Goliath Grouper Battle Dude Perfect

Ava Flores
• Monday, 09 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Ladies and gentlemen today we are joined by our good buddy Josh from Black Page. Josh Tell em what we're going to be doing today guys.

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They get his biggest cars and if you're not careful, you can easily get pulled overboard. The biggest Goliath grouper wins the challenge.

Let's do it two goals today. Instead of just the one finish on the podium, don't get pulled in by a Goliath grouper in the water.

Hey was that hard, It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life only josh's opinions on the size of the fish. He's going to the other side of the boat to get a good look, and he will give our rolling on the size of the grouper.

Just got selected, I'm super excited. I will say history shows that I do not perform well in fishing videos looking to turn the tide like that.

Look at the colors he crack 100. Maybe buck twenty-five maybe. That's the prettiest Goliath I've seen perfect for Cody.

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I think one of us is going to pull a big fish out and hey you know what if it's cubs. I'd be so good out on the open water.

I've requested an unassisted run uh only help will be from Josh up front unless we desperately need it. I just want to make sure everybody understands what's happening here.

Ty's Rod is connected to his belt so if that fish pulls him in, it's pulling him straight underwater, and he has to use a knife to cut the belt on. So uh I'm sure the guys will happily strap on another fish for me.

No, we're going to do a quick huddle. Here's what I'll say if he can apologize and say that his pride kept him from landing that fish because he wanted to go by himself.

If and only if you are willing to say that I Tyler Tony let my pride get in the way and decided to land the fish all by myself. I Tyler Tony managed to let pride get in the way of my fish and I sorrowful regret that decision you are you still doing it by yourself.

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I'm going to give this fish in all humility 325. Oh yeah, so Ty took it hurts me, but uh he reeled in a bigger fish, and he did it all by himself, which honestly, if we were tied, gotta give him time.

1 year guy is this the day The twenty win is in play for I would argue in a championship like this. I think the day out of twenty you get the dub.

He let a huge giant off right at top water and that hurts we've decided that we will also give you a second turn. Yeah, alright in the bait.

This fish is closing in on 400 pounds. Kobe Oh, my goodness I can stand and clap because I only have to stand and clap once a year well done.

It is my duty to give Kobe Cottons the golden fishing rod. You can't even paint when you win one battle a year you don't get to choose how your trophies are.

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The eerily splendid coelacanth, now 400 million years old, called into question many of our established beliefs about evolution. In this episode of Blackish, I go fishing for giant Goliath groupers with DudePerfect off the coast of Florida.

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Cody, Tyler, Coby, Cory, and Garrett all strap on the harness and battle a monster goliathgrouper ! We lost ourselves in a fairy place, characterized by a great variety of animals and plants.

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