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Danielle Fletcher
• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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Over 27 years ago, owner Pam Pitcher opened the doors of Grouper and Chips. Aside from our popular grouper baskets, we also offer local favorites such as our fresh mahi tacos and our unique French flair includes dishes such as Bouillabaisse and Chicken Milanese.

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With a combined experience of over 50 years in the service industry, Pam and her two daughters are delighted to bring you the freshest fish this side of the Gulf! Eat Grouper, Live Longer! Map updates are paused.

New-age clam shacks and hate oyster bars are tucking into neighborhood spaces and building out into massive new digs at an unbelievable pace. Even the lobster roll, that sometimes rubbery, thick with mayonnaise or hot with butter lunch snack, is popping up in unexpected places all of a sudden.

For our purposes, we wanted to look at places around Los Angeles that approximate the United Kingdom's version of fish & chips. It also helps that their relatively new chef Damon Gordon is a native Brit with a love of all things fresh from the water.

The downtown Water Grill location emerged from a serious revamp with a more open, inviting feel and plenty of eye candy access to the well-lit kitchen in the back. Instead of medium-sized, craggy logs of indiscernible fish, the fried cod at Water Grill is smooth, thick and buttery.

With all that mass, you'll want to flake on some sea salt or add a squirt of lemon to help cut through the natural oils. The potatoes are served separately and have been triple-fried, which means they are shattering crispy but lack the full, creamy richness you might be looking for in a spud.

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Also, by leaving a little room for the baby Jesus between these two dance partners, the fries never get the opportunity to soak up some of that juice and oil. Beer drinkers have already heard of Lucky Baldwin's, the Old Town Pasadena haunt that's home to 63 taps and a bottle line up that is constantly astounding.

Thanks to British expat David Farnsworth, who opened the pub in 1996, the well-fried fish & chips have been a staple for Pasadena drinkers for almost 20 years. As for the steak fries, they offer a surprisingly crisp exterior, with lots of starchy goodness inside to soak up the bottles of HP malt vinegar.

You'll find some sogginess down at the bottom of the plate, but with a fork and a rodeo of peas to corral all the last little bits, it's a still a satisfying finish. Inside, Union Jack flags are like hidden Mickeys at Disneyland; once you spot the first one, you start to notice that they're everywhere.

As are images of the namesake double-decker red buses that toot through London, and the occasional piece of British kitsch. The thin, long strips are lightly battered, which means you'll have to hit the curled edges to find some serious crunch.

Still, the flesh is plenty tasty, with bright and almost slightly sweet taste that works well with the vinegar-laced tartar sauce or housemate curry ketchup. The fries are standard fare, perfectly squared at the edges for easy bundling and dipping, but need a dose of salt to really pop to life.

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Most authentic of all, Hot Red Bus imports their tangy Carson's Vinegar, which has long been a staple across the pond. Salty surfers, Malibu heavy hitters and tourists all queue up together for a chance at the fish & chips here, and with good reason.

Their Icelandic cod iteration has pulled in plenty of local awards, including back-to-back CityVoter nods for best fish & chips. Granted, sleepy San Pedro isn't exactly overrun with old world British pubs serving fried fare, but the positive affirmations from locals is not without merit.

A $12 plate of fish & chips from the bar seems simple enough: darkly browned cod, wide, thin cries, a lemon wedge and a dump of tartar sauce. The lines at Santa Monica Seafood can be enough to deter even the most stubborn hopeful diner, but if anything it's a testament to the market café's success.

If you don't mind rubbing elbows with a neighboring eater or drooling over dozens of hand-shucked oysters being prepared right next to you, consider grabbing a chair at the bar. You won't find fresher Alaskan cod than inside the fish & chips at Santa Monica Seafood, given their longstanding reputation as top quality fishmongers.

Plenty of people bemoaned the loss of Bit O'Scotland on Westwood Boulevard when it closed, ostensibly taking with it some of the best fish & chips in the whole city. Thankfully, the Jacoby family also operates two locations of their beloved John O'Groats, a breakfast-heavy destination for West L.A. Engine diners.

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The perfectly flaky fish & chips migrated onto the menus there, although much of the old Bit O'Scotland crowd may have no idea that the very dish they lust after still exists around the corner. For the Fox execs and anyone else who manages to get a lunchtime table at the West L.A. location, spotting a plate of fried Icelandic haddock is as easy as finding someone bellied up to one of the famous O'Groats bacon cheddar biscuits.

Fresh fish is to be expected along the South Bay coast, where clam shacks and fishermen dive bars practically fall into the sea due to overcrowding. Yes, there's lots of wood paneling and hanging fish nets for effect, but there's also a well-stocked shelf of top tier liquor, freshly baked sourdough loaves with every meal and a Bloody Mary that will knock the previous night's stink right off of you.

Instead of the overly greasy, chewy gut bombs you'll find at a lot of beachside eateries, the key to Fish bar's success lays in its restraint. Each bite is a mix of supremely fresh white fish, with enough satisfying crunch and finger-shining oils to activate every taste sensor in your brain.

It's a Friday only special at this Fairfax burger bar, which means you'll want to scoot over there right after work, or risk the kitchen running out. After all, you'll want to remember those malty, ready notes from your glass once your fish arrives; there's a good chance it's been battered in the same stuff you're drinking.

There is a prodigious crust on every piece of Icelandic cod that comes from the kitchen, light and crackly but with a depth from the beer that's hard to match. There's just something more fully realized about the beer batter at Golden State, from the malty undertones to the ample herbs that coat the fish.

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The airy, sometimes frantic space on Santa Monica Boulevard has been slammed since they officially opened for service, pushing out plates of chilled oysters, bowls of hot chowder and the all-important lobster roll for hundreds of diners a night. Michael Cimarusti (he of Providence fame) is no stranger to fish, having spent his formative years along the coastline of the Northeast.

Providence shows off his high-end skill with all things from the deep, but it's Connie & Ted's that nails the simple stuff. The fish & chips at Connie & Ted's is superb, a reengineering of every great Rhode Island summer that Cimarusti ever had, but with all of his Providence knowledge.

It's a standalone piece of flesh, strong enough in flavor, batter and bite to be held in the hand and snacked away at. The fries, salty and ever-so firm on the outside, give way in one bite to a pillow, light interior of potato so creamy it's practically been mashed.

Reviewed 2 weeks ago I really don't understand the good ratings for this restaurant. I'll start off with the fact I am not a face mask fanatic but really, in a small inside seating area with tables very close together the staff and...owner are running around without masks yelling over to various tables with no concern to the health situations we all face.

Reviewed 2 weeks ago I love grouper so made sure to have it every day I was in Florida. I had seen this restaurant featured on a TV show and also heard about it from some locals.

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As we walked in I noticed right away none of the employees, including the cooks, were wearing masks. It was enough to make me just turn around and leave but I really had my heart set on eating here.

The grouper was fried perfectly, nice and crispy with no oily or greasy texture. Fried the same way and served on a fresh bun with lettuce and tomato.

They had a dessert special of peanut butter pie which we tried and it was very good. Served in an Oreo cookie crust it was creamy and delicious.

The service was fine but nothing overly friendly or welcoming. They also sat a large party of 6 right next to us, literally a foot away.

They have posted a sign on the door, that essentially says that your personal freedom is your choice to wear a mask or...not and God bless America with an image of the American flag. More Reviewed 3 weeks ago This place is like a little secret on 41.

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Reviewed November 13, 2021 via mobile COVID-19 ALERT! We and all our friends have been to dozens of Naples Restaurants who require masks.

So sad the...arrogance of the owners thinking they know better for the health of their employees AND Customers is well worth considering before you dine here and increase your risk of catching COVID-19! More Reviewed November 12, 2021 via mobile Amazing small restaurant.

The kids loved the fried grouper & fresh battered chicken strips. Reviewed September 26, 2021 via mobile I was working today cleaning offices and had no time for lunch.

I knew i didn't want took cook as I would finish working around 6pm. I immediately thought Grover and Chips, family likes it, easy pick...up, always good.

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