Glow Jigs For Grouper

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 14 June, 2021
• 8 min read

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Which grouper jig (s) have you tried and got good results? Big buck tail deep jig tipped with squid or goggle eye . Followed by diamond jig ... then flat fall, bent hos/vortex.

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But a lot of this can be answered in depth by using the search button here. Can’t beat a glow buck tail but I prefer to put Gulp on mine.

Haven’t done much of it to confirm this is best but live bait would entice them as well. The Biggest gag came on one tipped with a nice size live bait.

All the fancy paint jobbed new creations can’t compete with good ole buck tail. Pro type jigs in white work well but the hooks are a bit weak.

A very old timer once said to use just a round white jig head with a hook embedded, no tinsel, Mylar or furry skirt. My experience is that it works as good or better than a Carolina rig here in north Go, especially in the Big Bend area.

Also had luck with the Lucas style jigs. Big Pro buck tail or any vertical jigs that you bounce a few feet off the bottom.

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10OZ Lucas STYLE VERTICAL GLOW JIGS W/ SQUID SKIRTS I use them for a sinker when fishing dropper rigs and catch fish on them especially when something is spanning on the dropper rig.

I use them for a sinker when fishing dropper rigs and catch fish on them especially when something is spanning on the dropper rig. I have jigged Grouper, As, AJ and even big Triggers on these.

I've never caught a decent grouper on a metal jig, but the guys I fish with whom have love the white Roscoe jig We would sometimes insert a skinny bait fish inside the body of a squid and hook the head of the fish wearing the squid coat.

I lost two big fish due to someone else's knots but my 12/0 electorate may have been overkill. I have been wanting to drop a live bait straight down while drifting with no weight.

Mark your bottom depth somehow on your line (and I haunt figure out this yet) maybe a rock or something you can quickly release (rubber band) and hold that meal just off the bottom, darting around. I have been wanting to drop a live bait straight down while drifting with no weight.

grouper snapper inchiku slow 150g octopus jigging lunker marlin jig 120g glow salt skirt japan metal
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Mark your bottom depth somehow on your line (and I haunt figure out this yet) maybe a rock or something you can quickly release (rubber band) and hold that meal just off the bottom, darting around. Mark the distance off bottom with a rubber band to keep the bomber above it.

Proper hook placement also helps encourage them to go down. It's more to entice a big grouper to come up and away from its zone.

Add to cart Triton SSR Drop Jigs attract Cobra, Snapper, Tuna, Jacks, Grouper, and more! Made with our exclusive Long fin Squid head, these are available in 4, 6, 8, & 10 ounces sizes.

Triple coated and cured Super Glow Powder Paint (6 colors to choose from) 3D Holographic eyes Double Hook set with 4X Strong assist hooks (your choice) 500lb Kevlar assist cord Replaceable Holographic and Glow Silicone skirts The sizes available mean you can fish this in shallow water for grouper and snapper.

The jig can also be effectively fished in deeper water. The Streaker Jig has gained huge popularity in the 80-120g sizes in the NE Coast area when trying to mimic a sand eel when jigging striped bass and blue fin tuna.

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The angler can vary the speed of the retrieve to best match the species being targeted. Versatile, effective and economical are some characteristics of this jig.

From trophy mutton snapper in 80ft of water to hard fighting grouper in 600ft, these pristine fisheries are a prime location for slow pitch jigging. Years ago, when we first began fishing slow pitch jigs in the Dry Tortugas, we would often face ridicule for how our tackle looked.

We’d show up with little skinny rods and small reels targeting big fish. Next to us on the rail would be telephone poles with massive reels and heavy line.

Now, after fishing nearly every model of reel on the market, the absolute best reels that I have used for the types of monsters found in the Dry Tortugas and Pulley Ridge are made by Accurate. It also means that I don’t have to send my reel halfway across the globe to get serviced.

This means that the angler can precisely manipulate the drag as necessary while fighting a fish. The angler is left with substantially less drag than what is needed for the fight, which can cause disastrous results, and the loss of a fish.

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I even used my 500n to put the brakes on this monster queen snapper in Pulley Ridge in 750ft of water, jigging on the bottom: When shopping for jigs, you’ll find that they come in short and fat to long and lean, and everything in between.

And, some jigs have hydrodynamic properties that will allow them to stay vertical longer than others, particularly if you are fishing from a drifting boat. As a general rule of thumb, one gram of jig weight for each foot of depth.

As an example of their strength, I was able to nab this respectable amber jack on this exact setup with my Valiant 500n: I use a Palomar knot to attach the solid ring to the assist hooks.

When the smoke clears at the end of your multi-day adventure in the Dry Tortugas and Pulley Ridge, you’ll likely find that even an average trip there will be a massive producer. Accurate reels have proven to be an indispensable part of the equation when chasing trophy fish, for their reliability, power, light weight and capacity.

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