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Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
• 16 min read

Fusing house with psychedelic themes, transcending cliché acid house, this artist could easily make a tune that would be a hit in many discos, if people nowadays cared more about music when they go to a disco. He also makes magic with a Micropore .

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My friend shams and I were joking around about a new style of occultism house music that we were making. PP:contemporary art, fashion, the future, mysticism, the occult, aliens, the “other”, the hidden, mysteries, touch, sex, magic.

You like Spouse and the Banshees and at the same time make your own music: with this I mean, why do you feel related with these more dark trends and at simultaneously make your music, which seems to be happier? PP:I am an extremely huge fan of throbbing gristle.

More so for their concepts and theories about culture, the world, freedom and magic. I collect writings by genesis p. porridge, who is probably one of my biggest life inspirations.

SS:Choose one band / musical group you're enjoying lately and tell us why. I have loved this band for a while, but they have a new album and just performed at where I live in Denver, rhinoceropolis.

“Sickbay has more than upped the ante with this hairsplitting slab of digitized breakestral chaos, never suggesting melodies or functional rhythms it draws from but juggling without remorse on the dividing line between acceptability and grimy flavored cynicism.” It just blends eccentric beats, awkward cartoon themes with some grabber influences. The track list is:1.

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Joaquim and Hello sure know how to play drums and are most of the time well synchronized. João “Shell” fills the air with his sort of “new ageism” synths.

The 4 band members make music that isn't very easily labeled. However, most of the crowd enjoyed the gig and the band set the volume higher, to “provoke” FNAC, since they didn't behave very well. Unfortunately, I didn't film because I left the camera's batteries at home . I had a chance to interview †‡†, one of my favorite witch house artists.

Lately I've been investigating a bit this emerging genre, possibly one of the best newborn musical paradigm. Read the interview right below:Serotonin Sounds: What are your influences?†‡†:New Wave, Dance, Acid House, Goth Rock, Hip-Hop, Noise, Black Metal. , what synths do you use?†‡†:I do most of the work on a computer using a lot of software and use some other things like mics and effect pedals occasionally.

I don't think the current scene is what Picture plane had in mind when he came up with the term “witch house” though, things have changed a lot since the movement started. I like most of the bands that became associated with witch house when it started but I'm not a fan of most new acts. Most people think this is just a trend that will die before the year ends but I really doubt that's going to happen, 2010 is just the beginning. Finally, growing up as a fan of 2nd wave Black Metal and Goth music I really love the aesthetic and occult imagery (which I think is what, along with being on Disarm, made me be associated with the movement in the first place). I think witch house has a lot to offer.

SS: What are your favorite artists on Disarm?†‡†:White Ring, Passions, voodoo and Modern Witch. If so, when and where are your upcoming shows?†‡†:Yes, I can't say much about it right now but you'll know in a couple of months through MySpace.

grouper disengaged
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SS: Are you going to release an EP and/or album soon ?†‡†:I have a CDR coming out on Disarm later this summer. If you enjoy jazz and open spaces, grab your bag, put some drinks into it and go to the gardens and other spots where these events will be held.

One of the most relaxing musical events occurring in Lisbon, enjoy burning time this weekend and other days of your summer without Jazz. Information in Portuguese:”O Out Jazz Cheney à SUA quartz medical strand Que van para vicar. Durante Cisco Moses o jazz vie ocular Cisco jar dins DE Lisbon, sum ambient DE Elena harmonic entire a nature e as notes musicals.

To-dos OS Domingo, DE Main a September, was 17h AO another, groups DE jazz e um DJ van animal OS transmutes. If you're too pale to be exposed to the sun, if you're unhappy in June and July due to work, if you wish you could have more free time, if you want a better income, if you don't like the sand, if you enjoy dead seagulls, if you are more time in front of a computer on summer vacations than other seasons, then this is the ideal mixtape for you.

ODD SAC is supposed, according to Danny Perez, the director, to not make sense, to be chaotic and make you abstract of your surroundings, involved with positive and/or negative thoughts. The soundtrack was made by Animal Collective, just for this film. I got the chance to see this film last week at Facade was Bela's Arts.

Short after, the film started. Well, I haven't gone to the cinema since some months ago and as I remember, I haven't seen so much people leave the room as in this peculiar case. The film was intense, had lots of psychedelic effects and surely hypnotized you very easily. If you saw the video clip of Animal Collective's “Summer Clothes”(which was also directed by Danny), there was lots of paint and dripping effect that perfectly attach to the song; it's a reinvention of the word “psychedelic”, characterized by Animal Collective. The “story” first began in some grass fields, by night. Like you'd expect from a Danny Perez film, some image featured people “making the effects”: with this, I mean that there were people making balls of fire (it weren't digital effects).

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The poor girl, tries to stop it from dripping all the black paint, but it's effortless. Afterwards, she gets drowned in paint. I won't talk more about the “story”, you have to see it, because the words can't describe this art piece.

Zen Neva played on 3rd May 2010 at Valeria He dos Boys, in Lisbon, Portugal. OK Null talked Japanese sometimes and kind of entertained the crowd.

Yeshiva was always well, he never failed, his drum skills are precise and stealthy. The set list was awesome; they played mostly songs from their most recent album. There was also some jamming along the songs, I believe; and it was always captivating. Here are some videos of the gig:This Saturday will be held at Benefice, in Lisbon, a festival of experimental rock music.

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