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the one between David and Goliath, the Swedish MPS Society forced one of Sweden's largest public. hospitals to pay for life-saving enzyme replacements for children affected by Hunter Syndrome.

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(M) Alberto caught a grouper weighing over 100 pounds near Gibraltar. Alberto peso UN hero Que peseta MAS DE 100 Libras circa DE Gibraltar. (M) Laura had grilled grouper with a tequila mango sauce for dinner. Laura cent hero Amado con RNA salsa DE mango con tequila.

Tampa Bay is loaded with GoliathGrouper especially since the ban put into effect over 20 years ago. Although they must be returned to the ocean, they make great fighters and are true trophies for someone who wants to do battle with a giant fish.

Trying to catch a big goliathgrouper on a rod and reel will leave you sweating and out of breath. Stanley, 72, who owns Bud N’ Mary’s Marina in Islamabad, has caught hundreds of Goliath groupers up to 500 pounds -- and he is not exaggerating.

Brian Sanders of Davie once took former Miami Dolphins All-Pro linebacker Zach Thomas and former professional wrestling star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fishing out of Chokoloskee Island for Goliath groupers in the Gulf of Mexico. It turned out to be a sort of tag-team event for the two powerful, physically fit athletes when they hooked what Sanders estimated to be Goliath of 300 or more pounds.

“There was so much drag on the reel, the fish would run and it would almost lift the person overboard. Stanley said he wouldn’t use anything less than an 80-pound reel filled with 100-pound line to catch a big Goliath.

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The reason for the heavy tackle is to keep a big fish from easily pulling the line off the reel as it heads for the nearest wreck. The greater the strength of the line, the more pressure an angler can put on a fish.

Stanley has caught Goliath on everything from sharks and cobras to Spanish mackerel and large crevasse jacks. Sanders, who’s caught Goliath on mackerel, 5- to 10-pound jacks, half a barracuda and even a spade fish, uses 9-0 to 12-0 hooks, which are typically used to catch marlin and sharks.

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