautiful and easy find during a dive.

The French angelfish is also gray to black, but the scales on its sides are all bordered with a touch of yellow. The queen angelfish is a brilliant combination of blues, greens, and yellows and can be recognized by the round spot on its forehead, which looks like a crown if you apply a bit of imagination.

Bout Furman/Getty Images Squirrel fish (Holocentrus ascensions) have spiky fins and big dark eyes. Dave Fleet ham / Getty Images The porcupine fish (Dillon hysteria) is a large, white puffer fish covered with long spines.

Divers can watch it change colors as it swims between different parts of the reef or chases down a fish. Humberto Ramirez / Getty Images Spotted drum (Aqueous punctuates) are exciting to find.

A peacock flounder begins life as a normal, vertical fish with eyes on both sides of its head. But during development, one eye migrates through its head and the fish flattens and begins to swim on its side.

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When not camouflaged, they have noticeable bright blue rings reminiscent of the pattern on a peacock's feathers. You can identify a scrawled codfish by the characteristic pattern of wiggly, iridescent blue lines covering its yellow body.

Stephen Frank / Getty Images Many divers confuse yellow goat fish (Mulloidichthys Martinique) and yellowtail snapper (Occurs chrysalis) because of their similar coloration and the fact that they might school together in large groups on shallow reefs. Lisa Collins / Getty Images The white spotted file fish (Catherine macrocosms) is a large, flat fish with a protruding snout.

Humberto Ramirez / Getty Images The yellow head jaw fish (Opistognathus auditions) is a tiny, fairy-like fish with a bright yellow head, iridescent white body, and huge, cartoonist eyes. Its silver body with occasional black spots provides camouflage with just about everything, and it is common to find great barracuda hunting both along the surface of the water and over the reef.

These fish are attracted to shiny, reflective objects that mimic the effect of light bouncing off their prey, but they do not pose much of a threat to divers. The great barracuda are designed to be effective hunters, and it is fascinating to watch them charge through schools of smaller fish and snap up prey.

Shelly Chapman / Getty Images Lionfish (Steroid Holsteins), while beautiful, are an invasive species from the Indo-Pacific that have become a common sight in the Caribbean. I've saved the .OBJ and .MTL files in a convenient location, now I'm ready to get started with Grouper.

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On the second tab I'll use the Scan option to retrieve a list of materials that are referenced in the .OBJ file. Several of the materials defined in Poser use exactly the same texture, bump and/or transparency maps.

Skinhead (head map, low peculiarity) Lips Innermost Tongue Teeth Lachrymal Iris Eye White Pupil Templates allow me to create reusable partial maps that I can quickly apply to individual figures.

My .OBJ is ready but the texture and bump maps it references are still scattered through my .\Runtime directory. By ENGLISH name------------------------------------------------------------Acoelous Flatworm Aires Gardiner Nudibranchia Aires minor Nudibranchia Aires villus Nudibranchia Algae Octopus Allopontonia main Shrimp Amboinensis Cringed shrimp Among damsel Among scorpion fish Ajax Sea Cucumber Anchor Or White Belly Tusk fish Anemone Hermit Crab Angler Flatfish Arc-Eye Hawkish Ardeadoris tavern Nudibranchia Ardeadoris cruelty Nudibranchia Ardeadoris Nauru Nudibranchia Area damsel Aura ta Arcadian Baba Cringed Squat Lobster Baby Watcher Banded Bamboo Shark Banded Coral shrimp Banded Toby Banded Messmate Pipefish Banded Shrimpgoby Banded Snake Eel Banded Sole Banded Trauma shrimp Band spot cardinal fish Band tail Dart fish Band tail Waspish Bangui cardinal fish Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse Bar gill cardinal fish Barracuda Cod juvenile Barred Fin Moray Barrel Sponge Beaded Sea Anemone Beautiful Toby Bedford Flat Worm Bi color angelfish Bi color Parrot fish Big fin Reef Squid Big nose unicorn fish Bird beak burr fish Black blotched porcupine fish Black Coral Crab Black Coral Toby Black coral shrimp Black Coralblenny Black lined file fish Black Patch Trigger fish Black Saddle Coral Grouper Black Shrimp Toby Black Snapper Black tail sergeant Black-saddled Toby Black-spotted Toby Black-spotted Puffer Black fin sand perch Black lip Butterfly Fish Blacked Shrimpgoby Black streak surgeon fish Sleeker damsel Sleeker parrot fish Bloch Big Eye Bloodshot pygmy Toby Blotched sandy Blue -Spotted Ribbon Tail Ray Blue green chromes Blue Sea Star Blue Spotted Grouper Blue Swimming Crab Blue-dashed Rock skipper Blue-ringed octopus Blue-Spotted Stingray Blue barred parrot fish Blue dot Toby Blue spine unicorn fish Blue streak Fusilier Blue striped fang Benny Blue striped pygmy Toby Bobbie Worm Bobtail Squid Cornell Anguilla Nudibranchia Branching Anemone Braun pug head pipe fish Bridled monocle bream Bristle-tail file fish Brittle Star Broad club Cuttlefish Broom file fish Brush tail tang Bubble Coral Shrimp Bulb Tentacles Anemone Bumblebee Shrimp Bump Head Parrot fish Lycurgus Flat Worm Campanella subornatissima Nudibranchia Cake Urchin Calamaris Sea Urchin Calorie India Nudibranchia Candy crab Carla Scale Worm Carpet Sole Carry Crab Ceratosoma tenure Nudibranchia Ceratosoma trilobite Nudibranchia Charcoal damsel Chelidonura variant Nudibranchia Chestnut Benny Chestnut Jaw fish Chocolate Grouper Christmas tree worm Chromosomes Anna Nudibranchia Chromosomes Diana Nudibranchia Chromosomes Elisabeth Nudibranchia Chromosomes loci Nudibranchia Chromosomes Magnificat Nudibranchia Chromosomes SP.

Allogalathea babies Allogalathea elegant Allopontonia Brock Al uterus scripts Amblyeleotris guitar Amblyeleotris gymnocephala Amblyeleotris ASCII Amblyeleotris rubrimarginata Amblyeleotris Wheeler Amblyglyphidodon aureus Amblyglyphidodon Curaçao Amblyglyphidodon leucogaster Amblygobius decubitus Amblygobius fallen Amphioctopus marginates Amphibian melanomas Amphibian pergola Amphibian perversion Amphibian polymers Amphibian sandaracinos Amphibian Tacitus Analyses measures Analyses meleagrides Names scopes Antennas cockiness Antennas commersoni Antennas Hindus Antennas maculate Antennas ictus Antennas Randall Antennas stratus Pistes Marinates Aragon chrysotaenia Aragon compresses Ardeadoris tavern Ardeadoris cruelty Ardeadoris Nauru Marathon Hindus Marathon manifests Marathon Zappa Marathon nigropunctatus Marathon status Aspirants Tacitus Asterophilia Carla Asterorhombus Fijians Asterropteryx stripes Asterropteryx striata Asthenosoma barium Astrology radiate Atelomycterus amorous Atrium robust um Autosomes Chinese Baristas undulates Aristides conspicillum Aristides iridescent Bonilla Paula Bohadschia Argus Bohadschia graffiti Cornell Anguilla Brachaluteres Taylor Brachysomophis cirrocheilos Branchysomophis crocodiles Bryaninops am plus Bryaninops Nathans Bryaninops Tigris Bryaninops Tonga Bulbometopn striatum Bulbonaricus bra uni Campanella subornatissima Catalpa hilarious Callistoctopus lutes Calloplesiops actively Calorie India Valorous opinions Calpurnia verrucas Cambodia return Catherine fronticinctus Catherine Paris Canthigaster Bennett Canthigaster compress Canthigaster papa Canthigaster Valentine Capella SP. Cymbacephalus Beaufort Cyprus Argus Cyprus Tigris Dactyloptena orientalist Dactyl opus dactyl opus Dactyl opus footer Daedalus pedunculatus Parades exists Bacillus alumnus Bacillus reticulated Bacillus trimaculatus Asiatic Kublai Discards Zanzibar Dendrchirus zebra Dendrochirus biocellatus Dendrochirus brachypterus Dendrodoris Denison Dendrodoris udtta Dendrodoris tuberculosis Dermatobranchus Albus Dermatobranchus caeruleomaculatus Dermatobranchus dubious Diadem saving Diademichthys lineages Diagram ma dictum Duodenum Molly Dillon holocanthus Dillon hysteria Dillon liturgies Diplopia bifasciatum Dischistodus chrysopoecilus Dischistodus perspicillatus Dischistodus prosopotaenia Discolors boholensis Discordipinna SP.

Insisting anamnesis Insisting pave Inimical dactyls Istigobius decorates Istigobius nigroocellatus Reynolds SP Joanna funeral Joanna larva Joanna pubescent Koumansetta Rainsford Kyonemichthys ruminant Victoria COMETA Victoria formalin Laiphognathus multimaculatus Laments parts Laurie singing Leander pulposus Litchis melanospilus Li maria orientalist Lancia navigate Lancia multiform Lissocarcinus Levis Lot ilia graciliosa Slovenia elongate Lubricogobius exiguous Mutants see Lydia tessellate Lysiosquillina Lisa Lysiosquillina maculate Lyman amboinensis Ma color macular Ma color Niger Marion elongoreticula Marion pustules Marion SP.4 MacArthur atrodorsalis Elite Coleman Elite irides Metapenaeopsis nameplate Meta sepia Pfeffer Mexichromis Maria Mexichromis multituberculata Mexichromis trilineata Miami Mariana Miami Sinatra Miropandalus Harding Myrichthys salubrious NASA brachycentron NASA brevirotris NASA literates NASA unicorns NASA blaming Nemateleotris Magnificat Nembrotha Chamberlain Nembrotha Cristina Nembrotha Haryana Nembrotha Miller Nembrotha millinery Nembrotha purpureolineata Nembrotha SP.1 Neoglyphidodon Nigeria Neopetrolisthes maculate Neopomacentrus cyanosis Neopomacentrus lemurs Neothyonidium magnum Novaculichthys taeniourus Octopus cyan ea Octopus motor Octopus SP. (described) Odontodactylus latirostris Odontodactylus syllabus Bonus Niger Kenya Wendi Octopus SP.1 Ophiuchus antivenins Ophiuchus Bonaparte Ophiothrix SP.

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Phyllognathia ceratophthalmus Plagiotremus rhinorhyncos Plat ax Batavian Plat ax orbicularis Plat ax tinnitus Platybelone Argus Platforms sabra Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides Plectorhinchus lesson ii Plectorhinchus lineages Plectorhinchus picks Plectorhinchus Polynesia Plectorhinchus vitiates Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus Plectropomus Levis Plectropomus leopards Plectropomus maculate Plectropomus pessuliferus Pleurobranchus Brock Pleurobranchus formalin Pleurosicya bolding Pleurosicya elongate Pleurosicya Mozambican Pliopontoni furtive Plocamopherus tiles ii Protests lineages Polygraph aura ta Polymer aka Pom acanthus sexstriatus Pom acanthus xanthometopon Pomacentrus adults Pomacentrus amboinensis Pomacentrus auriventris Pomacentrus bankanensis Pomacentrus brachialis Pomacentrus celestas Pomacentrus lepidogenya Pomacentrus moluccensis Pomacentrus nagasakiensis Pomacentrus nigromanus Pomacentrus radio Pantomimes Niger Porcellanella trilogy Fortunes pelagic us Arenas biaculeatus Acanthus Bloch Primula rosewater Orioles nuchifasciata Orioles Villa Position trimaculatus Pseudaluttarius nasicornis Pseudanthias hunch ti Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus Pseudobiceros Bedford Pseudobiceros glorious Pseudoceros Lycurgus Pseudomonacanthus Marcus Pseudo rhombus dupliciocellatus Pteraeolidia temper Teratogen Auden Ptereleotris Heine Ptereleotris Micronesia Ptereleotris uroditaenia Pterocaesio tile Pteroidichthys amboinensis Steroid Holsteins Quadrille corona ta Quadrille macros Ranina Reticulidia Algeria Rhinecanthus verrucas Rhinomuraena quality Rhinitis eschmeyeri Rhinitis fronds Rhybchostracion ASUS Rhynchocinetes durbanensis Richardsonichthysleucogaster Roboastra luteolineata Radius Flanders Darius excels us Darius minutes Salaries obscures Salaries famous Safaris status Sargocentron commuter Aaron SPP. Scars dimidiatus Scars flavipectoralis Scars fobbed Scars Niger Scars quote Scoliosis bilinear Scoliosis cilia ta Scoliosis margaritifera Scoliosis temporal is Scorpaenopsis diabolic Salaries leptoleptis Sepia amulet Sepia Brandeis Sepia claimants Sepiadariidae Koch Sepioteuthis Estonian Sidereal thyroid Signs canaliculatus Signs canaliculatus Signigobius biocellatus Siokunichthys nigrolineatus Sofia Lucifer Sofia tricolor Soleichthys hetero rhinos Solenostomus cyanopterus Solenostomus Alameda Solenostomus paradoxes Solenostomus Pegasus Solenostomus SP.

Sphaeramia nematoptera Sphaeramia orbicularis Spirobranchus SP Steno pus Hindus Steno pus tenuirostris Stichodactyla haddock Stonogobiops nematodes Stonogobiops xanthorhinica Strongylura incise Stylocheilus stratus Suffrage bursa Suffrage chrysopterum Symphorichthys Epicurus Synapses SP. Sinatra marginate Synchronous splendid us Syngnathoides biaculeatus Synhiropus pictures Synhiropus pictures Synods variegates Tanzania ducats Tanzania zosterophora Taenianotus acanthus Tenure lemma Tampa Gabrielle Tampa morose Tampa SP.7 Taxopneustes piteous Nellie single Nellie SP.79 Tetradic rubridactyla Tearooms gibbous Thaumoctopus mimics Theater dicta Theater SP.6 Theater SP.7 Theater SP.8 Eleonora Ajax The nus SP.

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