Goliath Grouper On Kayak

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• Saturday, 10 October, 2020
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Photo: Screen Gabon unofficial world records exist for kayak fishing, and there are two sites that we’re familiar with that keep them. But to give an idea about the size of this goliathgrouper, the all-tackle world record is 680 pounds caught off Florida in May 1961, before they became protected in 1990.

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A Florida fisherman caught a whopping 552-pound goliathgrouper from a kayak and a video of the catch has drawn more than a million views on YouTube. Jon Black, from Cape Coral's Crazy Lure Bait & Tackle Shop, according to the YouTube caption, fought to stay in his kayak and the fishing pole dipped into the water as he tried to pull in the big fish near Daniel. “After the fishing rod broke, Black still managed to get the goliathgrouper to the boat and eventually led it to shore where it was measured and then released, as is required by law since they are protected,” wrote David Stage of Grind TV.

“Only unofficial world records exist for kayak fishing, and there are two sites that we're familiar with that keep them,” said Stage. “But to give an idea about the size of this goliathgrouper, the all-tackle world record is 680 pounds caught off Florida in May 1961, before they became protected in 1990.

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Rooster fish Probably the number one bucket list species for most of our anglers, and for a good reason! Smaller roosters prefer small poppers, jigs, and Your lures trolled or cast near rocks.

Cuber/Pacific Dog Snapper Live baits and poppers have proven very productive. To fish a dead bait, we have found Bonita to work the best, hooked in the tail and drifted out slowly with no weight on reefs 40ft and deeper.

Broom tail Grouper The vast majority have been caught between 100 and 150ft of depth on knife and flutter jigs 100g or more. Bouncing the jig on the bottom several times followed by fast steady retrieve has been the most successful technique.

Large bigheads 10oz or more with rubber swim baits pulled over the bottom has been good as well as fishing dead bait. A 2oz or larger weight about 6ft from a bonito hooked either in the mouth or tail has brought some of the largest groupers to the surface.

If no tunas are seen jumping, a great technique is to troll as small to medium size Your minnow. Most of the Yahoo we have landed have come on large poppers cast near the ledge or trolled behind the kayak while popping slow.

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One of our favorite fish because of their great table fare, beauty, acrobatic fights and the fact that they are almost never picky eaters. They generally hang out around floating debris and current lines deeper than 80ft.

They love deep diving plugs trolled near the shallows between 20 and 50 feet. Larger mackerel prefer knife jigs between 80 and 150g worked near the bottom in 100-150ft.

Also, shallow diving Your lures and smaller poppers cast along the rocks is a great technique. Corina Smaller individuals 15 pounds and under are caught in shallower areas 30ft and under near rocks and river mouths.

They like XPS jigs and buck tails worked slowly near the bottom around schools of look downs. Larger individuals school up think sometimes near deeper rocks 120ft to 150ft deep and prefer large knife jigs 80-200g bounced on the bottom.

Almach jack/amber jack Always found around structure like exposed reef near deeper water or rocky bottom ranging from 35-250 foot depths. These are very strong fish that will try to dive into reefs and structure to break your line.

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Many times they rise to the surface and school so close together that the water appears to turn red. Pacific Black Shook Larger individuals have all been hooked on live look downs in shallow water less than 20ft.

They also have been known to hit shallow diving medium or small Your lures and white buck tail jigs. These massive fish are sure to take you for a serious sleigh ride while also going completely airborne several times throughout the fight.

Generally the dry season is the best time to target these awesome fish. A chunk of bonito or blue runner dropped to the bottom is sure to get a strike from one.

They are also frequently caught trolling deep diving lures near shallow reefs. Bone fish Mostly found in shallow areas inside our bay between 5ft and 15ft but have also been caught jigging the bottom in 150ft.

The first marlin we hooked was on a blue runner in 70ft and the first one we leadered was in 120ft on a big eye really. When fishing for them from a kayak, live bait is the best way to go- either drifting slowly or trolling at a fast pace.

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When fishing from a panda- large trolling lures and cedar plugs have triggered bites. Tanner Peer caught and released this big blacktop shark in 30 feet of water west of Captive Pass fishing with Captain Bill Russell.

Leading into the weekend, light to no wind days made for comfortable fishing offshore in gulf waters as well as inshore. From shore, sleepyhead with a mix of other species were landed from the Malacca Draw Bridge plus the Bohemia and Daniel Fishing Piers, Blind Pass.

Offshore, sleepyheads were boated in depths from 20 to 40 feet over artificial reefs, ledges, and hard bottom. With a drop in water temperature the shook bite was slow early in the week but picked back up with the warmer weather heading into the weekend.

Kayak anglers report good times with a steady bite of mixed species around Bohemia. Bonnet head, blacktop, and bulls up to five feet were hooked on cut bait and shrimp on the western side of Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound.

Spanish and king mackerel, bonito, bluefish, blue runners, and jack crevasse were hooked over the reefs as well. A few gag grouper up to 31 inches were hooked on depths from 38 to 60 feet either trolling diving lures or dropping hand-size live pinkish.

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