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As far as sport fishing challenges go, we have to include Grouper in the top 10. Port Canaveral fishing yields many species of Grouper including: Gag/Gray, Scamp, Snowy, Red, Warsaw, and Speckled Hind.

Grouper are a delicious and very popular eating fish, and also slow growers. As a result, some Grouper species are protected and fishing is only allowed during certain times of year.

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Since they are so big and strong, we use 6-7 foot heavy-duty rods and 30-50 pound lines as tackle. You’ll have to fight hard, dragging and pulling the fish away from the depths to avoid a broken line.

Traditional notions of beauty lie in the ruptures of records like Dragging a Dead Deer up a Hill, The Man Who Died In His Boat and, most recently, Ruins. Grid Of Points follows the lineage of Ruins ; it’s built on skeletal foundations, with Harris’s vocals and piano and occasional incidental noise like fuzz and feedback.

You follow her airy vocals through deserted landscapes with no guide aside from the track titles and occasional discernible lyrics. Now, however, the Km thinks it might have found a holy grail to sway public opinion in the opposition strongholds, albeit an unlikely one.

They are raised in ponds, one of Taiwan's farm items to be given zero tariff treatment in the China-Taiwan economic cooperation framework agreement (CFA). Since China's market is worth up to US$3.1 billion annually, Taiwan's southern Pinging and Kaohsiung counties, with the approval of the government in Taipei have been experiencing a boom that resembles a gold rush: farmers, fishermen and factory workers alike are scrambling to cash in by setting up fish farms.

In particular, since the 1990s Taiwan has been facing massive land subsidence in coastal areas, and in many rural regions the figures are dramatic. But matters are not that simple, and Ma's attempt to win hearts and minds in the south is likely to bring along plenty of environmental issues.

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Apart from threatening infrastructure and putting rail traffic safety in jeopardy, sunken areas are more likely to be devastated by flooding brought by typhoons that frequently hit the island, critics say. But the Km's ambitious plan to turn Taiwan into the world's largest grouper producer could tip the balance, environmentalists say, especially since saltwater aquaculture comes along with yet another nasty feature, which is soil salinization.

“It is absolutely necessary to set up buffer zones between saltwater fish farms and agriculture land, but the Fisheries Agency fails to do so,” says Sun, who made it his mission to take on wrong government policies which in his eyes could turn fertile farmland into deserts. The recent typhoon Fanatic, for instance, severely damaged 344 hectares of fish breeding ponds in Kaohsiung and Pinging County.

The key factor for economically successful aquaculture is the control of water quality, especially in high stocking density. Fish excretion is high in ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, and any uneaten feed quickly leads to the fouling of water.

In accordance with the Km's cross-strait policy, which led to the thawing of once- hostile China-Taiwan relations, live grouper can now be transported to 11 harbors in China's Fujian Province, right across the Taiwan Strait. Yet, it's exactly members of this target group who have always been vowing never to make business with China that are now keen cashing in on the grouper craze.

But just as Taiwan's aquaculture experts raise environmental questions over grouper farming, the island's political observers see little benefit. Wang Ehrlich, chairman of the Department of Political Science of National Taiwan University, told Asia Sentinel: “Although the grouper boom is to help the Km, it won't be anything more than marginal.

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