Florida Fishing During Stay At Home Order

Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
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This content is being provided for free as a public service to our readers during the coronavirus outbreak. Ron DeSantis’ statewide stay -at- home order issued Wednesday afternoon specifically mentioned fishing and hunting as allowable activities for Floridians.

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For instance, the governor’s directive last week that recreational boats must stay at least 50 feet apart and carry no more than 10 people remain in effect. Many of the boat ramps throughout the state remained open to the public as of Wednesday, and users were urged to engage in social distancing.

The news release was sent Friday to address questions surrounding the COVID-19 health emergency. The FCC recommends all bass fishing tournaments adhere to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health guidelines for COVID-19 prevention, such as staying six feet away from others, avoiding touching your face, regular cleaning and disinfection and staying home if you are feeling sick.

Wondering if you can go fishingduringFlorida's stay -at- home order ? There's a lot of confusion among fishermen (and really everyone) as to what's allowed and what's not.

• Floridians can go to the grocery store or pharmacy for food and essential items. • You can take a walk, ride your bikes, jog and be outside for exercise, as long as you practice social distancing guidelines like stay 6 feet away from others.

The order states: “All businesses or organizations are encouraged to provide delivery, carry-out or curbside service outside the business or organization, of orders placed online or via telephone, to the greatest extent practicable.” • Recreational boating, while practicing social distancing, is allowed under Executive Order 20-91.

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Boat operators also must continue to follow the vessel distancing and occupancy requirements outlined in FCC’s Executive Order 20-09. • Hunting, fishing and boating are allowed recreational activities under Executive Order 20-91 while remaining consistent with social distance guidelines.

• You can't go to work unless you are providing essential service as defined by the order. • You can't ignore social distancing guidelines and must maintain at least 6 feet of space between you and others when you go out.

Here's a complete list of all essential businesses, which must institute social distancing practices: Yes, Floridians can go to the grocery store or pharmacy for food and essential items.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission says it is enacting the order to reflect direction from Gov. Florida is reporting 85,926 cases and 3,061 deaths Florida in Phase Two of reopening Cases have spiked in past week, Gov.

To read more about additional proactive measures the FCC is implementing, click here. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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Ron DeSantis on Wednesday became one of the last few governors in the U.S. to issue a stay -at- home order amid the coronavirus pandemic. That order became enforceable at 12:01 a.m. Friday and ends April 30.

Food-related businesses will still abide by the governor’s previous executive orders directing them to close their dining rooms. Restaurants can still deliver food and provide pickup orders.

All major theme parks, including Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando and Lego land previously announced they would remain closed. Under the order, people can still take their family members or friends to the doctor or help them attend to their needs.

Many Florida counties have already closed public beaches to deter crowds and prevent large social gatherings. Flagger County beaches closed March 22 after a local executive order.

You can still go for a run, hike, bike ride and swim under the executive order, just don’t do it in a group and maintain your distance from other people. The executive order also includes fishing and hunting as “essential” activities.

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However, as airport traffic has been reduced by 95 percent, there are a limited number of passengers within the facility,” the statement said. “The airport is considered essential because of the delivery of U.S. mail and other commercial goods.

It is important to remain operating to assist in the coordination and delivery of medical equipment, prescription drugs, or essential personnel who may need to travel from other parts of the country to the Central Florida. “ DeSantis activated the Florida National Guard last month to help with the state’s coronavirus response, including operating large-scale testing sites.

Ron DeSantis Wednesday signed an executive order limiting all activity in Florida to essential services over the next 30 days to try to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. The order, which goes into effect Friday at 12:01 a.m., is intended to follow the direction of the White House, which revised its guidelines on Tuesday and extended its social distancing recommendations until the end of April.

UPDATE: Two days after issuing the executive order, DeSantis’ office clarified that seniors can leave their homes for essential services and activities. All other Floridians can’t leave their home unless it’s to obtain or provide essential services, a phrase that has become increasingly familiar but has differed in meaning depending on where it’s used.

In the hours after DeSantis signed the order, local governments and businesses were cramming to understand how the state will define the term. It also includes people who work in vital infrastructure industries like energy, telecommunication, water, transportation and the defense.

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As of Wednesday, Florida was approaching 8,000 confirmed cases, an exponential rise from the reality on the ground a month ago. The worst outbreak is in South Florida, where most residents have been living under a shutdown for weeks, but there is now community spread in all corners of the state, including the Tampa Bay region.

“Thank you, governor, for making the right call,’’ said Fried, the lone Democrat holding a statewide elected office, in a statement. DeSantis’ executive order supersedes any emergency actions, including those passed by Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, if they’re less restrictive than the state.

The order does not mandate any business shut down, however, it severely restricts the movement of employees and customers and many non-essential stores and offices will likely chose to temporarily close. Businesses, workers and residents in counties like Pasco and Hernando, which rejected local crackdowns, will likely experience far greater disruptions in everyday life than those already living under safer-at- home restrictions.

Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce president and chief Bob Rollback called the governor’s orders “hard medicine, but it’s something that’s got to be done.” He dismissed the value of a statewide stayhomeorder suggesting that on a trip to South Florida on Monday he had seen beaches that had been ordered closed with people gathering on them, anyway.

For nearly two weeks, DeSantis endured blistering criticism from public health experts, state and local officials and political opponents as he insisted it was not good for Florida to get ahead of the guidelines as posted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. DeSantis followed a pattern of first allowing local mayors and city officials to make the tough calls about closing beaches, bars and businesses to contain the spread of the virus, before taking more dramatic action.

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They also commended the states of California and Washington, where extreme social-distancing measures were put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 early. The previous guidance from the White House regarding an easing back into normal life by Easter, April 12, “isn’t going to happen,” DeSantis said.

“I am glad he heeded our call for statewide uniformity and urge all residents of our city and state to remain safer at home.” Times staff writers Justine Griffin, Josh Solomon, Sara Digital, Richard Danielson, Charlie Fargo, Mark Puerto and Kirby Wilson contributed to this report.

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