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Enjoy a day on the water with Captains Jesse McDowell and Kelly McDowell of Florida Inshore Stream charters fishing the renowned waters of Charlotte Harbor and nearby areas of Coca Grande, Lemon Bay, Pine Island Sound, and the Gulf of Mexico. Whether targeting Coca Grande tarpon, fishing the flats for shook and redfish, or miles offshore digging for grouper, snapper and cobra, Jesse and Kelly are sure to give you a fishing charter FIX to write home about.

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Their strength, endurance, ability to gulp air for additional oxygen, and bouts of blistering runs taking in excess of a hundred yards will have you tired out before you even get close to wearing the fish down. We target tarpon primarily around the beaches of Coca Grande using live bait.

If so, give us a call to book your Coca Grande goliathgrouper fishing charter while we still have this beautiful weather. Captains Jesse and Kelly will ensure a fun filled day of fishing on the waters in and around Englewood, Coca Grande, Placid, and Pine Island.

We dock our boats at Sarsaparilla Marina, located in Placid, FL, just minutes from the world-famous Coca Grande. In just a few short minutes, you can be skimming over the flats of Charlotte Harbor or entering in to the Gulf of Mexico.

The shallow bays and miles of mangrove shorelines that comprise the back country of Charlotte Harbor and Coca Grande provide pristine fishing enjoyable to the whole family. Inshore game fish such as redfish, shook, and trout are a few of the targeted species year round.

He also was extremely helpful at coaching my son and I on the exact techniques to catch the fish we were after. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things on the water over the last 5 years that my clients and I will never forget.

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In the past 10 years the Clearwater area and entire gulf for that matter has seen the Goliath grouper population explode. Due to the sheer size of these 100 pound plus grouper, even pulling them out of the water is not advised, by doing so will crush their skeletal system often killing them, which is considered harvesting.

Armed with top of the line Fin Nor 2-speed 30W and 130lb class rod guarantees you have a solid chance of landing one of these giants! Usually we use large dead fish, such as Bonita, mackerel or any other oily species to entice these brutes off the wreck or reef.

After getting them boat side, pictures are taken, and the hooks quickly removed, all while the fish is still in the water. Once considered severely endangered, GoliathGrouper have made a major comeback in recent years.

This species of gigantic grouper were almost completely decimated in the late 70s and 80s due to commercial pressure and overfishing. Thankfully, the species has recovered nicely, and Goliath ’s can regularly be seen occupying deep sea ship wrecks and large underwater structures.

This includes but is not limited to jack, snapper, shook, permit, and even other smaller grouper. Our adrenaline filled GoliathGrouper fishing trips will push your physical strength, and mental attitude to the limit.

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Captain Ben Chance will equip you with an oversized, 130lb class rod with 4-600 lb. BO Johnson (seasoned charter captain, decorated tournament angler & TV show talent) & First Mate Dada (industry spokes model, TV show talent, and avid angler) team up in bringing you the ultimate Florida sport fishing experience in Southwest Florida.

They are also active with TV Shows, Magazine Publications, Pro-Staff Duties, Philanthropic Events, Radio Interviews, and the Tournament World. Tenacity operates a 28 ft. Blue Wave boat for inshore/ nearshore fishing for adrenaline packed Tarpon, Shark, and GoliathGrouper action, as well as family friendly backcountry fishing’ for Redfish, Sea trout shook. Tenacity also offers offshore trips aboard “Bohemia”, our 3 6 ft. Cape Horn, for a variety of grouper & snapper species; king fish, cobra, amber jack, barracuda & sharks.

We can’t wait to show you our amazing Southwest Florida Fishery and one heck of a good time! Saltwater anglers in search of the giant of the grouper family, can target the goliathgrouper along the Southwest Florida Gulf Coast.

Harvest and possession of goliathgrouper has been prohibited in both state and federal waters off Florida since 1990, in an effort to conserve the species. Young goliathgrouper frequent the safety of mangrove habitat, but as they mature they migrate to shallow reefs in search of a broader food source.

Captain Leroy Bennett of Tap Out Charters leaves out of Sarsaparilla Marina, fishing out of a 22-foot Aqua sport boat. Stopping for bait at a mangrove island in Charlotte Harbor, Captain Bennett tosses a 10-foot cast net in search of horse-sized mullet.

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Heavy tackle choices include a Penn 50-wide reel spooled with 600-pound test line attached to a 20-ought Mustard hook. Captain Bennett nudges the bow of the boat into the pilings while the angler holds onto the stout rod, waiting for a goliathgrouper to latch on.

When the goliathgrouper takes the bait, it is not uncommon for the stout rod to bend over like a reed, and for the reel to become locked up due to the pressure exerted from the fish. The largest goliathgrouper leave the inshore and nearshore waters and head to structure on the bottom in the Gulf of Mexico.

Yellowtail, Mangrove, & Mutton snapper all patrol this reef system and provide you with some of the most exciting and rewarding cooler filing action. With the plethora of tasty fish species that call the Key West reef system home comes along the predators as well.

One of the coolest aspects of Key West reef fishing is the proximity to shore. This lets us bring those guest anglers out to epic fishing without seasick nausea, long boat rides, (while being) affordable, and fun.

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CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. -- A South Dakota man has quite the fish story to bring back home with him, and video to prove it. A YouTube video posted by Big Bully Outdoors last week show how the battle with an enormous goliathgrouper played out while fishing offshore of Coca Grande Pass.

Dustin, visiting Florida from South Dakota, was locked in a battle with an estimated 500+ pound Goliath when the fish switched directions and caught Dustin off balance. Amazingly, Dustin was able to hold onto the rod after falling in the water and handed it back to a crew member on the boat.

The man fishing with Big Bull Outdoors in Coca Grande was pulled overboard when the Goliath shifted to the port side of the boat. No one at the American Fisheries Society or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission can say for sure.

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Some people say that the term refers to the fish meeting the strict Judaic dietary standards for being kosher. Another theory is that Jewish is a corruption of jaw fish, a reference to the fish's large jaw.

In any case, the AFS deemed the name Jewish as possibly offensive to those of the Jewish faith and made the change. The IFA all-tackle world record goliathgrouper weighed 680 pounds and was caught off Fernanda Beach in 1961.

The most outrageous story I ever heard about catching Goliath groupers when it was legal was told by a veteran Keys guide. Some anglers target small Goliath groupers, catching and releasing fish 15-30 pounds in the backcountry of Everglades National Park and the Ten A Thousand Islands.

Most of the fish are found in deep holes and undercut banks in rivers. Some recreational anglers feel a season should be opened on Goliath groupers, perhaps with a strict bag and slot limit, or perhaps with a permit system similar to tarpon.

They are salt water fishes, robust and hard, with a big head and mouth. The groupers are sedentary fishes with very big jaws that lives in warm and tropical waters.

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They are big sized, the biggest ones can reach more than a meter of length and more than 40 kilograms of weight. Grouper are commonly brown with white spots, but it depends on of their emotional and reproduction state.

It feeds from other small fishes, Cretaceous and especially octopus, to whom run after at night. The lower one jaw stands out from the upper one. Groupers are also very territorial, and they have an action radio of 500 m² to hunt their prey.

Grouper habitat is near to seaweed and corals, in rocky bottoms with caves. To catch them, it’s important to find a deep area near a vertical wall, because it’s where the grouper usually set their home.

It’s commonly found in the southern Gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys, Cuba, the Bahamas, and throughout the Caribbean. They are found in the western Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts through the Gulf of Mexico and south to Brazil.

This grouper species can typically be found throughout the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and the Western Atlantic edges. This species is distributed in the western Atlantic from Massachusetts to Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico.

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The right time to catch grouper is since September to March, the coldest months of the year. You will catch the best groupers using a boat, moving forward to arrive at the deepest zones.

In areas with large number of groupers, as Mauritania, Senegal or cab Verde, you can also fish them by trolling. When you feel that the fish bite but it seems that your line has tangled with something, stop pulling for a moment.

I’s probably that the fish has returned to their lair, and they won’t stop pulling till they feel secure. If it is a big catch, we mustn’t grab them from their gill covers, because they are serrated, and they have a lot of strength.

If you want to catch grouper in the deepness, the best modality is bottom fishing, for example in 400 meters. The shortage of this specie in our upper waters makes very hard to feel the bite of the groupers.

And, in case of a chance bite in our line, the grouper return very fast to their holes or caves. It’s better to use solid material, line not lower than 60 or 100 numbers, spinning reel (better an electric one), and a hard hook.

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We suggest catching grouper with electric reels due to the deepness of their habitat, they never go up to the surface. If the grouper bite, there will be an amazing fight between the animal ant the fisherman.

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