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Reviewed July 1, 2015, Great place to watch the sunset, see some dolphin, pelicans and an occasional sea turtle. We go there until season starts and it gets too crowded.

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Reviewed June 30, 2015, As a native Neapolitan, I grew up on the Naples beaches and spent many hours fishing on the pier. It's still charming and THE BEST place to view the famous Naples sunset.

Reviewed June 30, 2015, via mobile It was a nice pier. There isn't too much to say about it but it's aesthetically pleasing, probably a good place to fish, and a good place to watch the sunset.

Metered parking along many streets near the pier, but they fill up around an hour before sunset. Get there early and make an afternoon of it and don't plan on leaving until an hour after for the clearest streets.

Go look for your green flash at sunset Originally published by FOX4 News on November 4, 2019, Cause Water keeper posted pictures to their Facebook page showing a dead goliathgrouper on the beach.

Located in southwest Florida's Collier County, Naples is part of what's called “The Paradise Coast.” More than 80 percent of Collier County is preserved park land, wetlands and beaches, making Naples an angler's paradise as well.

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You can fish the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico offshore; cast a line from a beach, pier or riverbank; or explore the canals and Everglades with an experienced guide. For exciting saltwater sport fishing, try the Gulf of Mexico to catch grouper, several varieties of snapper and king mackerel.

You'll need a boat to fish the backcountry around Naples, especially in the Ten A Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Hiring an experienced local guide will give you a good shot at capturing the big one, but you can bring your own boat as well or rent one at one of the many marinas in Naples.

There are specific guides with extensive knowledge of the Ten A Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things on the water over the last 5 years that my clients and I will never forget.

Mikaela Average, 14, acquired the half-moon, mirror-image skin breaks that resemble an open-mouth shark bite on her back around 6:30 p.m. Saturday while swimming near the Islam Del Sol community on the west end of Galveston Island. Show MoreS how Less 3of36This crew had intended to keep their catch of an 805 pound make shark in April under wraps but the scene at this gas station as they drove home was a bit of a give away.

The huge shark put the Gulf fishermen who caught it off Florida in line for a record but alas they did not receive one. Joey Polk Show MoreS how Less 4of36The shark was eleven feet long and 805 pounds but was declared NOT a world record because the crew did not throw it back into the water.

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Ernie Polk Show MoreS how Less 5of36Also in April, divers spotted a Great White ominously swimming by during a trip out 80 miles off the Florida coast. The shark in the video was estimated to be about 12-14 feet long, the body proportions and tail beat gave away the fish's massive size.

Dane Kelly Show MoreS how Less 7of36This extremely rare Goblin shark was accidentally caught up in a shrimp net off the coast of Key West in May. Carl Moore Show MoreS how Less 8of36Scientists were certain of the shark's species because of the tell-tale protruding jaw which snaps out like a Venus fly trap to catch unsuspecting fish for dinner.

Carl Moore Show MoreS how Less 9of36Then experts spotted another unusual deep sea creature hauled up with the shark. Giant isopods, highlighted here in green, started speculation that the shark and its companions could have been feeding together on the carcass of a dead whale when they were scooped up in the shrimper's net.

Photo by Carl Moore Show MoreS how Less 10of36Fisherman Noe Campus of Sarasota said he and his friends delivered around 30 shark pups in early May after they got a hammerhead ashore and discovered a huge hole in her belly. From video by Ashley Violet Show MoreS how Less 11of36The Polk family and their crew, featured earlier, caught and released this huge hammerhead May 17th, its girth measured a whopping 7 feet 8 inches, they said.

Ernie Polk/Facebook Show MoreS how Less 12of36In May, marine experts announced they were using data from tagged sharks to help them predict hurricanes. Researchers tag sharks, tarpon, tuna and billfish with torpedo shaped sensors which gather data and send it back to satellites.

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Rosenthal School of Marine and Atmospheric Science Show MoreS how Less 13of36The devices were put there by researchers at the University of Miami who have tagged a total of 750 animals in the past 10 years to record water temperature and salinity at different depths. Tracey Gardner/YouTube Show MoreS how Less 15of36Just a few weeks later this Florida charter captain caught the ride of his life on the back of another Whale Shark.

Jamie Robert Eastwick Show MoreS how Less 16of36Katharine the great white shark was tagged off Cape Cod in August 2013. Search.org Show MoreS how Less 17of36Beach goers were forced out of the water as 100 sharks swarmed the beaches around the Florida-Alabama state line in early July.

WKRG.com Show MoreS how Less 20of36Gulf fisherman, Paul Lipids, 50, from Cypress unhooks this lemon shark and drags it back out into the Gulf in a video posted on Facebook and located at Galveston Beach. DeMarcus Artie/Facebook Show MoreS how Less 21of36At first, the shark is just a dark shadow in the distance at Florida's Navarre beach but it quickly swam up close and personal to one woman who was rescued by a lifeguard.

Dan Flynn/Facebook Show MoreS how Less 22of36Onlookers were heard screaming at the swimmer and her rescuer in a video filmed from a nearby pier. Paul Spiegel Show MoreS how Less 24of36Spielvogel is one of the world's best underwater photographers and a dinner date with him was sold off to shark fans to raise money for marine charities working to save their favorite fish.

The fisherman thought he had a big lunch coming but then the dark shadow of another giant fish appears. Houston Museum of Natural Science Show MoreS how Less 29of36A satellite tag, put on a 25-30 foot long female whale shark off Islam Convoy N.E.

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Rafael de la Parr/Georgia Aquarium Show MoreS how Less 30of36Two unsuspecting waders in Destiny, Florida, got a lot closer to a huge hammerhead shark than they would have liked as the fish swam right towards them chasing a stingray in early September. Scott McCain/YouTube Show MoreS how Less 31of36The shark got frighteningly close as hotel guests watching from a nearby balcony shouted at them to run.

A team of enthusiasts scoured the sea bed for signs of the giants which lived between 2 and 20 million years ago. This five foot long sand tiger shark named Caroline is the latest addition to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans.

Monica Powers Show MoreS how Less A team of specialty anglers pulled a rare find from the Gulf of Mexico: a Great White Shark, the largest predatory fish on Earth. After reeling in, tagging and releasing the nine-foot eight-inch shark, the members of Dark Side Shakers announced their catch on Facebook.

According to National Geographic, Great Whites navigate mostly by smell, and can sense a drop of blood in water from up to three miles away. An article by Wide Open Spaces said the anglers spent almost an hour fighting to reel in the creature, and were shocked to find a Great White.

Some skip jack caught too. What's your guys the best way of catching silver sides off the pier ? Fishnfool73 AMBASSADOR to the... BF FORUM Posts: 8703 Joined: Tue Nov 07, 2006 11:18 am Post by fishnfool73 Fri Dec 26, 2008 3:22 pm.

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I headed down to Naples yesterday, so I decided to stop by the pier and do some fishing. I stayed fishing near the middle of the pier by the concession stand.

There was plenty of small pilchards to be caught if you had one of those ring bait catchers with the orange strip going down the middle. One guy had a homemade one that was perfect for these small baits.

I started throwing a banana jig for pompano but caught only juvenile marks. Something with the gotcha plug, crappie jig and live pilchards.

Stingray KING MACKEREL Posts: 854 Joined: Fri Oct 13, 2006 7:49 pm Location: Hallandale Beach Post by Stingray Sun May 03, 2009 10:47 am New sexy FCC officer working detail on Nappier.

Desert Caster Fisher Posts: 6 Joined: Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:48 am Post by Desert Caster Wed Apr 06, 2011 2:07 pm I'll be down there from the 18th till 25th, hoping to catch some bait from the pier a few days for Mr. toothy.

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Threeouncesinker Weekend Warrior Posts: 68 Joined: Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:38 pm Post by threeouncesinker Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:47 pm I'll be down there from the 18th till 25th, hoping to catch some bait from the pier a few days for Mr. toothy.

Naples used to get these intense schools of Spanish mackerels, but this was a few years ago. I'll be down there from the 18th till 25th, hoping to catch some bait from the pier a few days for Mr. toothy.

I was at the pier this past Saturday and the water looked like there had been a red tide. I did see a guy cleaning 4 or 5 Black Drum he had caught earlier on sand fleas inshore.

I haven't been to Naples in a while, but I'm visiting for a couple of days this weekend; gonna' try and hit the pier since I'm not too familiar with the area. Introduce yourself here: BF Site Gives Back Adopt a Bridge past events Fishing Location Clean up areas Businesses and helpful Links that cater to our needs.

Horehound SHARK TOURNEY PAST 2009 Horehound SHARK TOURNEY 2008 Horehound SHARK TOURNEY 2007 Horehound SHARK TOURNEY Swimming with the fishes Bug Hunting and How to's General Spearfishing Talk Spearfishing Reports Freshwater Freshwater Help and Info Freshwater Florida Reports Freshwater Pics: Any fish caught in freshwater. Bootless Fishing General Chatter Box First, Best, Biggest, Most Unusual, Etc.

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Book a Charter here In this episode you will see a 500 pound GoliathGrouper landed that looks like a big bass in Daniel, FL. This is a 10-minute clip from the Chew On This Saltwater Fishing Show hosted by Captain Ben Chance.

HOW TO SUPPORT CAPTCHANCEY- Favorite My videos.- Comment on My videos.- Post My videos to your blog, Facebook and other sites.- Post video responses to My videos.- Check daily for updates.- Subscribe to the Capablanca channel Chew On This- Make your own Capablanca Chew On This fan page. To everyone who supports me, and the future of this Channel, thank you! Thank you for taking the time and effort to support Chew On This.REMEMBER TO: Respect both humans and animals.treat others with as much or more kindness than they give you and others. Peacefully stand up for what you believe is right.Godspeed****************************************camp;shy;******************************Accommodations Hotels: Courtyard Marriott Hutchinson Island Florida.

Double Tree, Comfort Inn, Hilton, Gaylord, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Quinta, Madison, Resorts TravelPesca PESC Hero El Hero Fisch Schalungskantel vision Andre a PESC fiche frugal get tone peskier peace page pages NASCAR Mercado NASCAR pen Poisson pitcher escudos visceral peace Fischer solo Royal March Good bottom action for grouper, snapper, sea bass, trigger fish and other reef dwellers.

Amber jack begin to appear on the deeper wrecks, and by month’s end the spring run of mackerel will get underway. May Spanish mackerel, king fish, grouper, snapper and barracuda can be caught.

Large sharks show in the area in conjunction with the spring tarpon run. June Barracuda, Bonita and some mackerel are caught near the surface and grouper and snapper are found on the bottom.

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July, August Barracuda, Bonita and mackerel can be caught near the surface and bottom fish for grouper and snapper is steady. It’s near the peak of the Goliath grouper spawning season, so they’re really bunched up on the wrecks and artificial reefs.

September Barracuda and a few large king mackerel are found over the offshore wrecks. October The fall runs of Spanish mackerel and king fish will begin in earnest this month.

December Bottom fishing is approaching the winter peak as the annual inshore migration of gag grouper brings these fish close to shore. A few late season mackerel and king fish are caught in December.

March Trout, bonnet head sharks and some cobra will be caught on the flats. Redfish and shook are possible, and the spring Spanish mackerel run will get underway.

July, August, September Tarpon are good all summer in the bays and rivers. Mangrove snapper in the canals and Spanish mackerel in the open water are both good.

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December Trout, redfish, mangrove snapper and sleepyhead garner the most inshore attention this month. Grouper, Sunday, February 4, 2018, Naples Fishing Report & Charters.

The Latest Algal Bloom & Water Quality / Lake Okeechobee Update and Red Tide Report. We’re mostly focused on Naples fishing the channels, grass flats, passes, oyster bars, mangroves and near shore fishing in Naples, but we also give updates on Naples deep sea fishing. We’re big advocates of catch and release, particularly for shook, but pretty much for most species.

The breadth of the natural ecosystem near Naples is immense and can’t be fully described in this short post. Sometimes we’ll go offshore of Tampa a couple of miles or so if we’re fishing for goliathgrouper, or tarpon or sharks.

A fishing trip is a great family adventure and your children will love it! Perhaps more important to fishing, the Tampa-St. Pete area has a great coastline structure and topography.

Barrier islands stretch close to 70 miles from North Pinellas to Venice. In general, barrier islands mean great fishing habitat because they create passes where fish move on the tides in a concentrated fashion, and also protected back-bay areas for the overall ecosystem.

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