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Grouper direct access: IT staff and research Principal Investigators (PI's) may also request direct access to Grouper for more complex management jobs. The Author service is an additional / alternative LDAP infrastructure provided by IDMS.

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It is composed of 389 Directory Server instances which allow only authenticated binds. Duke .edu) is not really usable as a source for Posit group information.

Due to this, author is impractical for use cases involving dynamic or unpredictable user bases. Further complicating the previous limitation, the addition of new PosixAccount object classes is done by a twice daily batch job (at 6:15am and 1:15pm).

You need to have access to manage grouper groups to meaningfully use the authors. They'll give you a sample ESSD.cone and some credentials to bind as, as well as a new container in grouper for the groups you're going to manage.

Alternately, name it something actually descriptive, toss it in /etc/SSL/certs, and run cacertdir_rehash /etc/SSL/certs/ to generate the slink. Among its many benefits is the ability to act as both a Pam and NSS provider, so everything can be configured in a single location (ESSD.cone).

This configuration is distribution specific, but for NSS you're looking to edit /etc/switch.cone and you'll want entries with SSS (rather than e.g. LDAP) which look like: You must have a corresponding ldap_default_authtok set in ESSD.cone to go with it; this is the bind password that will be provided by IDMS.

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(The sample ESSD.cone from IDMS has been known to specify an incorrect entry here, so be sure to double-check your configuration) Note that ESSD must trust the author self-signed SSL cert mentioned above.

A note about file system permissions here; ESSD.cone will contain your bind password in plaintext ! If you leave the file as world readable, users will be able to grab your service account password.

So to find out whether a particular Fetid has posit attributes, just combine those two searches: The big “win” from author is getting UNIX groups managed via grouper.

When you set up author, IDMS will create a location within grouper that will contain your groups that will be assigned Posit attributes. As mentioned above, users don't get Posit attributes until added to at least one authdir-enabled grouper group.

This isn't an author specific issue, but if you're using any central source of user information you'll likely need to limit access to your systems by some mechanism. ), but be aware that you'll likely end up with valid Posit accounts for users who are outside your own org unit, and plan accordingly.

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Navy The US Navy Type Submarine Class NATO Pennant 214 Built by Electric Boat Co. (Proton, Connecticut, U.S.A.) Ordered 12 Jun 1940 Laid down 28 Dec 1940 Launched 27 Oct 1941 Commissioned 12 Feb 1942 End service 2 Dec 1968 History Converted to Hunter-Killer Submarine Mare Island Navy Yard, Vallejo, California from 5 March 1950 to 2 January 1951 and predesignated SSK-214 upon completion. Duke, USN) shifted from New London, Connecticut for Newport, Rhode Island for torpedo trials.

6 Mar 1942 With her torpedo trials completed, USS Grouper (Lt. Cdr. Duke, USN), returned to New London, Connecticut from Newport, Rhode Island.

Duke, USN) departed New London, Connecticut for Coco Solo, Panama Canal Zone. Duke, USN) arrived at Coco Solo, Panama Canal Zone.

Duke, USN) transited the Panama Canal and arrived at Balboa. Duke, USN) departed Balboa, Panama Canal Zone for Pearl Harbor.

Duke, USN) arrived at Pearl Harbor from Balboa, Panama Canal Zone. 8 Jun 1942 With the Battle of Midway over, USS Grouper (Lt. Cdr.

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Duke) docked at Midway to take on provisions and fuel. Duke) torpedoed and damaged the Japanese oiler Conan Mary No.3 (19209 Get) east of the Benin Islands in position 28°46'N, 136°36'E.

McGregor) torpedoed and sank the Japanese merchant Tone Mary (4070 Get) in the East China Sea, east of Shanghai, China in position 31°18'N, 123°27'E. McGregor) torpedoed and sank the Japanese troop transport Lisbon Mary (7053 Get) about 20 nautical miles north of Chauhan Island, China in position 29°57'N, 122°56'E.

McGregor) torpedoed and sank the Japanese passenger-cargo ship Banding Mary (4003 Get) about 15 nautical miles northwest of Cape Henan, Burka Island, Solomon Islands in position 04°54'S, 154°17'E. McGregor) ended her 3rd war patrol at Brisbane, Australia.

She was ordered to patrol in the Solomon Islands / New Britain area. Hotel, Grouper carried out three patrols with no results before returning to Pearl Harbor.

She was sent to San Francisco for an overhaul where she arrived on 19 October 1943. 5 Jan 1944 With her overhaul completed USS Grouper (Lt. Cdr.

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24 Jun 1944 During her 9th war patrol USS Grouper (Lt. Cdr. Whaling) torpedoed and sank the Japanese transport ship Kansan Mary (2857 Get) and the Japanese tanker Name Mary No.6 (834 Get) south of Yokosuka, Japan in position 34°45'N, 139°30'E.

9 Aug 1944 During 9 and 10 August 1944, USS Baya (CDR. A.H. Holt, USN), conducted exercises off Pearl Harbor together with USS Canfield (Lt. Cdr.

Shibboleth can provide information to make sophisticated authorizations possible. Grouper provides a way to group users without having to do all the work at the application level.

You can maintain groups manually or have the system do it using directory criteria or a combination. There are dynamic groups where IDMS creates a query based on directory attribute data.

OIT has a dynamic group that looks for org unit codes and staff affiliation. Any SAP updates that move members in or out of OIT will be automatically picked up Grouper.

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Urn:mace: duke .edu:groups:OIT:test:sample:knitting Check for the value in your Apache configuration to make sure the user is a member.

Cocoa applications listed by SURF net (surf.NL ; Netherlands) are web-based and quite broad in scope, including “business management,” collaboration, video, and security. Domestication is described as the process of externalizing authentication, authorization and group management from applications.

Domesticated application typically use a external authentication source like for example a SAML based identity federation, and communicate with group management and authorization systems to retrieve additional information on the authenticated user, his/her roles and rights. From the service provider point of view, externalizing identity and group management eases the burden of maintaining these kind of account data.

In some sense, having the right things in place for researchers is an issue of history and of habit. Researchers want to dive into their data with tools they know and that have a real relevance and credibility in their disciplines.

Very fancy to see quickly deployed and personalized machines appear in web browsers. The point of Cocoa, at its most basic, is to ease collaboration across distances among people who can share common sets of applications.

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The fundamental resources for that have been developed using the Internet and web technologies, mainly because they are now ubiquitous and are so woven into the practices of research and scholarship. Also, administrative arrangements (constituted in Internet2, for example) have normalized the expectations and many of the tools that underlie trust transactions.

The “read/write” group would also be a manual department where I would add specific people individually. Chad Red man Grouper is also a major participant in the TIER initiative.

This is important as TIER is an effort that we will be paying close attention to in order to be in alignment with what other universities and research institutions are doing in the Identity Management space. Many other groups around campus are also major users of Grouper, including the library and the School of Medicine, among others.

In January, Identity Management upgraded to the most recent Grouper version, and Chad Red man has been actively contributing code and bug fixes to this open-source Internet2 effort. The new version has a much-improved user interface, which was one of the biggest pain points of Grouper previously.

We get more requests for Grouper groups from new departments and applications on a weekly basis. It’s a good idea to use centralized groups since there is the potential for significant cross-over between applications that need to cater to similar populations.

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Our next significant effort with Grouper will be to create course-based groups, including roles within each course for instructor, teaching assistant and student. We are discussing those ideas with ITS Teaching & Learning and hope to have something implemented in FY 2017-2018.

Grouper are reef-dwelling aggressive fish that are large and make a great addition to any outdoor grill. Many lures on the market are developed to trick an aggressive predator like grouper.

The most effective method is trolling slowly over their prime habitat or reef area, because their instincts naturally tell them to chase their prey and make a quick bite. Grouper lures are more effective than bait because the fish like to stay close to their reef home.

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