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David Lawrence
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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Size and Color: Goliath groupers are mostly tan with shades of brown and green, and also commonly have black spots. The Goliath groupers have begun their yearly aggregation on our wrecks and reefs.

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We counted half a dozen of them on our newest wreck, the M/V Ana Cecilia. Reserve your spot to dive with the groupers early as our trips are filling fast.

It’s friendly demeanor and curiosity gets you within arms reach of it many times. Now multiply this encounter by sixty plus and you are experiencing the best goliathgrouper diving anywhere in the world.

Palm Beach, Florida is hands down the best place to be if you want to see these leviathans in all their splendor. The wrecks in Palm Beach are the perfect hangout for these behemoth fish.

Today’s morning trip included a stop at this great series of wrecks in search of the Goliath groupers. Easily outweighing and almost out sizing the divers, these large sea bass (the largest of their kind in the world) are actually quite timid.

Chase them and you’ll be doing nothing more than getting tail shots of these fish and running low on your air supply quickly. Sitting back and letting their curiosity get the better of them is the best recipe for those closeup shots.

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Sea turtles, rays, and countless fish live around these wrecks. With today’s ideal conditions and 3-4 dozen Goliath groupers to keep us in a constant state of awe, it is easy to understand why a few of us decided to do a second dive on the same wreck while the other divers were at a nearby reef.

If the photos from today’s dive don’t convince you, then make sure to check out the recent article written in the National Geographic Magazine about the Goliath groupers. The Goliath groupers normally stick around, with their numbers increasing throughout the months, until October.

Dive conditions were a little bumpy, but underwater the marine life made us all forget about topside. Our second dive was Toy Box and Playpen where we encountered a large Goliath grouper and two tarpon that made the Goliath look like a guppy.

Material: Polyester Pieces Included: Does Not Apply Product Care: Use a garden hose or power washer to chase the dirt off. When you buy a Breakwater Bay Tonia GoliathGrouper Rectangle Non-Slip Does Not Apply Bath Rug online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered.

6 U.S. Scuba Diving Sites Worth Planning a Trip Rounded full article Over the last few weeks, social media has been utterly enamored with Really B., whose real name is Darrell Style, of Baton Rouge.

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Super yacht owner Robert Bulk went from fresh to salt water after retiring from his job as counsel of an energy company. People are surprised to learn that in Tulsa we don’t drive pickup trucks, ride around in covered wagons or live in tepees.

It is a very affluent city with amazing art deco architecture from the 1920s, when all major oil companies had their headquarters there. I am retired from my job as general counsel of a Fortune 500 energy company and our family loves to travel.

Once we bought our second home in Naples, Florida, our interest in saltwater fishing, cruising and big boating really took off. We had a lot of fun with the Azimuth on trips to Key West and the Bahamas, but we couldn’t tow a fishing boat or carry jet skis.

We went out to Great Point Light in Nantucket and drove right into the famous fog, but she loved watching the seals. The family love heading to Big Major Cay to spend time with its pigs.

I leave the cleaning to my 19-year-old son, Connor, an expert fisherman who will join the fishing team at Oklahoma State University this fall. There are around 30 species of flounder that can be found in tropical and temperate coastal waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.

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It usually inhabits areas near the coral reefs, bridge piles and docks. Even though most species prefer coastal waters, some types of flounders can be found on a depth of 35.000 feet.

Despite accelerated pollution of the sea and excessive commercial fishing, wild population of flounders is still large and stable. Flounders are usually brown colored with various red, orange, green and blue markings on the body.

Flounder has bulging eyes on two short stalks that are located on one side of the head. It lays motionless and waits for potential prey to appear and grabs it in a blink of an eye.

Mating season of flounders takes place during the warmest months of the year. Larvae (fry) hatch from the fertilized eggs couple of weeks later.

Transformation of larvae into juvenile fish (metamorphosis) starts a couple of days after hatching. Body starts to flatten, dorsal and anal fins become more elongated and young flounder loses its swimming bladder (it provides buoyancy required for active swimming).

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