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• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
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Does this restaurant specialize in New Zealand style food? YesNoUnsure Located in the heart of Kailua, just minutes away from beach, Groper Garage boasts fresh yet affordable meals and pizza.

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A great selection of NZ beer and wine, coffee available every day with friendly staff ready to greet you on your arrival. Whether looking for an intimate booth for you and your friends, to shoot some pool, warm up in winter by our open fire, or enjoy the spacious sunny outdoor area, we have you covered.

Reviewed 3 weeks ago We arrived at 9.01 after a long trip up from Southland and asked if we could eat. No only bat snacks then a guy walks in and starts ordering steaks pizza and fish off the menu.

Good we thought we can order fish and chips...but now the other guy was special according to the bar man Know wonder Dakota is struggling the barman was abrupt and could not care less More Reviewed 3 weeks ago Place looked inviting so in we went.

Food arrived in timely fashion and was just as we ordered, and we were both satisfied. Reviewed 4 weeks ago The GROPER GARAGE caught the eye of Mr and Mrs Wabbit recently, as we strolled the main street of Kailua.

Our meals arrived: Mr Wabbit’s Blue Cod & Chips ($29.50) was...ok. Not great (as blue cod SHOULD be) but ok. Mrs Wabbit’s “medium-rare” 350gm T-Bone Steak smothered in mushroom sauce ($34) was well into the ‘medium’ and nowhere NEAR ‘rare’. Sadly, within a few mouthfuls, several nearby tables became populated by smokers, necessitating a rapid dinner-devouring and departure.

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When WILL pubs/cafés/restaurants understand that non-smokers deserve an outside area to dine in, without having to suck in the filth of the smoking-suicidal? Reviewed 22 November 2021 via mobile If you're wanting a good kiwi lunch this is a great spot.

The squid and salad is excellent however didn’t enjoy the chowder. Reviewed 26 September 2021 via mobile It wasn’t all bad (in fact some food was pretty good), but they need to get their act together.

Only once seated did we find that it’s crossed off the menus inside but not on the menu at the entrance. Given the huge margins they make on tap soda. The least they can do is fill the glass properly.

Reviewed 10 September 2021 Brilliant T-Bone steak with potato mash and mushrooms sauce. This restaurant has everything .atmosphere,friendly staff and locals, and good value for money.

Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more. Claim this business More InfoGalleryReviews General Info Founded in 1983, Ocean Group Inc. is into seafood wholesale business.

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He began diving in the ocean off La Jolla in the 1930s before scuba tanks, face masks and swim fins and at a time when lobsters, abalone and sea bass were bountiful along Southern California shores. “Wally was a world-renowned free diver and spear fisherman at a time when it was politically correct to shoot big fish,” Manager said.

In 1945, Potts became the first diver to land a fish weighing more than 100 pounds, a 110-pound gulf grouper taken in the waters off La Jolla. In 1954, he speared a giant black sea bass off the Coronado Islands in Mexico that weighed 4011/2 pounds, a world record that held for the next six years.

A photograph of the barrel-chested Potts landing the giant sea bass appeared in the fifth issue of Sports Illustrated in 1954, the first underwater picture the magazine ran. “He’s one of the legends,” said diving historian Jim Cahill, a friend who wrote a profile of Potts for Hawaii Skin Diver magazine two years ago.

An early member of the San Diego Bottom Scratchers--one of the world’s first organized dive clubs--Potts worked with his close friend and fellow Bottom Scratcher Jack Jovanovich to produce innovative spearfishing and diving gear. After a crude spear gun was introduced in the early ‘40s from Europe, the two men found it under powered and inadequate for larger fish, Cahill said.

Potts and Jovanovich also produced the first underwater camera housing, fashioned of cast aluminum from a handmade mold. Cameraman Lamar Born, a Bottom Scratcher who shot underwater scenes for the TV series “Sea Hunt” and “Flipper,” as well as several James Bond movies, modeled his first housing on those designed by Potts and Jovanovich, said Cahill.

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Potts was also a wood craftsman, creating spear guns that were a unique blend of machined stainless steel hardware and heirloom quality hardwood stocks. The custom spear guns, which Potts made only for friends and local divers out of his Point Loma garage workshop, are now considered collectors’ items.

Forced to quit school at 16 during the Depression, he worked a variety of jobs--cannery worker, field hand and lumberjack--throughout California and Oregon. In 1939, Potts was invited to become the sixth member of the elite San Diego Bottom Scratchers dive club, which had been formed six years earlier.

Cahill said Potts “pushed the limits in terms of depths.” One memorable time off La Jolla, he dove so deep and so long while fighting a fish that he passed out and Jovanovich had to revive him. But over the years, a constant stream of surfers, lifeguards, fishermen and divers continued to make pilgrimages to Potts’ garage to discuss equipment and diving.

“The image I always got was of the young Hawaiian warriors sort of sitting around the canoe house and talking about the old days,” said Cahill. Potts is survived by his wife of 62 years, Vi; daughter Lynda Manganese of La Jolla; son Michael of San Diego; two grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Donations may be made to the Wally Potts Memorial Fund, which will benefit a sport diving exhibit in the Hall of Champions in San Diego’s Balboa Park and fund research for the history of skin diving in San Diego and marine conservation efforts. Quality: 4 out of 5Trip-O-Meter: 4.5 out of 5Most of my thoughts concerning Grouper in the review directly preceding this one pretty much relate to this album as well.

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There is a little more of Ms. Liz Harris beating guitar strings (I think) through infinity, but this is still pretty unlikely to show up on your local top 40 station anytime soon. This is awesome music, but it could lead to quite a rut and I'd hate to think that Grouper is a one-trick pony.

(LONG ISLAND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS)LasgoLeaving RecordsLegacyLight In The Attica VistaLuaka Domain Drag MusicMatadorMathematicsMelville House Books Memphis IndustriesMercuryMerge RecordsMetal BladeMetropolis Records Mexican SummerMississippiModern Harmonic+PopMotownMr BongoMRIMusic On VinylMuteNew West RecordsNinja TuneNonesuchNorthern Spy Recording Not Cannot Nowt Now Music On Below Again RecordsNUCLEAR BLASTNumeroNumero Group OMG MusicOmnivore Recordings Hollywood Little Indian Orange Milford MusicPANParlophonePartisan RecordsPeacevillePenguinPharaway SoundsPIASPlanet MuPMGPolydorPolyvinylProfound LoreR&SRandom Houseroom & Haircare Gone MusicRELAPSERepriseRepublicRhinoRhino / WarnerRough Traders UKRTNYRun For Cover Records Rush Housing Into. Sacred Bones RecordsSaddle CreekSanctuarySargent Houseperson of MistSecretly Canadianski2016Smalltown SupersoundSonySoul JazzSoul Jazz RecordsSound SignatureSoundwaySouthern LordSpinefarmSSTStones ThrowStrutSub Pops Pop Records RosaSundazedSuperior ViaductTaschenTemporary ResidenceTemporary Residence Ltd. ThinkIndieThird Mantid Man RecordsThirty TigersThrill JockeyThrill Jockey RecordsTommy2016Tompkins squareTouch and GoTresorTrouble in MindTZADIKUMCUMDUMeUMGUniversalVagrantVampisoulVarese SarabandeVerveVirginVP RecordsWarnerWarner Bros Warner Bros. Warner BrothersWarpWarp Records Loveday Time Western VinylWorld Music NetworkXLXL Recordings Rocket ROC Records. As a charter captain aboard my JAGUAR 35 CATAMARAN center console boat, the Golden Streaker, I have lots of room along the rails to line up anglers when drift fishing for Grouper.

This drift technique is described in my article printed in the January/February 2004, edition of Big Game Fishing Journal. This is found by using my Avionics chip installed into the Lawrence GPS which has hot fishing spots on the charts. Upon arrival, I set up my anglers with Shakespeare Ugly Stick stand up rods, and they immediately start catching grouper and snapper.

Most of the anglers on the Golden Streaker will catch and release 15 to 35 grouper during a day charter. Once everybody is set up and catching fish, I pull out my Cortland heavy-duty fly rod and reel.

Cortland fits the bill because they offer solid rods and reels in a modest price range of less than $200. As soon as I start catching grouper and snapper on the fly rod, I pass it on to one of the other anglers.

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Trying to get the rod back from a female angler is like trying to take away a fine piece of jewelry. Most will not go back to the regular spinning reels after catching a few fish, and some have even added a fly rod outfit to their Christmas list.

I will share both methods later, but first, how did I discover the grouper and snapper fly rod technique. We started out at the State Line Diner near the New York and Vermont border, enjoying a solid breakfast with all the local anglers and guides.

Upon reaching the river, I proudly pulled out five fly rods that I had recently purchased at a garage sale, only to be told by the guide that these were just junk. I proceeded to cast the surrounding line, into the trees, and I even hooked my guides hat, while almost falling into the river.

After fifteen minutes of casting, the guide announced that it was time to quit, and when I asked why, he explained that the fish were just not rising anymore. I spent the next hour listening as the guide instructed me on the different types, sizes and colors of flies, and their various uses.

Later when I caught up with Gilbert and told him about the guide’s instructions and the results, Gil laughed so hard he nearly “wet his waders”! I had invited my good friend Frank Census to go fishing one day near a communications tower fifty miles out of Key West, in the gulf.

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Winds were forecast at 10 mph out of the south, a perfect condition to run out into the gulf, and we set out for a good day of fishing. [As a side note, I have just discovered a new lure for top water casting that is really great.

These are caused by the tide running against a strong south wind, and after hitting a few of these waves I decided to turn around and head for one of my great spots on the Atlantic side. No use beating our brains out against those seas, and Frank appreciated my decision as we ran to fish some of my favorite reef patches in the Hawks Channel.

We anchored on one of my favorite humps and started catching grouper, snapper, grunts, and trigger fish. Just to give him a hard time, I got out my Cortland fly rod and reel, tied on a bright yellow 3/8 once jig.

Frank reiterated his comment about beginners luck and opined that the special jig I used that was the reason for my success. He didn’t get one hook up in the next hour, while I caught ten gray snappers in the 3 to 5 lb.

After all, gray snappers are line shy and have keen eyes, making them normally difficult to catch. This trip was out into the Gulf, and after I had all my anglers set up and fishing, I reached for my Cortland fly rod and reel outfit.

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Because we were drifting at a faster pace than the previous trip, I selected a much heavier jig. I passed the rod to another angler and coached him on my technique, and shortly, he hooked up a nice snapper.

They didn’t have time to be line shy, they had to grab this jig or miss the meal. From experience, it takes a different technique for grouper because they head for the rocks as soon as they grab the bait.

First, tie a 3 mono leader with a swivel to the fly line and a jig or plastic DOA lure (Bait Buster) these have been great. If I need to get deeper in the water column, I add a small egg sinker above the swivel on the fly line.

By changing the weight of the jigs, you can adjust the depth of the lure to find snapper. The quick jerky motion of the plastic lures make them seem life like, and jigs look like shrimp that are diving into the bottom.

Tipping jigs with a piece of cut bait or strip of squid that is ½” wide and 3 long, often excites the fish to strike. Then lift and reel like mad so the fish can’t dart back into the rocks with your lure.

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My fly rod method is a real killer, and the only time it does not work is when there are no fish around, or the tide is at ebb. It is similar to people sitting down to dinner, if they have an empty plate in front of them, they don’t eat.

This method does work, although it takes some flexibility in presentation to start the fish into a feeding frenzy! He moved right next to me with his spinning rod and began catching more fish than any other angler on the boat.

He figured that my jigging action had excited the fish into a frenzy and being close, he was benefiting indirectly from my technique. At first, he did not get a bite, but I coached him to use the 3 to 5 sweeps of the rod, and shortly thereafter, he started hooking up grouper.

It is too easy” As with most anglers who try my method, he wouldn’t give up the fly rod for the rest of the day. It is more fun, it is less strain on the back, and it beats sitting on the gunnel watching the tip of your spinning rod for a bite.

This article should get you started catching big grouper and snapper with a fly rod, or during the winter months, you can come to Key West and fish with me. Let me show you my technique and how it works, and if I can’t out fish you with the fly rod, I’ll give it to you.

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I am also available for charter during the summer in Detroit for some of the hottest small mouth bass fishing in the world.

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