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Our new location boasts the same unforgettable fresh & local seafood, craft cocktails, and fantastic wine selection that has made our sister restaurant one of the most popular dining destinations in the Florida Keys for the past 15 years. Join us for innovative island dining with an emphasis on consistency and quality, paired with an elevated service level and a refined atmosphere that makes The Square Grouper so special.

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It also lends itself well to other forms of cooking such as baking, broiling or blackening. Because grouper is a lean fish, some basting is necessary while broiling or baking to prevent drying out.

Choosing the right grouper fishing charter can make all the difference between having a great day on the water in the beautiful Florida Keys, or wasting money and precious time during your vacation. You can count on Captain Doug to show you a great time, and help you arrange the perfect grouper fishing trip.

Whether it's the first time you've cast a line or angling is your passion, Miss Chief Charters promises an unforgettable Florida Keys fishing adventure. My 37' Bertram sport fisher offers amenities such as cold air-conditioned cabin, lots of comfortable seating & shade, clean restroom, seaworthy ride and the best equipment in the fleet.

We can customize your charter to target specific species or just leave it up to us to show you a great time. Full-day, 3/4-day and half-day packages are available throughout the year and dates fill up quickly, so we encourage you to book a charter today.

We had no luck with Sails, but the smoker King fish and giant barracudas kept the action going. We had a monster barracuda eat 2 flat line live baits, which made for a good laugh.

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The wind will clock out of the east this week so will spend sometime on each charter looking for dolphin, Yahoo, sailfish, and tuna. Ta vernier and Cargo Fishing charters aboard Good Karma with Capt.

We offer offshore and reef fishing charters(1-4 persons) Cargo and Ta vernier. Cargo travel itineraries include deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking and visiting state and national parks as well as marine attractions and boat tours.

Snorkel and dive among the unique underwater world of statues, fish and trails at John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park, which was the first underwater marine park in the U.S. Florida Keys big game fishing ranks among the best in the world. After a day of adventure, sightseeing and water sports, spend your Cargo vacation in relaxing comfort.

Along all the coasts of Florida and the Bahamas, from inshore estuaries out to the deepest waters offshore Groupers are found. They are the most widely available of the game fish and also offer a great number of differing varieties.

The species have now started to make a comeback and have been renamed Goliath Grouper) are the most widely distributed. Most of the other species, Nassau, Red Hind, Black, Yellow fin and Scamp live in and around the coral reefs of the extreme south of Florida.

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Groupers live close to the bottom and are always associated with some type of submerged structure i.e. reef or wreck. Adults inhabit rocky bottoms, reefs and drop-off walls in water over 60 feet deep; young occur inshore in waters around seagrass beds, mangrove forests and hard-bottom communities.

Adults inhabit rocky bottoms, reefs and drop-off walls in water over 60 feet deep; young occur inshore in waters around seagrass beds, mangrove forests and hard-bottom communities. Grouper are born as females but can later become male. Grouper spawn between January and May with some of the more tropical species spawning year-round. Grouper fishing from a boat typically involves baits fished near the bottom, with heavy tackle and heavier to bring grouper to the surface.

They feed on squid, crustaceans, and fish. The Florida record is 42lbs 4ozs caught near St. Augustine Inlet. Kevin Kelly displays a Goliath Grouper killed unfortunately by RED TIDE in 2005.

Jewish now known as the Goliath Grouper (Epimetheus Tamara) can attain weight up to 800lbs and is more common in the south of Florida than the north. Goliath Troopers are found nearshore often around docks, in deep holes, and on ledges.

Nassau grouper form large spawning aggregations, making this species highly vulnerable to over harvest. Red Hind Grouper (Epimetheus Gustavus) common weight 1-2lbs.

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The species is found in tropical and subtropical waters as deep as 400 feet, from North Carolina to Brazil, including the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Spawning occurs from March to July, and females release an average of 90 thousand to 3 million pelagic eggs.

The species may live up to 17 years or longer, and reach a length of 23 inches and a weight of 10 pounds. Red hind feed on small fishes, crabs, shrimps and squid.

Red hind will hide in holes and crevices and capture their prey by ambushWorld record 6lbs 1oz. Adults are associated with rocky bottoms, reef, and drop off walls in water over 60 feet deep.

Black grouper spawn between May and August, and they are protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning that young predominantly female who transform into males as they grow larger. Larger individuals of this species are generally found in greater depths, and they feed on fish and squid.

Grouper are very tasty meals. Florida State Record 113lb 6oz caught near the Dry Tortugas. Undergoes sex reversal from female to male in latter part of life; specific name translates to “venomous,” alluding to the fact that this fish, perhaps more frequently than other groupers, is associated with ciguatera poisoning; feeds on fish and squid. Florida record 34lbs 6oz caught near Cargo.

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Yellow mouth Grouper (Mycteroperca interstitial is) has a color tan or brown with darker spots, or a network of spots, fused into lines; distinct yellow wash behind the jaws; yellow around the eyes; outer edges of fins yellowish. Found OFFSHORE over reefs and rocks; not as common as scamp in the Gulf; range limited to southern Florida.

Undergoes sex reversal, young individuals female, older individuals becoming male; young fish are bi-colored, dark above white below; feeds on small fish and crustaceans. Warsaw Grouper (Epimetheus nitrites) is uniformly dark brown, with no distinct markings; dorsal fin with 10 spines; second spine very long (much longer than third); caudal fin squared-off; rear nostril larger than front nostril; young have yellow caudal fin with dark saddle on caudal peduncle; some whitish spots on body.

Found in deep rocky ledges and sea mounts, in 90-300 m (300-1000 ft). On May 24th 2014, Cullen Greer reeled in a six-and-a-half-foot-long, 297-pound Warsaw grouper while fishing in Venice, Louisiana.

The most shocking part of this story may be that it won't go down as the largest fish ever caught in the state. If the catch does get verified by the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association, it would become the fifth-largest ever caught in the state.

It could also go down in the state record books as the third-largest Warsaw caught by a hand crank, according to Greer. Leaders need be substantial as these fish are usually on the large size and dive straight back into the whole in which they live.

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As the State Regulations are in constant flux we advise anglers to refer to www.MyFWC.com/fishing for the latest information. The 125-mile-long arc of islands that comprises the Florida Keys creates a fishing environment unique in the world, and means a noteworthy or at least edible catch is possible virtually any time of year.

In these deep-sea areas are some of the greatest sport fish in the world: blue and white marlin, sailfish and swordfish. For visitors, hiring a backcountry guide or charter boat and captain who knows Keys waters can make for a successful and educational day.

Affordable backcountry and offshore charter fleets with expert captains can be found from Cargo to Key West. The voluntary training and compliance program seeks to increase fishing guides' knowledge and, ultimately, that of their clients, to conserve the unique marine ecosystem of the Florida Keys.

Manatees, including this pair, are sometimes seen around the Dante Farrell Visitor Center. If you are lucky enough to observe them in the park, cherish the sighting and please give them space (inference is prohibited).

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