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• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
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On August 26th, Joshua Anyzeski caught the prohibited species, removing it from the water to take a picture. The picture circulated on social media, which tipped off officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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There’s a good chance angler Jay Cross has spent more time on the Skyway Fishing Piers than anyone else over the past few years. Over the past few weeks Cross has seen quite a few big gags coming over the rails of the fishing pier.

In addition to smaller grouper, Cross, and his friends who frequently fish the pier known as the Skyway Misfits Crew, enjoy playing tug of war with the bigger Goliath that now frequent the pier. He makes 400-pound wire leaders that are 10-feet long, giving the abrasiveness needed against massive sharks like bulls and hammerheads they target.

On a recent night, Cross’s friend Jake Covington borrowed one of his leaders, but found himself tangled up to another one of the bridge’s Goliath. Cross, who was working at the time, closed up the bait shop and went to assist the release of the massive goliathgrouper.

“We have a rope that we used to pull in big sharks up to 400 pounds on the bridge to release them. In a scene that looked like it was from the movie “Mission: Impossible,” Cross dangles from the rope around his waist with pliers in hand.

The fish kicks away, and Cross is pulled back to the bridge. I knew with that long heavy leader it probably would have gotten tangled up in the structure and died.

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Normally, we don’t use that tackle on Goliath so it presented the problem when it ate the shark bait.” When targeting Goliath, Cross uses a 900H Diana on a broomstick-esque rod allowing him to winch them up.

He pinches the barb down on those hooks, allowing an easier release on the Goliath he’s landed up to 300 pounds. Screen grabs courtesy of Blackish's Instagram videoVideo showing a leviathan-sized fish grabbing a quick bite to eat off the Florida coast while sending a startled angler into a hysterical frenzy has emerged.

Oh my gosh!” Jorgensen exclaims, before cracking up with laughter as the monster fish disappears as suddenly as it had popped to the surface. In 2018, Florida wildlife commissioners “refused to lift a nearly two-decade ban on harvesting the fish, citing continued uncertainty about the remaining numbers and bowing to the demands of divers and scientists, who packed a meeting and led an online petition that drew nearly 60,000 signatures,” the Herald reported.

TJ Macias is a Real-Time national sports reporter for McCarthy based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth Retroflex. A recent snapper-fishing expedition off Florida became far more thrilling after a massive goliathgrouper devoured a hooked snapper.

Hare and his charter group from Louisiana were fishing June 28 off Destiny when the estimated 350-pound grouper struck. The grouper released its grip on the snapper after 15 minutes and it was reeled up without any scales.

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Hunter Wane ck and Becca Parker pose alongside grouper. “I was absolutely shocked on how big it was, and I couldn’t believe we caught him on such small tackle,” Hare, 27, told For The Win Outdoors.

Hare told Northwest Florida Daily News that the grouper ripped 100 to 200 yards of line from the spool during repeated runs, and that the photos do not do the fish justice in terms of its size. The lucky anglers were Hunter Wane ck (pictured, blue shirt), Becca Parker and Charlie Regain.

A Key West college student learned a hard lesson about Florida wildlife law this week, police said. Joshua David Anyzeski, 18, was jailed Monday after state fish and wildlife officers said he removed a Goliath grouper from the water, so he could pose for a photo with it.

He was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of possession of a Goliath grouper, booked into the Stock Island Detention Center and released the same day after posting a $7,500 bond. A Key West college student got arrested after sharing this photo with friends in a group text.

“The lagoon is a classroom space where we teach diving and marine science classes,” said Amber Ernst-Leonard, the college’s spokeswoman. Anyzeski got in trouble after sending the photo of him holding the Goliath grouper to friends in a group text to brag about snagging the fish, according to the report.

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On Aug. 28, FCC investigators went to Anyzeski’s dorm room at the College of the Florida Keys to speak with him about the photo. Asked if Anyzeski is in trouble with the school for the catch, Ernst-Leonard said the college does not comment on student disciplinary cases.

She was part of the staff at the New Orleans Times-Picayune that in 2005 won two Pulitzer Prizes for coverage of Hurricane Katrina. A Florida saltwater fish of legendary proportions, growing to weights of nearly 800 pounds, the goliathgrouper was hunted to within range of extinction in the 1980s.

The great fish's fate rests largely in the hands of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which meets with federal officials in Key Largo this week to ponder the Goliath ban. Inquisitive and daring of nature, the Goliath was ready prey to spear fishermen, its flesh a culinary prize.

With a ban now in place and its numbers somewhat restored, the spectacle of masses of the giants spawning among shipwrecks off South Florida's shores draws divers from around the world each summer. We have been unable to document any sign of an organized effort to lift the ban, by either commercial or recreational fishermen's groups, only scattered instances of individual blog post complaints and anecdotal accounts relayed in news stories.

This perception is reinforced by the fact that goliathgrouper will opportunistically prey upon hooked or speared fish. Science notwithstanding, some Fish and Wildlife Conservation commissioners have been eager to lift the ban and barb the hooks.

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At the FCC's February 2011 meeting, then-Chair Rodney Barrett (a powerful Miami developer) commented that “he receives many questions about opening goliathgrouper and that we should be striving to give this opportunity to the public in the future.” He wants to know how we get to the point where we have enough science to make an intelligent decision, and is age and size important for breeding purposes.

And again there will be voices crying out to lift the ban, most likely advocating a limited allowable catch, initially. Dr. Frias-Torres says the fish's rebound remains precarious, subject to vagaries like weather (she estimates that sustained cold water temperatures in the winters of 2009 and 2010 killed 90 percent of the goliath's juvenile population) and red tide (which she says killed “in excess of 150” adult Goliath in 2005).

Concluded there is not enough information to determine if the fishery has recovered, but seemed divided whether they should authorize a study that would call for as many as 800 fish to be harvested. The group plans to meet at least one more time before making any formal recommendations to the boards of each fishery management agency....

Fire Ant -- an invasive species, tinged bright red, with an annoying, sometimes-fatal sting -- covers Palm Beach County. LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Cape Coral man made quite the find in a local canal.

Daniel Armendariz and his friend Sam Harmon pulled the almost 500 pounds grouper from the water and called state wildlife officials. As a longtime fisherman he's concerned that releases of fresh water from Lake Okeechobee could have something to do with the grouper's death.

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FCC finished collecting samples to determine if red tide was a factor. The men say they were asked to gut the fish, tow it back out into the river and leave it there.

While they opportunistically take anglers, snappers, and groupers, these species represent a small portion of their diet with them primarily consuming bait fish and crustaceans. The recent growth in goliathgrouper populations has made the FCC consider various ways of managing the species, which includes limited harvesting.

But, Tom Ingram, CEO of the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association, says the science behind Goliath groupers is not solid enough to support the need to harvest. We believe that FCC, or NOA, or another appropriate organization should undertake another thorough stock assessment of the goliathgrouper to include research on age prior to opening the fishery at all, or even considering it,” Ingram says.

The giant grouper fish definitely astounds your eyes and you may get deeply impressed. And you may feel too shocked to go on underwater photography for capturing amazing moments.

Luckily, you can use a new underwater drone that can fly to realize your dream in deep sea water. Goliath grouper size may reach extremely large, up to 2.5 m (8.2 ft) and weigh as much as 360 kg (790 lb).

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It eats crustaceans, other fish octopuses, young, little sea turtles, and barracudas. At depths of 10 to 15 meters, especially in caves and coral zones, it is often seen by scuba diving lovers.

Unfortunately, because of its massive gathering around born places, many Goliath groupers are preyed by goliathgrouper fishing placatory man illegally. According to the research report, all kinds of groupers have been continuously overfishing and many species are getting into extinction crisis.

Let’s take action to arouse awareness of underwater sea creature protection. And now, since people armed with state of the art underwater camera like Nemo, you can learn more related information about goliathgrouper fish.

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