Grouper Jigging Reels

Bob Roberts
• Friday, 16 October, 2020
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When you know your favorite spot is holding them, but they are being finicky on baits, jigging can often be the ticket producing a reaction based strike that triggers their predatory instinct. Best places to jig for black, gag, red, and scamp grouper include hard bottom outcroppings, reefs, wrecks, oil rigs, and other structures that hold bait fish and provide hiding spots for ambushing their prey.

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The Shaman Saragossa 8000 and 10000, Died Saltiest 5000, and Penn Slammer SLAIII6500 are all more than capable if you are just getting started. Black Hole Cape Cod Special 250g, Otis Fathom Blade 300g, and Shaman Arévalo 58XXH rods in both spinning and conventional models are all fantastic options that are super light weight with plenty of power and action to fool and whoop up on the best of them.

If you are using a buck tail, you can simply attach directly to the jig and avoid the rest of the terminal tackle. Otherwise, keep your jig at the bottom and reel in about 20-30’ towards the surface and then drop back down to stay in the strike zone longer.

The higher you get in the water column also increases the probability of hooking amber jack aka Reef Donkeys, king mackerel, and more. Just so you know, Track Fishing may earn an affiliate commission from the links on this page, at no extra cost to you.

If you want to engage in fast and intense fishing for grouper, you will need a six or seven-foot spinning rod coupled with a heavy reel. Although heavy reels are not required for inshore fishing with live bait rigs, they don’t hurt.

This will allow you to exert more strength and precision when it comes to extracting the grouper from its hiding places. Shaman TLD 2-Speed Conventional Reel is durable, sturdy, and remarkably powerful.

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It offers exceptional lever drag, a unique feature that should be praised for numerous reasons. The Shaman TLD has a unique design that includes a solid graphite frame as well as a side plate with an aluminum spool.

Shift gears easily with the two-speed effect of this reel and know that it has a maximum drag of 42 lbs. With a quick retrieval rate and a line capacity that is far beyond what you could ever need or want, the Shaman TLD is one of the best grouper reels for you to consider.

Easy to maintain with smooth drag Durable and corrosion-resistant Has a low gear ratio A slight upgrade to the Penn Squall series, this reel is not only robust but it’s also durable.

Corrosion-resistant and perfect for saltwater use Has a large spool capacity A versatile and strong reel You aren’t limited just to grouper when you use this reel, however, as it can also be used for other bottom fish or large species, too.

Built with a solid aluminum frame, this reel is strong, and resists rust and corrosion. The Penn US Senator also has the HT 100 drag system, providing you with all the fishing power you might need.

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It can easily land fish past 50 lbs, offering power and user-friendly design. It has a power handle that is comfortable to use and easy to hold along with reversible harness lugs.

It has a durable gear train and is machine framed, making it more resilient and perfectly aligned. You can add a backlight side plate, for instance, to make it perfect for commercial use.

Great for hobby or commercial use Excellent for saltwater use Has six stainless steel bearings Known as the Saliva Lever Saltwater Reel, this product has six separate corrosion-resistant ball bearings.

It has a precision ratchet feature for anti-reverse and a gear ratio of 6.3:1 or 3.1:1, depending on which option you purchase. With comfortable, ergonomic handles, this reel is a clear winner when it comes to the top grouper reels out there.

Several sizes and gear ratios available Massive stainless steel cut for smooth winding and awesome power Corrosion-resistant bearings It performs well on fresh and saltwater, offering greater versatility and strength than some smaller models.

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A highly capable reel, it can hold a ton of monofilament or braided line. This reel has a bail wire made out of heavy aluminum along with an oversized line roller, giving you excellent performance for long term use.

Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty Reduces bulk and maximizes efficiency Comes with a comfortable EVA handle Before you make your choice, you have to consider different kinds of reels and rods on the market.

Several factors combine to determine the best reels for different fishing waters. If you are targeting a bigger grouper, then you would require the equivalent tackles for the fish.

If you want to fish in a rocky area and you are targeting grouper of about 50lbs, you have to consider the braided line as it can offer some benefits. Furthermore, you have to consider a reel with a good drag, it is going to be more powerful, and that means that you can catch bigger fish.

If you want fast and heavy fishing action, then you require about six to seven foot spinning rod. If you want to catch the biggest grouper you require a heavy rod and this must have a strong backbone.

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This type of rod is unique because you are not going to find it hard to lift your grouper fish as soon as you catch them. For instance, in case of the conventional rod, the reel is on its top.

You are not going to find it difficult to catch the grouper because it would make it easy for you to pull away the fish from the rock where it could hide itself whenever it is hooked. It appears that many people are more conversant with conventional reels, and the reason for that is the benefit it offers, as well as the better fishing leverage it provides for its users.

When you use them, it is going to force even the heaviest and the strongest grouper from its holes and hiding places. This is one of the best casting reels and it is perfect for different kinds of fish, especially grouper.

The brand is popular because of the solid construction of a single aluminum frame which makes it very strong. Furthermore, because of the quality of materials used to make, it does not rust or corrode easily.

The gear train is unique and it was designed in such a way that it can serve you for a very long time. This product is a redesign of the previous brand, and it is done to satisfy the needs of users.

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When it comes to the fishing world, Died has earned a reputation for the superior quality of their grouper rod and reels. It has a one touch gear shift system which offers enormous power and speed.

This is good because the ball bearings would neither rust nor corrode, which makes the product is responsive anytime you use it. Durability is one of the factors to consider when you are looking for a product like this, and you can get this quality from this fishing grouper reel.

Infinite anti reverse Machined aluminum spool Machined aluminum rod with a clamp Lever drag two speed reel Precision ratchet anti-reverse feature It is medium light and compact design Furthermore, it features 6.3:1 high gear ratio as well as 3.1:1 low gear ratio The line capacity of the product is 20/300 and several other ranges. Obama Lamar has produced many kinds of spinning reels.

If you want to fish in trout, bluegill, crappie, as well as small perch, then you can use the smallest size of that family, which is the C10 brand. This smallest size is meant for two to six pounds fishing line.

If you want to have maximum performance from this production, then you can combine it with an ultra-light fishing rod. These are intermediate size reels, and they are good for many anglers, especially those that fish on steel head, walleye, bass, as well as catfish and several others.

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This is a capable reel, and because of the efficiency, it can hold as much as two hundred and forty of fifteen pounds monofilament line. This brand possesses an extraordinary cranking power and it can hull any grouper of any size because of the capacity.

If you are looking for a product that would deliver maximum performance in saltwater fishing, then you have to choose the brand. It is the best for catfish, groupers and other types of fish in lakes and big waters.

For an effective reel control, the product features forged aluminum handle. This replaces the famous brand from the company that is the GT series reels.

This latest product has the good qualities of the GT series and this is in addition to the improved features. An added feature of the product is the instant anti-reverse bearing and it is now packaged in a more compact form.

The product is durable as the body is designed with the finest quality stainless steel materials. If you want a powerful fishing reel, this brand offers you a good option.

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In terms of speed, the brand offers up a very high level. They provide you with enough strength to drag a large catch and you can thrust your line deeper.

The lure or baits are typically bulky to draw the line down into the bottom of the water body. The reel can be handled easily as it is light being made of graphite frame with an aluminum spool.

You do not have to worry about using this reel in saltwater to catch bigger fishes on the deep sea bed. You can cast the line deep down into the sea bed up to 2500 feet as you lure those big fishes.

Although it is very expensive, you are getting the best conventional bottom reel for fishing as it is worth the money. Prisons You can cast deeper up to 2500 feet with the line capacity of the reel.

It has a low gear ratio which gives it the ability to drag big fishes. The fishing reel is durable and can withstand saltwater as it is made up of special EI coating.

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The technology used in the production of the reel enhanced the performance with its huge body, super stopper anti-reverse, anti-rusting bearing, high-efficiency gearing, and aluminum spool. Prisons Ergonomic reel with its lightweight, easy to handle, and compact size.

Made up of graphite frame and aluminum spool which ensure that it is easy to handle as it is light and also durable. Suitable for fishing in saltwater and has high line capacity to haul huge catches as it sinks to the bottom of the sea bed.

It is very affordable with its low price despite its features that make bottom fishing enjoyable. It is powerful and capable of dragging huge fishes from the sea bed.

The reel is extremely lightweight and comfortable to handle with a maximum drag of 19.8lb. The fishing reel comes with modern technology that enhances its performance with its HT-100 drag washer.

Get the best out of your bottom fishing experience with as little as 60 dollars for this reel with a maximum drag of 15lb and weighs just 23oz. These reels are strong enough to drag the large fishes you can find at the bottom of the sea beds and designed with the latest technology for easy handling.

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You can select from the conventional reels reviewed above and decide on the one that suits you for your bottom fishing. I see many members are interested in grouper jigging recently.

I fish for grouper / snapper on the east coast of Florida and have sporadic luck with BF jigs. Oil, I would like to be able to catch grouper on jigs.

I fish for red & gag grouper west of Tampa Bay, in water ranging from 30-80 deep. When I fished with Tommy Butler out of St Petersburg, FL, groupers were so thick that it took only a minute to get bites on bait, but I couldn't land a single grouper on jig except a few scampi.

I often fish grouper commercially in NC and it is usually tough to get them on jigs. Grouper in Dry Tortugas usually hit jigs very well.

I had about 50 grouper including shorts on jigs on 3 days trip with Capt Yuri. On the recent trip to Dry Tortugas on the Yankee Capt's, grouper didn't hit jigs very well.

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It looks like in that picture you have you tied the leader directly to the jig and have no top assist hook, just a single bottom is that right? Grouper can chase fast moving jigs, but I always have more success by moving jig slowly close to the bottom.

I caught some grouper by squid ding (reeling steadily in slow speed) too. I experimented other jigs with same results in recent years.

The brands and shapes of hammered diamond jigs are not critical as I caught grouper on many diamond jigs. The advantage of long rods is you can cast and cover more ground.

But the choice of rod is depending on what sizes of grouper I am getting on a particular trip. I see so many groupers are lost on party boats because anglers use lighter line for them.

Grouper can chase fast moving jigs, but I always have more success by moving jig slowly close to the bottom. I caught some grouper by squid ding (reeling steadily in slow speed) too.

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I experimented other jigs with same results in recent years. The brands and shapes of hammered diamond jigs are not critical as I caught grouper on many diamond jigs.

The advantage of long rods is you can cast and cover more ground. But the choice of rod is depending on what sizes of grouper I am getting on a particular trip.

Do your ember how many lbs that grouper caught on the FCL Labor was? I am leaving tonight to jig snowy grouper for two days.

When you fish deep, you have to use bigger jigs to hold bottom. The Good Times are catching nice golden tile and snowy grouper.

Disclaimer: As this is an affiliate site, I'll earn a small commission from qualified purchases, at no additional cost to you. With so many options, finding the best rated saltwater spinning reel can get tricky quickly.

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Whether you're on a budget, like to fish inshore or offshore, have a specific brand in mind or something else, we have got you covered. These days, we see several brands offering their top-rated saltwater spinning reels.

Others, however, despite being referred to as ‘new entry’ offer options that are not just of good quality, but affordable at the same time. We went through thousands of actual buyer reviews and spoke to a lot of anglers about there fishing reel recommendations.

Smooth drag system Good line capacity Build sturdy To begin with, the line capacity of this reel is impressive with up to 630 yards of 65 lb braid you can reach your target depth without any worry.

With a stopping power of up to 44 lbs, you can easily tame most medium to large Snapper, Grouper, and Dogfish. It also helps reduce line twist, backlash and wind knots from forming.

The S A-RB shielded ball bearing ensures a tight seal that eliminates sand, saltwater or other debris from entering. The reel is a quality built with smooth drag and good line capacity.

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If you like spending hours surf fishing, you'll need a spinning reel that has high line capacity, strong drag, lightweight but sturdily built. The body and rotor are constructed of carbon fiber composite making it lightweight and rock solid.

This ultralight construction (19.4 oz) ensures a long day on the beach without worrying about fatigue. The reels dual drag system is smooth and is designed to fight the big saltwater species.

Whether you're fishing bluefish, redfish or a shark, the 20 lbs of stopping power are sufficient and adequate. Additionally, the rotor is well-balanced and sturdy which eliminates any chance of spool wobble under heavy load.

The Tungus CI4 uses 6 high-quality ball bearings that make the line retrieve butter smooth. Additionally, the single one-way roller bearing prevents rotor back play and enables instant hook set.

A good pair of lightweight inshore spinning reel and rod combo can combat most species found in the shallow waters. Introducing the Shaman Bait runner D, a classic live bait inshore saltwater spinning reel designed to catch and hold on to those reds, tarpons, and bone fishes.

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The Super Stopper II, Shaman's proprietary anti-reverse mechanism helps eliminate back-play thus making it accurate all the time. The Cold Forged Aluminum Spool makes the reel durable and lightweight.

This rotor makes use of counterweight for better balance thus reducing spool wobble and vibration. Additionally, the Propulsion Line Management System helps increase casting distance eliminating backlashes.

The reel is extremely sturdy thanks to its full metal body, side plate, and rotor construction. Moreover, the high gear ratio ensures greater line draw on every rotation.

The die cast aluminum spool adds a bit of weight but it helps build strength and reduces rotor flex under heavy loads. Additionally, the stainless steel ball bearings ensure smooth reel performance every time and the anti-reverse eliminates back play.

The automatic bail trip is an important feature, especially for beginners which the models 6500-10500 lacks. The drag is designed to fight the big saltwater boys and is not ideal for the small freshwater species.

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“Whether you're jigging, trolling or casting for species like tuna, amber jack, mahi-mahi or sharks, this rig won't disappoint you. Ultralight fishing tackle brings in a lot of advantages for beginner anglers.

A lightweight tackle reduces fatigue, easy to handle, can be carried to long distances and adds to the fun of catching smaller species. A good lightweight fishing reel should weigh as little as possible, should be smooth and sturdy enough to live up to the test of time.

The Obama Helios HSX-20 is an excellent spinning reel that is loved by many saltwater anglers for lightweight fishing applications. The reels carbon fiber build helps cut down on weight (6.2 oz) allowing you to cast all day without any feeling of fatigue.

The line retrieve is made smooth as butter thanks to the stainless steel ball bearings (8+1). Moreover, the single anti-reverse bearing prevents rotor back play and guarantees solid hookups.

The HSX-20 comes with impressive drag pressure (up to 6 lbs) which is enough to fight most small to medium saltwater species. Moreover, the progressive drag setting enables you to fine-tune the stopping power necessary for the target species you're going after.

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Lastly, the line capacity is impressive at 130 yards of 10 lb braid you can reach deep into the water. Additionally, the long casting distance ensures you can reach your desired spot without worry.

Jigging like any other fishing method requires to be specialized reel to increase your chances of a successful catch. If you like spending long days jigging then you need a reel that is lightweight and strong, has adequate line capacity and comes with a tough smooth drag.

The large Dual Force drag washers on the small reel are pretty impressive. The Elliptically shaped oscillation gears ensure proper line lay and reduce rotor wobbles.

Weighing in at 23 ounces, you get a light reel that enables you to cast all day without worrying about fatigue. Many users say the Obama Pedro is one of the best spin casting reels for jigging for tuna, snapper and jack species.

However, for jigging make sure you get the one with the round handle knob for optimal feel and performance. Gone is those days when quality spinning reels would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Today you will find many quality reels that cost around $50 or less but performs like the more expensive options. The Obama Avenger ABF “B” is one such reel that is most popular amongst beginner anglers who are just starting out and have a tight budget.

The ABF “B” has undergone a number of upgrades from its predecessors in terms of form and function. The reel is a compact and streamlined design making it lightweight without compromising strength.

The Avenger has employed machined aluminum spool which makes it sturdy and balanced and helps lay the line evenly. With a line capacity of 190 yards of 4 lbs monofilament, you can expect to reach some deep spots.

The new Ergo Grip power handle allows for a strong and comfortable hold while reeling in the catch. Overall the Obama Avenger ABF-205b is a top of the line saltwater spinning reel that brings great value for money and is priced under 50 dollars.

Introducing the Penn Battle 2, a budget saltwater spinning reel that proves that quality can't be determined with the price. The reel is full metal construction with an aluminum bail wire making it durable and strong.

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Additionally, the impressive line capacity ensures you get to the deepest points to get your catch. This budget saltwater reel offers smooth cranking thanks to its 5 stainless steel ball-bearing.

It also features an instant anti-reverse bearing that helps prevent rotor back play. With 8 available models to choose from (5000 and above priced over 100 dollars), you can confidently select the perfect reel for the species you intend to target.

These days the best saltwater spinning reel under $200 comes with all the bells and whistles to catch and hold your target game fish. Built for the saltwater anglers looking for a budget-friendly reel that performs well and lasts a long time.

The BG 8000 is well known for its ability to fight big offshore species (like sharks and tuna). This is made possible thanks to its machined aluminum body and side cover which ensures strength and stability.

The reels Black Anodized body and side cover make it corrosion and scratch-resistant. The Air Rotor design helps reduce unnecessary weight (by 15%) making it lightweight.

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It is designed to help distribute the stress evenly when fighting a had pulling fish. Furthermore, this large aluminum spool reduces line memory and comes equipped with a rubber ring making it braid ready.

With a stopping power of 33 lbs, you can easily wear out those big game fishes. Additionally, the reel features the Infinite Dual Anti-reverse System that ensures instant hook set and ZERO back play.

The reel is not fully waterproof and may function poorly if dunked in saltwater for a long time. It is a bit on the heavy side but the quality and performance you get at this price range are unmatched.

Best gift for anglers Excellent performance and affordable price Telescopic rod makes it ideal for travel Enter: Luciano Telescopic Spinning Rod & Reel Combo Kit.

A saltwater telescopic combo that is easy to carry as the rod collapses to a shorter length, lightweight, and affordable. With a gear ratio of 5.2:1, you can expect a lot of cranking power necessary to fight the saltwater species.

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The reels anti-reverse feature works like a charm and is especially useful for anglers who like an instant solid hook on the fish. The drag system can easily play fish over 10 lbs and the computer balanced rotor ensures smooth retrieves and prevents jerks.

The build is a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass which provides the strength to fight moderately large fish (up to 20 lbs). At an astonishing 17-18 inches in closed length, it can easily fit in your travel bag or luggage.

Additionally, the reel is not completely sealed, therefore it may seize if submerged in saltwater for a prolonged period. After summarizing all the features of each of the models mentioned above, no doubt, the Penn Slammer 3 Spinning Reel is the best option that you can take into consideration.

Its high-quality materials and components, availability of sizes, and positive feedback from other anglers make it the best saltwater spinning reel in 2020. With such high quality-spinning reel at your side for your next fishing trip, you can be assured of an all improved experience.

Great multipurpose reels, we run ours for trolling yellow fin and Yahoo and also even use them for deep water grouper. I was looking for a lightweight jigging reel and decided to take a leap of faith but after reading reviews and seeing it, I'm impressed so far.

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