Grouper In The Keys

Paul Gonzalez
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
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A Key West college student learned a hard lesson about Florida wildlife law this week, police said. Joshua David Anyzeski, 18, was jailed Monday after state fish and wildlife officers said he removed a Goliath grouper from the water, so he could pose for a photo with it.

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He was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of possession of a Goliath grouper, booked into the Stock Island Detention Center and released the same day after posting a $7,500 bond. A Key West college student got arrested after sharing this photo with friends in a group text.

“The lagoon is a classroom space where we teach diving and marine science classes,” said Amber Ernst-Leonard, the college’s spokeswoman. Anyzeski got in trouble after sending the photo of him holding the Goliath grouper to friends in a group text to brag about snagging the fish, according to the report.

On Aug. 28, FCC investigators went to Anyzeski’s dorm room at the College of the Florida Keys to speak with him about the photo. Asked if Anyzeski is in trouble with the school for the catch, Ernst-Leonard said the college does not comment on student disciplinary cases.

Can a vegetarian person get a good meal at this restaurant? YesNoUnsure Innovative and eclectic island dining in a polished atmosphere.

Reviewed 4 days ago The decor is rustic, the customers are middle-aged, maybe 20% tourist. They do a good job with COVID-19 clean, social distancing, masks.

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Reviewed 1 week ago via mobile We love the original Square Grouper it has always been our favorite. No problem with lunches but both times we have gone for dinner, our food has been way over salted.

Reviewed 1 week ago via mobile In an area saturated with restaurants the Square Grouper is a step above. We learned of this gem from Capt Russ on our eco tour in Key Largo.

It is on the water with a good selection of indoor and outdoor seating options. There are heaters which were welcomed during the unseasonable cold weather we experienced.

While most restaurants are understaffed, this place goes the extra mile. The staff work well together and make the dining experience very relaxing.

At lunch, we ate the Buffalo shrimp appetizer and grouper sandwich. From their location on Cuddle key they have a faithful following of patrons.

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At dinner, we again, ordered the Buffalo shrimp with homemade blue cheese...yum! My son ordered the filet Mignon sliders which were tasty as well.

Reviewed 2 weeks ago via mobile We didn’t realize until later in the day, that this restaurant was one in a chain, but it certainly appeared to be its own unique place. Lots of hand-painted and hand-made art created a nautical country club setting.

I had grilled grouper and my husband...had the snapper sandwich. We split a dessert called Twix Bread Pudding à la mode (salted caramel).

We watched boats coming in and out of the marina while we ate, and we left with very full bellies. Reviewed 3 weeks ago Once again we returned to Islamabad to enjoy an evening of fine dining.

As usual for dinner we arrived about 4:40PM to ensure we were first to check in when the doors open at 5. After thoroughly describing the specials I asked what Gin's they had at the bar.

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Kelli suggested that I try Barr Hill's Gin, made with honey. K had the Pumpkin Cheesecake and I enjoyed some salted caramel crunch ice cream.

Gag grouper will close to recreational harvest in Gulf state and federal waters Jan. 1, 2021. For gag grouper, state waters off Franklin, Weibull, Taylor and Jefferson counties will reopen to harvest April 1 through June 30 and Sept. 1 through Dec. 31.

In the Atlantic and state waters of Monroe County, the grouper closure ends April 30, and harvest will reopen May 1. Taken as a group, the grouper is one of the most popular game and table fish in all of Key West.

Here is your guide to everything you need to know about the most common varieties of grouper to be found in the water around Key West. You and your party will have a wonderful time with Captain Pepe’s Key West Charter Fishing.

First, its mild, delectable flavor makes the black grouper an excellent table fish. You can find the occasional black grouper further north along the Atlantic Coast, but they’re much more abundant in the Bahamas, here in the Florida Keys, and in the Caribbean.

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Their coloring is quite variable, ranging from an olive green to a splotchy gray with dazzling patterns that emanate from the eyeball and radiate toward the tail in very complex lines. Unfortunately, because they’re considered an endangered species, the Jewish is catch and release only at the current time.

They tend to stay at depths of less than 200 feet and like to swim near rocky formations and shipwrecks. But if you want to give the Jewish a shot, bring along your heaviest tackle and some 100-pound test line just to be sure.

For bait, you should only use live fish under 15 pounds, as artificial lures and jigs pretty much never work. Important for both commercial and leisure fishing, the red grouper is as tasty as its black counterpart and is the centerpiece for a practically endless list of delicious recipes.

Just like its name says, the red grouper has a brown to reddish tint and is frequently marked by occasional white spots. A good way to distinguish a red grouper is by the large size of its eyes.

Typically, the red grouper is a bottom-dweller, with adults usually preferring rocky structures or reef waters. Despite its relatively small size, the red grouper can be a fairly aggressive fish.

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This popularity is mostly due to the fact that the gag is considered to have the best flavor in the grouper family, but the strict regulations on catching them contribute to it as well. It usually presents a mottled, gray color, but you’ll sometimes find a gag with markings that look like a black grouper ’s radiating patterns.

Like other grouper, the gag can often be found near rocks, ledges, coral reefs, and shipwrecks. They’re not the easiest grouper to catch, but with heavy tackle and a good guide, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

We had a tremendous time with Capt Pepe and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to fish while in Key West. He is extremely personable, his boat and equipment are top-notch, and he kept the fishing action hot all day.

My girlfriend and I fished a 1/2 day and it was the BEST part of our recent trip to KW. She hooked into a nice sized bar jack and had a blast fighting it to the boat.

During any break in the action, we had a great time talking with Pepe about his various experiences being a capt in KW. My wife and I had been fishing only a couple of times before going down to Key West for our 25th anniversary.

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The boat was in immaculate condition and Captain Pepe kept us entertained with fishing stories all afternoon. Captain Pepe went above and beyond the Call of Duty with his hospitality and easy going nature.

Gag grouper will close to recreational harvest in Gulf state and federal waters Jan. 1, 2021. For gag grouper, state waters off Franklin, Weibull, Taylor and Jefferson counties will reopen to harvest April 1 through June 30 and Sept. 1 through Dec. 31.

In the Atlantic and state waters of Monroe County, the grouper closure ends April 30, and harvest will reopen May 1. The snowy grouper is a species of marine fish in the family Serranidae.

It is found in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. Its high yield and delicate flavor make it suitable for many cooking applications and recipes.

It’s ideal for grilling, searing, broiling, poaching, frying, or steaming. Grouper is packed with essential vitamins, dietary minerals, and protein.

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This type of grouper also provides omega-3 fatty acids, which promote the health of your heart, brain, and immune system. The minerals in grouper include calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, sodium, and selenium.

All you have to do is order it from our online store today, and you can be ready to cook delicious grouper fillets tomorrow. Add other seafood products we offer like shrimp, lobster, sauces, dips, and salsa.

The Goliath grouper is an enormous species, growing up to eight feet long and weighing as much as 800 pounds. This species is common almost everywhere in the Atlantic Ocean, save for the extreme north and south where the water is too cold.

They inhabit not only reefs and wrecks, but also oyster beds, brackish estuaries, canals and even mangrove swamps, which is very unusual for grouper. Scientists suspect the species are protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning that they all start as females and some change to males as they mature, although that is still a theory yet.

These fish are also naturally curious and have no fear of humans, making them easy prey for spear fishermen. Prey items of the Goliath grouper include crustaceans, octopus, barracuda, young sea turtles, a variety of smaller fish and even sharks.

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