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• Friday, 20 November, 2020
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Mono filament Recovery and Recycling Program Throughout its 8,500 miles of marine coastline and more than 2,500 artificial reefs, Florida boasts an abundance and diversity of fish species.

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This string of tropical islands has some of the most beautiful beaches and the most amazing wildlife in the world. The archipelago is a favorite vacation spot for thousands of avid anglers who visit for their chance to reel in some prized fish and get a tropical holiday out of it.

Comprising over 800 keys, this American slice of the Caribbean offers vast opportunities to anyone looking to have some fun. Offering every type of saltwater fishing under the sun, the Keys taking the top spot isn’t really a surprise.

On the other side, you have the depths of the Atlantic, and Cuba is just 90 miles away from Key West if you’re looking for a real adventure! Sinking a line anywhere in these waters will yield some great results, as the area is rich both in species and numbers.

It’s an agile swimmer and a prized inshore game fish in this part of the world. The flats around Key West are known to be very fish-rich, and dipping your rod in these waters will have you reeling in some nice specimens in no time.

Revered as a top game fish in all of Florida, the Keys have a rich history with this silver beast. It’s big, beautiful, and puts up an amazing fight, leaping out of the water to get off the hook.

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The waters around the Florida Keys hold a variety of Snapper species, each one more interesting than the next. You’ll find Mutton, Yellowtail, Vermilion, and the beloved Red Snapper feasting in these blue waters.

This beautiful species is a trophy for any avid angler, and reeling it in is a real feat. Loved for its tender meat, this delicious fish will reward you with an amazing meal upon your return, leaving you craving more.

Red, Gag, Snowy, Black, and the majestic Goliath variety are all in the cards. Red and Gag Grouper will probably end up your most frequent catches, and pulling these beasts out is an adventure in itself.

If you happen to catch the biggest one of them, the Goliath, snap a once-in-a-lifetime photo while it’s still in the water before releasing. You’ll find it by heading out a bit offshore in literally any direction, as they inhabit the waters all around the Florida Keys.

Fishing for this stunning yellow and green species is an adventure, and you should make sure to try it out while you’re in the area. Just sail offshore for a day of adventure, and expect to battle Blue and White Marlin, Sailfish, as well as the iconic Swordfish.

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As the Keys include a wide variety of habitats, there’s a range of different types of fishing you can try out. Well, considering the Keys are a string of small islands surrounded by water, fishing from a charter boat is easy and convenient.

It can take you to the fishing grounds in no time, and you can cover a bigger area than by other means. The captains in the area are experienced and with their guidance, you’re guaranteed to have a productive fishing excursion.

However, if you’d like to meet some new people, head out on a boat, and enjoy a nice time with new friends without breaking the bank, this is the trip to take. Paddle out onto the Oceanside flats, patch reefs, and the backcountry waters, and you’ll be reeling in some trophies in no time.

You can enjoy the crystal clear waters, the abundance of wildlife, and not to mention the stunning scenery all around. While heading out on the water is a great way to explore the area, shore fishing in the Florida Keys is just as fun.

With numerous tropical beaches, surf fishing will yield some great results in the form of Shook, Permit, Jacks, and Mackerel. The Bahia Honda Bridge is a great place to sink your line for some mighty Tarpon.

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You can relax and cast a line, soaking in the sun and the beautiful views, all while enjoying a nice cold drink in a tropical setting. As we said, there are over 800 islands comprising the Florida Keys, so it’s not always easy to decide which spot to sink your line in.

Today it’s home to many angling enthusiasts, and people flock from all over to try out the fishing on offer. Part of the Upper Keys, it has great access to the shallow waters of the Florida Bay.

Islamabad : Heading down towards the middle part of the Keys, you’ll find this amazing sport fishing town. Everything from flats and backcountry, bottom and reef fishing, all the way to deep sea fishing is in the cards in the “Sport fishing Capital of the World.” Marathon : Marathon boasts a lot of angling opportunities for anyone willing to do a bit of work.

Cuddle Key : This one doesn’t see as many tourists as some of its neighbors, so if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation with some amazing fishing opportunities, it’s the one for you. It’s an uninhabited National Park today, drenched in history, so it’s definitely worth visiting.

The popular Fish Rules App has been updated to include freshwater regulations! Look for it in the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android.

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