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Once hooked, these fish take immediately to the air, make long runs, and fight all the way to the stern. But it’s also hard to beat Miami Beach and the Keys for epic sailfish action.

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Florida -strain large mount bass will try to spawn all year round on the new and full moon phases. You can fish out of Belle Glade, Lewiston, Moore Haven, Lakeport, or Okeechobee with about equally good odds of landing a 10-pounder.

I like to be a homebody the first month of spring, and stick to my home waters of the Indian River Lagoon. The world record spotted sea trout, which weighed in over 17 pounds, was caught near Fort Pierce.

But the Indian River Lagoon is about 130 miles long, and you can catch bunker trout from Titusville to Jupiter. Most of the shook action takes place from Sebastian southward, although plenty of fish are caught in the northern end of the lagoon in years when we don’t get any freezes.

Give Jodie Lynn Charters a call, and they’ll put you on fish for sure. I would not feel like I’d lived that year if I had not pursued tarpon with a fly rod from the vantage of a flats' skiff in the shallows.

Our local experts and their years of experience and knowledge can allow you to have the ultimate outdoor fishing adventure. When looking to go bass fishing here in North Florida, choosing a local expert is the way to go.

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February bass fishing can be characterized by trophy catches and the spawn. Check out this February North FloridaFishing Report with our Local Experts: Fishing with Captain Ken Walker “Some trips can start out slow and end with a big bang.

It is the only place that you can consistently find giant Florida large mouth bass all year long. I had the pleasure of fishing with Tim Jordan, who was traveling from North Florida to search down his new personal best.

After having a slow start to the morning, the bite gradually picked up as the sun began to warm the surface of the water. Tim caught 8 beautiful large mouth bass on his fishing trip.

Giant trophy double-digit large mouth bass are what you come to the Rodman Reservoir for. During the last major hurricane to hit Florida, saltwater erosion hurt the fishing conditions.

North Florida is the perfect destination to explore Florida fishing, especially for large mouth bass. A mix of clouds and breezy fishing conditions made for a productive bite.

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Jon and his wife had an absolute blast catching over 15 large mouth bass on their fishing trip. North Florida from the St. Johns River to the Rodman Reservoir is on for some great bass fishing.

When looking to catch multiple and numbers of quality large mouth bass, this is the destination to travel to. North Florida holds some exceptional waters for putting people on their biggest bass ever.

Whether you are looking for the fish of a lifetime or just a relaxing day on the water, North Florida has so much to offer. Water clarity in the backcountry estuary environments is at a peak during the cooler months of the year, making it easier to locate sea trout on the grass flats near sandy potholes.

One of the best rigs for winter trout fishing is a soft plastic shrimp lure on 15 to 20-pound fluorocarbon leader beneath a popping cork. Target winter redfish along mangrove shorelines up in brackish spring-fed rivers, around bends or deep holes, where the water temperature tends to stay more constant following a cold front.

You can use a soft plastic shrimp, or try the Ned rig, which is most commonly used for winter bass fishing, but works equally well for targeting redfish during the cooler months of the year. Black drum can be targeted in bays or estuaries around rocks, deeper holes, and pilings as well as offshore around structure near mud, sand or she'll bottom.

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Found nearshore and offshore from central to south Florida triple tail are most often spotted around channel markers and crab trap buoys. Debbie Hanson is an award-winning outdoor writer, women’s sport fishing advocate, IFA world record holder, and freshwater guide living in Southwest Florida.

While May and June are great months to fish for tarpon, by following the migration my season runs from late February all the way through the end of November. I do vary my traveling a bit depending on weather patterns and moon phases.

Late February I leave my home waters of Charlotte Harbor and travel south to meet the migration head on. I fish the vast backcountry of the Florida Everglades and the 10,000 Islands exclusively March through mid-April.

I return home to the Coca Grande area mid-April where the tarpon are now pouring in. These fish gather in huge pods along the beaches and passes to go offshore to spawn.

Later in the season the fish start to gather in Charlotte Harbor to rest and feed before they make their journey back south. Generally speaking the second half of the season we are sight casting artificial lures to tarpon rolling and feeding on the surface.

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The backcountry of the Florida Everglades is the perfect place for the tarpon to feed before heading back to the Atlantic, Caribbean and beyond for the winter. Boat traffic and fishing pressure are close to nonexistent and the tarpon are every bit as big and plentiful as in the spring.

There are still shook around on the flats on the warmer days and the bigger fish are back in the rivers and area canals. As we get into January and February they move to the shallowest water and sit in the potholes and on the edges of the grass.

They provide excellent top water plug and fly rod action. Even the coldest months of the year the many mangrove islands, creeks, and sheltered back bays provide ample cover out of the wind for our fishing.

The rest of the year juvenile tarpon, shook and redfish are the main target. Captain Billy Henderson of Deep South Outfitters favors the inshore fishing on the Gulf Coast around his home waters in the Crystal River area, but he also highly ranks other parts of the state that offer excellent fishing for tarpon, speckled sea trout, redfish, shook and cobra.

Henderson lists the following areas on the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts as great destinations for inshore saltwater action. The shallow waters of the Banana River Lagoon around Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach provide plenty of seagrass flats for harboring sea trout.

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Large numbers of sea trout are caught annually in the Ten A Thousand Islands area of the Everglades. Henderson lists the Chokoloskee area as a prime destination for catching redfish, shook, trout and cobra.

Henderson claims the Big Bend area from Cedar Key to Homosassa has always been known for its high concentration of redfish that prefer the shelves and limestone bottom of these coastal waters. Tarpon caught in the Crystal River area have set fly-fishing world records.

The veteran guide suggests anglers can catch 100 redfish a day in September while anchoring at the bridge across the Apalachicola Bay. The shook start their annual spawn on the east coast of Florida meeting in the inlets.

Mixed in with the shook are smaller resident Miami tarpon in the 10-40lb range. Tom Weber will take you to the beautiful Biscayne Bay flats and National Park, which offer a wide range of exciting angling opportunities and your chance to catch a once in a lifetime fish.

Miami inshore fishing charters are good all year long. March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November are by far the best and busiest times of year for South Florida ’s Fishing guides.

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December, January and February offer great shots at large tarpon, permit and bull sharks. The colder months also bring incredible opportunities to catch barracuda on the flats and permit near structures.

Within the Key Biscayne triangle, as I call it, there are many miles of inshore flats, bridges, beaches, docks and inlets that provide ambush and hiding spots for our targeted species. We will work these areas depending on which bite is the hottest during your charter and I always recommend dedicating some time to the top feeding species of the week.

Biscayne Bay, Miami is known for some great inshore lemon shark fishing charters over the gin clear flats. On the incoming tide, during the months of January through mid April, Miami flats fishing really gets fun.

The earths' axis is at a position that enables us to see the flats in a clear, long distance perception. Shook spawns in Government Cut during these months and provide awesome action during a feed on the outgoing tide.

At this time of year, permit finish spawning on deep ocean wrecks and infiltrate the shallow flats of Biscayne Bay providing incredible sight fishing shots on light tackle. We find most of these fish on calm days on the west side of the bay.

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Waiting for you on these Miami flats are memorable fishing adventures for the beginner and the seasoned angler– both are welcomed. The environmental movement in South Florida in the 1960s was primarily responsible for the establishment of the 172,971 acres protected preserve.

It had become clear that the development of the shore was imminent and that sparked wide support for the protection of this beautiful place. That makes it easily accessible to travelers to Miami in a way that many other wilderness parks are not.

Thanks to flats fishing charter boat captains anyone can visit the park and its immediate surroundings. Their leaves and roots represent a platform for the growth of a variety vegetation that is food for various hatchlings.

Keep in mind that the Gulf Stream is only a few miles offshore flowing up from the deep to curl out of the Caribbean between Florida and Cuba before it turning to follow the coast north. A few, rare saltwater crocodiles inhabit the area. The park extends offshore to about 60 feet of water.

In addition to sight seeing and fishing, there are great snorkeling opportunities in and around the park. Went out on Saturday with Captain Tom Weber in search of tarpon and permit in Biscayne Bay just South of Miami Beach.

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Wanted to take my 10-year-old son out for a half day of fishing in the bay near Key Biscayne. Tom started us out by putting us on a lemon shark that ended up being over 100 lbs and almost more than we could handle.

We literally sat for 2 hours and rarely did we not have at lease one fish on a hook at any given moment. I could have spent the entire trip taking pictures of the smile on my son's face while Capt.

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