Grouper Fillet

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03/03/2006 Made with 1.25 lbs fish, based on reviews: doubled seasoning using Old Bay instead of paprika, halved butter (LOVE butter and still only used half). Bake 350 for 10, then broil for 2.5 each side.

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Be sure to turn when broiling as the browning gives a nice texture and crunch. The only changes I made were to substitute garlic powder for the garlic salt and I added a bit of dill and a bit of salt-free lemon pepper to the spice mix.

I added some fresh squeezed lime juice (from a quarter of a leftover lime) in with the lemon juice/butter. I loved the mayo/paprika topping too and added some fresh chopped parsley over the fish.

06/25/2012 I have been trying to build my repertoire of fish recipes, so after reading the first 10 reviews on this one, I decided to try it. Like most reviewers, I halved the butter (I only had 3 grouper files).

My husband brought this home from a deep sea fishing trip, and we used this recipe. Melts in your mouth and I had no idea it was fish.

True seafood aficionados know that there's one type of fish that stands head and shoulders above the rest, it's grouper. One bite and you'll agree, transforming from a seafood agnostic to a true believer that's ready to do whatever it takes to enjoy that sublime flavor once again.

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As an added bonus, you can even buy grouper online through us in minutes and have your fillets shipped directly to your door overnight for the ultimate in convenience. The subtlety of its flavor makes it a perfect combination for marinades, dressings, or even just a little drizzle of olive oil, black pepper, or lemon juice.

Salt and pepper and a dash of lemon juice, often mixed in a small bowl and then drizzled over your fish, is often more than enough to get your grouper fillets tasting absolutely phenomenal. Here at Eaton Street Seafood, we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality fish for sale to the discerning seafood lover.

All we need is your name, email address, and any other contact information you give us, and we'll ensure that you'll receive a response in minutes, not hours. Grouper is a firm textured, white meat fish with large flakes.

Groupers can lock themselves into self-created caves between sand and rock using their powerful gill muscles? In the South, blackened grouper is a favorite preparation, but this versatile fish can be fried, grilled, skewered or used in chowders and soups.

Sea salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste Combine the fennel, jicama, citrus segments, olive oil, vinegar and parsley in a large bowl.

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Parchment paper4 skinless Grouper filletsAsparagus either whole or chopped depending on of thickness combination of fresh rosemary, sage and chives1 large sweet onion, thinly sliced juice of ½ lemon and lemon slices freshly ground black pepper and garlic salt4 teaspoons butter or olive oil Repeat with the other three pieces of parchment and ingredients. Season each with garlic salt and pepper and a pat of butter or olive oil on top.

4 (5-to-6 ounce) grouper fillets, trimmed of any small bones Instructions: Pat fish very dry using absorbent paper towels.

Combine butter and olive oil in a heavy-bottomed 14-inch skillet over medium-high heat. When fats are melted and hot, stir to blend well.

Lay fillets in hot skillet, skin side down and cook until golden brown, about 3 minutes. Add garlic and cook, stirring, until fragrant, about 1 minute.

Add capers and lemon juice and bring to simmer. Reduce heat to very low and add remaining 4 tablespoons of cubed butter all at once.

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Remove pan from heat and whisk in lemon zest, parsley and dill flowers. Per serving (without Caper and Lemon Butter Sauce): 210 calories (35.1 percent calories from fat), 8 g fat, 60 mg cholesterol, 370 mg sodium, 5 g carbohydrates, 0 g dietary fiber, 28 g protein.

Per serving of Caper and Lemon Butter Sauce (based on 4): 210 calories (93.1 percent calories from fat), 23 g fat, 60 mg cholesterol, 320 mg sodium, 3 g carbohydrates, 0 g dietary fiber, 1 g protein. Combine melted butter and lemon juice in a small bowl.

Broil fillets until meat flakes, about 10 minutes. Brush fillets again with lemon butter and sprinkle with paprika before serving.

Grouper has been the target of species substitution and mislabeling by some wholesalers, restaurants, and retailers in recent years. However, because of its economic value, popularity among consumers, and limited supply, grouper has been the target of species substitution and mislabeling by some wholesalers, restaurants, and retailers in recent years.

While the perpetrators who sell the product might generate economic gains in the short-run, the fraudulent act can have long-term negative consequences for the industry as well as consumers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is the federal agency responsible for regulating seafood labeling.

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More than 50 species of fish in the sea bass family worldwide are legally allowed to be called grouper in the U.S. marketplace. When you order grouper fried, it makes it harder to distinguish it from other species so take this into consideration.

Because the supply of domestic grouper is limited, the price is generally around $11 to $13 per pound wholesale and the retail value will be even higher. Prices that are considerably lower likely mean that the fish is not grouper but instead is a substitute species of lesser value, such as base or Asian swap.

When dining out, the price you pay for grouper will depend on the type of restaurant and whether you get a sandwich or an entrée. Researchers from the University of South Florida, with funding from the University of Florida's Sea Grant Program (www.flseagrant.org), have developed a hand-held machine that can test the DNA of fish tissue samples in a matter of minutes (although the processing of the sample takes about an hour).

This allows the user to tell if a fish sample (frozen, uncooked or cooked) is grouper. However, it could be used by regulators, wholesalers and restaurants to verify the type of fish being marketed as grouper.

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