Grouper Attacks

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
• 7 min read

While diving in 80-foot deep waters off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, spear fisherman Arif Saber had a standoff with a seemingly fearless and ferocious Goliath grouper, which Grind TV estimated was 300- to 400-pounds. Saber had just caught a lesser amber jack with his spearfish gun, he told Grind TV, when he noticed the large grouper eyeing him and closing the distance in between them.

grouper attack
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The video, shot by his wife using a GoPro 3, shows the hefty fish as he nips at the man's flipper, tearing it off, and then goes straight for his catch with its powerful jaw. But, even if the diver wasn't familiar with that specific size of this type of fish, Goliath groupers have been known to roam western Atlantic waters near Florida.

Shark news: Terrifying moment huge hammerhead rips apart victim in brutal attack (Image: GETTY) The Hammerhead usually feeds on smaller sharks like the Blacktop (Image: GETTY)Mr O’Neill said the Grouper was around 200 to 300 pounds heavy, and is normally found on the ocean floor.

It comes as a Great White shark and a diver were locked in a near-death battle (Image: GETTY)”The hammerhead was having a hard time.” It comes as a Great White shark and a diver were locked in a near-death battle after the beast charged at him in a terrifying moment.

One of the divers said he was sure of the shark’s threat when its tail fin broke the surface (Image: GETTY)The incredible battle played out in calm waters off Rottenest Island in Australia on Sunday afternoon after the 12-foot beast smelt blood. The men aimed their fishing guns at the Great white as it circled closer to the two friends and tried to charge at them.

O’Neill said the hammerhead suddenly broke away from the blacktops and made a beeline for a Goliath grouper that was alive and floating on the surface of the water. When that happens, gases in the grouper's stomach expand, causing it to bloat and float on the surface of the water, making it an easy meal for predators.

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However, because of the shark's small mouth and the tough texture of the grouper's skin, the hammerhead was unable to eat it. The skilled photographer said the video should serve as a lesson to fishermen to properly vent a Goliath grouper if you catch one.

# of Dives: 500 – 999 Location: Metro New York As far as I know groupers are only dangerous if you eat them. Large groupers in the Caribbean are linked to increased risk of Cautery poisoning.

In my limited experience the most aggressive fishes I've run into are spade fish, Bermuda chubby and of course damsel fishes, which are more annoying than dangerous. # of Dives: 100 – 199 Location: Tampa Florida While fishing down in the keys a buddy of mine was reeling in a 30 0r so inch grouper, right at the boat a Cuba took a bite of it, before the Cuba wished away with its free meal a much larger grouper nailed it on its side at a very high rate of speed.

# of Dives: 50 – 99 Location: VA The only threat I felt from the one I had just passed when the picture in my avatar was taken was being poked in the eye by lobster antennae that was sticking out of his mouth. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe.

# of Dives: 200 – 499 Location: Cape Cod, MA I agree that if you don't mes with them, they won't mess with you. Read full article Goliath grouper put up a fight as two fishermen tried to reel it in while boating off Hutchinson Island, Florida, on July 2.

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Video of the incident shows one man losing his balance and nearly falling overboard while attempting to reel in the large grouper. Chance told Fox News that the grouper weighed approximately 450 pounds and nearby boaters gathered to watch the group struggle to reel it in.

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grouper goliath shark attacks
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The Royal Australian Air Force declared that its F-35A Joint Strike Fighter has achieved initial operational capability. A Russian fishing trawler capsized and sunk in the middle of a storm in the Barents Sea on Monday, with 17 of its 19-member crew feared dead.

The Onega ship sank off the coast of the Nova ya Zelma archipelago early Monday morning, Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry said. Two men wearing wet suits were rescued by a ship which was in the area when it received their mayday call four minutes before Onega went off the radar.

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Officials initially blamed the sinking on a heavy build-up of ice on the trawler, but later said that the ship got into trouble only when the crew started to pull up a net full of fish. “Most likely, the ship tilted, got hit by water and began to sink,” said Alexander Bakunin, head of the emergency services in the Arkhangelsk region, adding that authorities were also looking into other possible theories.

A rescue operation involving several vessels and a military plane stretched well into Monday evening but the search for the missing men was complicated by darkness and waves up to four meters high. Posted Colin Wolf on Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 11:32 AM While reeling in a 3-foot shark last week, a Florida fisherman helplessly watched as his catch was devoured by a massive 500-pound Goliath grouper.

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It lives in shallow tropical waters at small depths that range from 16 to 164 feet (5 – 50 meters) among coral and artificial reefs. The Atlantic Goliath grouper can grow until it reaches approximately 8.2 ft (2.5 m) long and it weighs about 790 lb (360 kg).

Although the Atlantic Goliath grouper seems to be scary for its large size and even wide mouth, it is not extremely dangerous but it is courageous. Being fearless and delicious at the same time is not good for this fish as these two factors are the main reasons behind making it highly sought after by fishermen and thus harvesting it in large numbers.

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Treating this fish in such a cruel way was the main reason behind making it endangered and this is why it was necessary to protect it and entirely ban harvesting it. The Atlantic Goliath grouper is fearless which means that it is not scared easily and this is why it attacks different creatures in the sea even divers and the 11 feet lemon sharks.

The Atlantic Goliath grouper eats most of what it can attack and this includes barracudas, octopus, fish, young sea turtles, crustaceans and even sharks.

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