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We use PayPal to process all payments to ensure your information is always secure. In state waters, reef fish species include groupers, snappers, amber jacks, gray trigger fish, red porgy, sea bass, dogfish and tile fish.

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When fishing with natural bait, non-stainless steel circle hooks are required Hooking device Circle hooks are made so that the point is turned perpendicular to the shank to form a circular or oval shape.

Other gear, such as venting tools or descending devices, can also be used to aid in the release of fish suffering the effects of barotrauma, which is the expansion of gases in the swim bladder when a fish is pulled up from depths greater than 50 feet. To learn more about barotrauma, venting tools, descending devices, and other ways to properly handle and release fish, please visit our Fish Handling & Gear page.

Built on a classic Papal balsa body and encased in a durable copolymer shell for unbeatable toughness, the new smaller size 07 BX Minnow is a sleek bait with flat sides that flaunts a strong flash on the roll as it slices and twitches through the Wei Specifically designed for anglers fishing clear water conditions, the new Stealth Blue Camo Braid from Spider wire provides ultimate strength in a thin diameter while also exhibiting a uniquely segmented color pattern.

The Line-Tender is the first product that allows you to easily cross tie your outboard boat to the dock without the lines getting caught in between the motors. The all-new Krypton S1 Genesis landing net bolsters Ego’s already strong reputation with an innovative and ergonomic design that gives anglers more control than ever.

The versatile 5500 boasts a 6+1 stainless steel bearing system and 5.6:1 gear ratio, with full metal body and rotor construction. See More Mastery’s Bait & Tackle has been helping fishermen with fishing problems for nearly 40 years.

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Specializing in local species, Mastery’s has a full range of products and services to help you catch more fish! Unlike many big-box retailers, Mastery’s has a knowledgeable staff with decades of fishing experience to provide you with meaningful advice to ensure that you are equipped with the right tackle and knowledge for your next trip.

Mastery’s is also one of only a few places in the Tampa Bay area where you can buy fresh, locally-caught seafood. Our seafood is brought to our store daily by local and reputable, commercial fishermen.

Some species that you can expect to find at Mastery’s include: amber jack, bream (freshwater), catfish (freshwater), cobra, grouper, mackerel, mullet, sleepyhead, shrimp, snapper, trout and more! We also carry popular frozen items like: Canadian scallops, cold-water lobster tails, wild salmon and snow crab.

Yellow fin Ocean Sports is an authentic, locally owned and staffed outfitter offering Hobin Kayak Sales, Kayak and Paddleboard rentals, Bike Rentals, and local Bait, Tackle, Fishing Licenses, and friendly advice. Fishing shirts by Columbia Sportswear, Pelagic Gear, Redone and Yellow fin.

To support the safety of our customers and community, we are following the guidance of the State of Florida and CDC on preventing the spread of COVID-19. Wherever you fish, we deliver fast and at a reasonable price.

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If you see a couple of firemen and some business magnates cruising around Tampa Bay with their hair on fire like it’s the funniest thing in the world, get out your autograph books and chase them down. “It’s Not Technical, It’s Entertainment.” Unlike other sport fishing reality shows, this one is completely and utterly unscripted.

If they haul in half a bay full of fish you’ll see them struggle to keep afloat on their way to the nearest grill. Dad) points out, “it’s completely unscripted, 100% real reality TV.” You won’t see a director, gaffer or stunt coordinator anywhere.

Meet the team of a couple of firemen, some business magnates and a nurse cruising who go “Reel Hard” on the water. Their small scales, dark gray/green back, white belly, and silver, yellow and purple body hues make the trout a beautiful inshore game fish.

Spotted sea trout spawn multiple times during the spring, summer and fall. Large “sow” females spawn more frequently and release millions more eggs than their younger counterparts, making catch-and-release all the more important to sustaining healthy populations.

Because sea trout generally stay in one area their entire life, much of their population numbers are dictated by angling pressure and spawning success. Here along Florida's east coast, large sow females, known as “gator trout” can reach lengths upwards of 40 inches and weigh as much as 17-18lbs.

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There is much debate among locals as to what constitutes a true “gator trout.” Capt Lemon and his clients have caught hundreds of trout in the 5-10 pound range. Spotted sea trout are found inshore and nearshore, however, they prefer shallow coastal waters (estuaries) and will most of the time be found on grass flats, sandbar edges, around sandy spots, oyster bars, mangroves, shell points, docks and other man-made structure.

Sea trout do not migrate, and generally will stay in one area their entire life. As temperatures drop during the cold months, trout move into deep adjacent waters.

One exception to this general rule of thumb is that during cooler months, trout seek out shallow sandy spots that allow their dark bodies to warm up fast under the sunlight. Spotted Sea Trout can be caught fishing in Florida on a variety of gear.

Regardless of the methods used, early mornings, late evenings, and overcast skies are generally prime speckled trout fishing conditions. They will just lay and wait to see what you do, and the slightest hint of movement towards them will send a “gator” trout scurrying for cover.

This fact alone makes sight fishing a trophy speckled trout on fly or spin, one of the most rewarding accomplishments on the flats. As mentioned the world record speckled trout came from the Indian River Lagoon.

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Over 75% of the IFA line-class records for spotted sea trout came from Florida, 95% of which came from the east coast. Trophy Speckled Trout fishing charters run daily from any one of several launch locations within easy driving distance of Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Edge water and Oak Hill Florida.

Many places do a really cheap combo deals for a rod and reel. The cheap combo rod will probably only last you a few months and the reel maybe a bit longer.

The thing is you do really need to spend a decent chunk of money straight off if you may not enjoy it? Your rod and reel Your tackle Your bait A sharp knife A bucket to keep your catches in (recommended) A cloth to wipe your hands and hold spiky fish Spare spool of line for making rigs etc.

Fixed Spool Better with lighter lines Best at forgiving casting errors Good for night fishing and sandy-bottom fishing Better for floats, feathering and spinning While a braid line can be useful in some cases for shore fishing, putting a mono line on your spool will be the better choice for all-round sea fishing.

Have a think about what type of fishing you'd like to do before you go and make your purchases. If you don't understand what 3 to 6 feathers means click here (opens a new tab).

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If shoals of mackerel are around I'll switch to a stiffer beach caster rod, stronger reel and put 6 feathers on it. As to the reason why I use a light spinning rod and small reel when I feather is simple; the weight of the rod and reel is negligible so my arms don't ache after a short period of time.

Once I know the fish are there in numbers I switch to the heavier rod/reel set-up because I'll only be casting a few times before I have enough mackerel for a family dinner that evening. If you're on cliffs and piers you may need a stiffer rod to haul that fish up with more ease.

If you know the fish you're after I would suggest asking a local tackle shop or forum. All I can give you am the general best times for most types of fish.

2 or more floats (plus weights for them) 2 or 3 different sets of hooks 6 or more various weights (see below) A long nosed clear or disgorge Small and large beads A sharp knife Packet of swivels Baits elastic Spare line For calm waters with no strong tides a 2oz or 3oz weight should be fine for feathering and maybe even bottom fishing.

For rough seas, strong currents or when you're casting in-between rocks and do not want any drift a 4oz or more is a better option. If your rough ground fishing then I'd suggest buying some breakaway weights.

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Hooks are something that confuses many people and it is vital you get the right ones for where you fish. If you have satellite TV watch the lake fishing programs like the ones Matt Hayes is on you'll see monster fish caught on the smallest of hooks.

The hook lengths are designed for the type of bait you might be using. For mackerel strips the length of the hook doesn't need to be long.

Circle hooks are becoming very popular because they virtually eliminate the need to strike. A circle hook virtually eliminates striking.

The best way to tell is to tighten the line and raise your rod straight up and hold it there... just like this... If you have a fish on you will feel it fighting the hook and pulling at your line.

For beach fishing it is worth investing in a tripod for your rod(s). Once I have both rods out I start using the downtime to make more rigs while I wait for a bite.

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This keeps it off the beach (and away from hooking dogs) and it is then ready to go should I need a quick change of rigs. Sometimes these tripods have a hook in the middle, so I use that to hold a bucket or bag which contains the bait.

It doesn't have to be a huge great thing but common sense would say make sure you include waterproof plasters for grazes and other small cuts, sterile dressings for bad cuts (due to a knife slip for example) and some kind of cleaning agent. In the summer it would be a good idea to carry some sun cream as well.

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