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Grouper is the solo project of American musician, artist and producer Liz Harris. Harris was born July 15, 1980, in Northern California and grew up around the San Francisco Bay Area.

She says: “It was us making our own identities inside a pretty controlled environment, and sort of lashing back maybe... After finishing college, Harris briefly moved to Los Angeles, where she worked with Mayo Thompson at Patrick Painter.

Harris’ first album was 2005 ’s Grouper, a self-released full-length CD-R, followed later that year by Way Their Crept on Free Porcupine (re-released in 2007 on Type Records). Harris made available new material steadily through the years, and continued to collaborate with various artists such as Roy Montgomery and Bela.

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An Music reviewer Heather Shares praised the album for showing more musical range than Harris' previous work and for “letting more melody, more structured songs, and even a few phrases emerge from the ether.” Pitchfork gave it 8.2 stars calling the work “an arresting album of pastoral psychedelic pop”.

Besides, she collaborated with Jess Fortin of Tiny Vipers to release an album Foreign Body under their common moniker Mirroring. At Berlin's Club Transmediale festival in early February 2012 Harris performed Circular Veil in collaboration with Were Cantu-Ledesma.

The majority of the album was recorded in Alter, Portugal in 2011, while Harris was on a residency set up by Valeria He dos Boys. In 2015, Grouper collaborated with an independent filmmaker Paul Clip son on the film Hypnosis Display, commissioned by Leeds Opera North.

Her curated program included films La Double Vie DE Véronique by Krzysztof Kielowski and Lighthouse by Paul Clip son and music performances from artists Marisa Anderson, William Basin ski, Marcia Bassett & Samara Labels duo, Boltzmann/Leigh, Skin Film, Meiji Having, Roy Montgomery, Coby SEY, Tiny Vipers, Wolfgang Vogt and Richard Young's.

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