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• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
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Del FHA is an aquatic theme park where guests can snorkel, relax and enjoy the sparkling Caribbean waters in a safe, secluded inlet. The adventure park is located just north of Tulum in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, about a 1.5-hour drive south of Cancun.

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We used the complimentary life jackets, but they limited our ability to swim deeper. To get the fish photos below, we had to take off the life jacket temporarily so that we could swim deeper and get up close.

We found a quiet spot right in front of the entry point to the water, which was an ideal location. Our boys spent hours playing in the tree house and ropes course while we relaxed in the comfy chairs with our toes in the sand.

Activities at Children’s World include a water slide, crocodile tunnel, wading pool, rope climb, seesaw, tree house, water fillies and interactive kids activities. If you have young kids, we suggest you make this area your home base for the day.

There are plenty of chairs and the playground is shaded by trees, so you don’t need to worry about your kids getting too much sun exposure. The water is warm and calm, so you don’t need to worry about big waves.

It’s salt water, so your kids will float better than in a freshwater swimming pool. Some activities have restrictions around pregnancy, epilepsy, heart problems, asthma, age, and hypertension, so you’ll want to do some further research before you visit.

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Our oldest boy probably would have loved it, but his swimming is not strong enough for us to feel comfortable. An oxygen tank floats on the surface allowing you to breathe comfortably while you explore the depths of the cenote or ocean.

These gentle giants are often called sea cows because they are large and generally move slowly, however they can swim quickly and gracefully. This is an educational activity where guests will learn about the importance of manatees and how the deterioration of their habitat is endangering their future.

Del FHA maintains a permanent rescue and conservation program for manatees. If you’ve never swum in underwater cave before, this is a fun place to give it try.

The Del FHA website describes the Mayan Cave as a sacred place, where water transmits energy through its lighting and natural acoustics, leading to a state of peace and relaxation where small waves echo within this interesting enclosure of Del FHA. The main restaurant is located in that large pyramid building in the above photo.

You can also purchase additional snacks and drinks from stores located throughout the park and near the entrance/exit. When we arrived we had the breakfast buffet, which included standard items like eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, potatoes, fresh fruit, variety of cheese and meats, etc.

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First, it gives you get access to towels and snorkeling gear, which is included with your all-inclusive package. This is a great feature for guests who want to get in the water and do not have a waterproof camera or protective pouch.

It’s also fun for kids to get stamps and photos at all the locations, kind of like a scavenger hunt. It will protect your phone and personal items (like credit card and identification) from water damage and sand.

It’s a big park, so we suggest you arrive early and plan for a full day of activities. Even if you think you’ll only need 5 hours inside the park, we recommend you get an early start to the day (depending on where your hotel is located).

The private transfer will pick you up at your hotel and drive you directly to the park entrance. We stayed at the Eurostar Del Mar and the trip to Delhi park was about an hour.

We paid $100 USD each way for a private transfer for 6 people (including car seat). Search for car rental in Cancun to find a vehicle that fits your needs.

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Descents POR Copra Anticipate 10% DE descent Al compare TU Admission o Tour a Del FHA con 7 a 20 Dias DE anticipation. No Africa en Parquets NI Passport Experience.

15% DE descent Al compare TU Admission o Tour a Del FHA con 21 Dias o MAS DE anticipation. No Africa en Parquets NI Passport Experience.

When you arrive at our parks, you can give your ticket to one of our special counters for a faster access. Your purchase has a weather guarantee that is valid before using your coupon (not refundable).

Any change in dates cannot be made on the same day of the expected visit. Snorkeling is a favorite activity for tourists who visit the Mexican Caribbean.

In this Natural Wonder you can observe more than 90 marine species such as angelfish, surgeon fish, dam selfish, snapper, parrot fish, grouper, sergeant major, a family of rays, puffer fish, some barracudas and the queen conch, a protected species that inhabits the cove of Del FHA. Del FHA is an incredible place to explore the crystal clear waters of the Riviera Maya once you are wearing the fins, the life jacket and mask.

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You will have the opportunity to witness the phenomenon of the Havoline and thermohaline, a visual and temperature effect resulting from the mixture of the dense seawater with fresh water from the rivers. You can pick up the snorkel gear at any one of five modules by scanning your bracelet.

When you finish with the gear, you should return it to the same module where it was acquired, to liberate your bracelet. We offer you an online shopping experience that is safe and secure.

You will find the lowest prices guaranteed only on our websites. When you arrive at our parks, you can give your ticket to one of our special counters for a faster access.

Your purchase has a weather guarantee that is valid before using your coupon (not refundable). Any change in dates cannot be made on the same day of the expected visit.

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