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• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
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Video footage surfaced Friday showing the voracious nature and explosive power of Florida’s massive Goliath groupers. But what stands out in the clip (posted below) is the angler’s hysterical reaction in the moments after a grouper devoured a bonito he had reeled to the surface on light-tackle spinning gear.

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In the video Jorgensen says, “The dinner bell is ringing” as his hooked bonito languished at the surface. Oh my gosh!” he exclaims, before laughing uncontrollably as the grouper vanishes into the depths with the bonito.

They’re protected in state and federal waters off Florida, and anglers must release hooked fish as quickly and carefully as possible. Mike was fighting a fish of a lifetime Friday aboard Chew On These Charters with Capt.

Chance explained to USA Today/For The Win Outdoors that about 20 minutes after the fishing rod was lost, Jenny said she could see it on the bottom in the crystal clear, 40-feet deep water and asked nearby boaters for goggles. As Mike jumped into the water for the photo, the fish made a mad dash to the bottom with Eric holding the rod.

He eventually released the lever drag so line could easily exit the reel, and the rod was handed to Chance, who managed to keep both feet on the deck and bring the fish back to the surface to be released. 500-pound Goliath grouper eats 3-foot-long shark in Everglades City NewsSportsBusinessRestaurantsOpinionObituariesE-EditionLegals A 500-pound goliathgrouper made a 3-foot-long shark its breakfast on July 12, 2018, in Everglades City.

Veteran angler Jon Black, owner of Crazy Lure Bait and Tackle in Cape Coral, Fla., was recording a spot on kayak fishing for an online fishing show called Chew on This” when he landed the leviathan from the teeny one-man kayak in Daniel, Fla. Ben Chance were able to get the massive fish ashore and found its measurements were 83 inches long and 73 around, giving it an estimated weight of 552 pounds, according to news reports.

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Goliath Groupers are also commonly referred to as “Jewish” and according to Wikipedia “They may reach extremely large sizes, growing to lengths of up to 10 feet and can weigh as much as 800 pounds (363 kg). The Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman posted video on Twitter from a fishing trip off the coast of Jupiter, Florida.

When he finally reeled it in toward the boat, Taylor got a picture with his prize catch still in the water. As an ambush predator that lives along coral reefs and mangrove forests in the Atlantic Ocean.

Japan Taylor prepares to take on an opponent slightly less intimidating than Thursday's catch. Direct linking to complete video files is permissible, except in the case of political campaigns.

Two brothers from Atlanta set out on a friendly fishing competition this month in West Palm Beach, Florida. The fishing competition all started when the bothers’ father, Robert Poitier, took the two boys on a fishing trip in Florida back in April, Fox News reported.

The older brother, Max, snagged a 9-foot, 250-pound hammerhead shark during the trip. So, the three Pointers set off for another fishing excursion in July whereupon Brendan hauled in a slightly larger hammerhead shark.

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As a result, Robert booked another fishing trip for himself and his two boys with Slob City Charters out of Riviera Beach, Florida. When they arrived at their destination, using 10 to 15 pound Bonita fish, they threw their bait into the water.

It wasn’t long after that the Poitier boys found themselves in a unique situation. The Pointers would go on to haul in an impressive estimated 2,225 pounds of fish on the excursion.

The photos from the fishing trip soon went viral after Robert posted them on Instagram. “It was the catch of a lifetime, and we had several in one day,” Robert told Fox News.

Goliath groupers are extinct in most of their worldwide range and an official (Sedan) stock assessment was done in Florida waters in 2016 but the results were thrown out due to lack of reliable indicators of the abundance of Goliath groupers outside Florida, according to the FCC website. “Wilbur” the goliathgrouper poses for a photo during an ecotourism dive off the coast of South Florida.

Divers flock to South Florida from all over the world to see these amazing creatures, creating ecotourism dollars and livelihoods for local dive shops, dive operators, tour operators, photographers and generating revenue for towns along the coast of Florida. Most of the large Goliath groupers divers know by name since the animals return to South Florida each summer to form a spawning aggregation.

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There’s something about the mysteries of ocean depths that make them so captivating, and there’s no better place than The Palm Beaches to have a world-class diving experience. “Palm Beach County reefs have the widest diversity and abundance of marine life with the clearest water, because this is the closest place in North America to the Gulf Stream current in the Atlantic Ocean,” explained Jim Abernathy, a local scuba expert and marine life conservationist whose photos can be found in National Geographic.

Its easy accessibility is part of its charm, as is the presence of three hammerhead shark statues donated by artist Thomas McDonald. For more advanced divers, Abernathy says the goliathgrouper aggregation is a spectacular sight to see: 40 to 90 huge groupers massed together for spawning season near the end of July.

However, in the waters of The Palm Beaches, it’s common to see at least one or two of these big fish lurking on a wreck or within an undercut on a ledge. Many say the best place to view the goliathgrouper migration is the wreck of the cargo barge M/V Castor, which sits off Boynton Beach.

Artificial reefs in The Palm Beaches are as abundant as the marine life they attract, including a Boca Raton shipwreck that is captured on 360-degree underwater video. The 170-foot cargo ship was confiscated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Miami, after it was found to have carried 506.84 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of more than $10 million.

On July 13, 2016, Ana Cecilia will become one of The Palm Beaches’ 150 artificial reefs as it finds its final resting place 1.25 miles off the Lake Worth Inlet in 85 feet of water. Stock Photography by pipe horse 1/73 GoliathGrouper hovering in a cement culvert part an artificial reef south-east Florida.

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Stock Photography by pipe horse 0/35 GoliathGrouper hovering among construction debris used to create an artificial reef. Stock Photo by pipe horse 0/134 A large GoliathGrouper with an escort of small bait fish swimming next to a shipwreck.

Stock Photos by pipe horse 0/101 A GoliathGrouper hovering at the far end of a cement culvert of an artificial reef south-east Florida. Colorful ink style fish collection Pictures by Solvay 0/27 Big grouper underwater.

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