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• Saturday, 24 October, 2020
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This item has been hidden Shook have moved onto their summer breeding grounds and are plentiful once you find an area where they are stacked.

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Shook seems to be sitting there, waiting for bait to pass by for an easy meal. Pinkish and grunts seem to be their favorite food this time of year.

Redfish are schooled up tight under the mangroves this time of year. I like using shrimp on a 2/0 circle hook free lined close to or under the mangrove trees.

I prefer using cut bait as the sun hits its peak, due to the fish becoming lazier–just as we do in the summer heat Bigger trout have been caught in the deeper pot holes using smaller pinkish and whitebait free lined.

Remember that we are still under a closed inshore season for shook, redfish and trout. Learn how to stalk, approach and gain the skills needed to catch fish with artificial baits.

This time of year brings us the late afternoon showers and unpredictable weather. Lately, we have been targeting grouper, cobra, Goliath and other big fish that tend to leave your arms and back sore the next day.

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Give yourself about a 5-foot span for your leader, so your weight has plenty of room to slide. If you’re trying to target cobra, make sure you have a couple of chum bags with you to bring these fish in closer to the boat.

Depending on how the current is moving, you can use anything from your grouper rig to the smallest egg weight you can to help keep it in the middle of the water column. If you choose to go with the small egg weight, tie it on about 3 to 4-feet above the hook so the bait is free.

Throw your favorite top water baits around oyster bars and you’re sure to get an explosion. Once you notice it starting to slow down on top, switch to a jig, I prefer an eighth of an ounce, so I can keep it a little higher in the water column.

A tail hooked pinkish free lined under the mangroves has been the ticket. As for the artificial angler, eighth of an ounce jigs rigged with your favorite paddle tail or fluke bounced through a mullet school has seemed to really have these fish wanting to chew.

The offering is presented by making very long casts and giving light twitches, the reds see it as an injured bait fish and crush it 90 percent of the time without hesitation. Without consistent temperatures, this makes me feel that it’s going to be an amazing bite all throughout the summer.

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Targets nook in areas that have three things: current, structure and ambush points. While one can still catch plenty of snooks during this time, I ask that you please handle them with care and to get them back into the water as soon as possible.

Sheriff Brent Button said today medical records confirmed the identities of car salesman Tommy Rogers, 48, of Cliburn, who had been missing since August 1980, and construction worker Bobby Carroll Walker, 32, of White Settlement, missing since October 1980. Charged with murder in the case are Henry Burton Merrill, 52, described by authorities as a 'mountain man' who lives off the land, and Jerry Van Pendle, 37.

The bones of Walker and Rogers were found earlier this month in an abandoned well near Blum in central Texas, so badly disarrayed authorities first thought they had three bodies. A1A will take you to Fort George Island, where you’ll find the Kingsley Plantation.

(You veer off of A1A to a rough, narrow road that cuts through a forest of palmettos and live oaks dripping with Spanish moss that leads you straight to Kingsley. The house at Kingsley Plantation isn’t a grand antebellum-style mansion of the ilk that graces so many other southern towns.

However, he fled with his mixed-race family to Haiti when Florida became an American territory and passed harsh laws that discriminated against free blacks and put more restrictions on slaves. Like many old Southern places, there’s also plenty of ghost stories surrounding the Kingsley Plantation.

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He manifests as two glowing red eyes, usually spotted in rearview mirrors following drivers. I never saw Anna’s ghost, but I did feel something peering down at us from the second floor when we were inside one time.

However, my favorite story is of the haunted Tabby House on the road leading to Kingsley Plantation. Its name comes from the material it’s built of, tabby, which is a mixture of lime (derived from burning oyster shells), sand and water.

The Tabby House was intended as a home for a planter’s daughter, but he died before he finished it. No one ever did finish it, so now only the shell remains with some walls, no roof, and holes where windows and doors should go.

If you’re a bad person with a black heart, you’ll see a wolf with eyes of fire. I made a point of passing the Tabby House every time we visited Fort George Island.

Celebration of Life Services for Charles Franklin (Dada) Huffington, age 80, of Little field, TX will be conducted at 2:00 PM Wednesday, December 2, 2020, at the Crescent Park Church of Christ with sons Brad Huffington and Brent Huffington officiating. Burial will be in Little field Memorial Park next to his beloved wife Faye and youngest son Brian.

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Charles was called to Heaven on Thanksgiving morning November 26, 2020 to be with his Lord and Savior and the loved ones that have gone on before him, leaving the joys and troubles of earth behind. Charles was born November 16, 1940, in Mission, TX to Carroll and Margaret Huffington, being delivered at home by his Aunt Mildred.

He graduated from fromLittlefield High School in 1958 where he was proud to have lettered in football as #47. For the past nine years Charles has helped his son Brad and grandson Tanner with their farming operations. When people asked Charles what he did since he was now retired, he would say “I am a real go getter, Go get this and I go get that” for Brad and Tanner. Charles married Faye Scott on April 28, 1962, in Sudan, TX, and they raised their three sons, Brad, Brent, and Brian in the Little field Community.

He had a passion for baseball and fishing which stemmed from playing sandlot baseball and fishing all along the Rio Grangerizer around Mission and McAllen, TX while growing up. He made the Little League All City All Started and was the home run leader for his team.

When he moved to Little field, football coach GeneMayfield was watching the PE classes and noticed how fast the “new kid” was. All three of his sons and all three of his grandsons have also been letterman for Little field High School.

Charles was on the Little field School board for many years, and he continued to be a leader and advocate foolish. Not wanting to go home to an empty house, Charles made it his mission the next nine years to serve Little field even more by visiting friends, attending youth and school activities and ministering to friends all the time.

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The knowledge of world solving problems in the coffee shops ofLittlefield will never be the same with him gone. Charles was preceded in death by his youngest son Brian in 1992, his wife of 49 years Faye in 2011, his parents Carroll and Margaret, three brothers; James, Bobby, and Wayne and a brother-in-law whom beloved as a brother, Bobby Stevens. Dada is survived by his two sons, Brad Huffington and wife Kim ofLittlefield, Brent Huffington and wife Melanie of Pueblo West, CO, grandson Tanner and KambraHeffington, great-granddaughters Graceland Soles and Gentry Huffington of Little field, grandson Tyler and Brittany Huffington of Lubbock, grandson Turner Huffington of Little field, and granddaughterBrynlea Huffington of Pueblo West, CO, sister Shirley Stevens of San Benito, TX, brother Jackie Huffington of Austin, TX and brother-in-law Randy Scott of Carthage, TX.

Charles is also survived by longtime friend, Jimmy Drake. Charles and Jimmy shared being widowed and the experience of losing children.

He loved Jimmy Drake like a brother and the family is so thankful they had each other to Lebanon all these years. Honorary pallbearers will be Joe Garcia, CIRIL Garza, Santos Garcia, Brandon Trotter, CIRIL Garza Jr., Alex Roche, Navy Roche, and Jessie Ortiz. There will be a come and go visitation at Hillcrest Funeral Tuesday, December 1, 2020, from 4:00-7:00pmCharles so loved the children of Little field and was also known for giving out Smarties candy, he always had some in his shirt pockets to hand out to children.

To honor his love for children the family suggests memorials be made to the following three places:New Mexico Christian Children’s Home, much.org1356 NM 236Portales, NM 88130 I treasure the last time I went with Charles and Jimmy to eat BBQ in Level land a few years ago.

I have wonderful memories of fishing, hunting and a Christian fellowship with Charles in past years when I lived and coached in Little field. I pray that all the support you receive from everyone will be a great comfort in the coming days.

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