Florida Fishing Destinations

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An exciting place to explore for anglers, here you’ll find a colorful variety of fish in the area, including bone fish, tarpon, and shook. Sitting south of Cedar Key is Seahorse Reef, a popular area for experienced Gulf Shore fishermen.

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Covered with long and lush seagrass, Cedar Creek is considered one of the best launching points in the Big Bend area. Boasting an abundance of guides and ship captains for hire and a variety of other land and water-based attractions, Key West is an ideal destination to visit with the entire family.

A large fountain with a jumping sailfish sits in its town square, marking the centerpiece of the area’s 15 marinas ready to take out fishing and charter boat fleets. The fishing potential of this coastal village is abundant, as its untouched natural beauty is appealing to those looking for a peaceful on the water.

Spring is the most popular season for catching underwater treasures, as the seagrass grows wild in these months making it an ideal time to spot Redfish, speckled trout, and sleepyhead. With over 140 vessels that cater to anglers, you have the chance to catch grouper, amber jack, snapper, mackerel, sailfish, Yahoo, tuna and even a blue marlin in this emerald Gulf of Mexico waters.

Those looking for a more leisurely experience can cast a line off the pier, as this city pairs laid-back vibes with crystal clear beach areas. It’s also a great place to go fly and kayak fishing, and if you’re with the kids, you might want to check out the chance to hand-feed tarpon at nearby Robbie’s Marina only a few miles from the park.

Fly and spin angling might win you saltwater game fish, while reef fishing is ideal for reeling in snapper and grouper. With both resorts and campsites peppered around the lake, visitors can stay overnight, as the area has plenty of guides and charters to direct you to the best spots.

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Here you’ll discover a city listed on the National Register of Historic Places and old fish houses that date back to the original families, where both shrimp and grouper are sold to local restaurants. For those who rather go stargazing and appreciate the outdoors, head to Anastasia State Park to find 139 full-facility campsites that sit alongside the Atlantic Ocean.

Less touristy than its South Florida counterparts, here visitors will find an underrated gem with crystal clear waters stemming from the Gulf of Mexico. The area is famous for spotting an array of colorful redfish, flounder, tarpon and sea trout, and if you venture further offshore, it’s not uncommon to see fishermen reeling in king mackerel, blue marlin, tuna, and cobra.

Located on the southwest coast of Florida facing the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota even has a handful of hotels that provide guides for hire. Catching shook, redfish, trout, grouper and Dorado is common, while the area’s offshore activities, from its vibrant arts scene to the stunning Siesta Key beach, are sure to keep the entire family entertained.

Often referred to as “The Fishing Capital of the World,” here you will discover an abundance of freshwater and saltwater hotspots to keep your vacation itinerary full, from the emerald waters in the Panhandle all the way down to the Florida Keys. Not far from the town square fountain of a jumping sailfish you’ll find an area that includes 15 marinas, perfect for fishing and charter boat fleets.

Nicknamed the “Venice of America,” Fort Lauderdale has a canal system so complex that it contains hundreds of marinas and boatyards. Sailfish, sharks, Yahoo, snappers, groupers, and swordfish can be found in this city that takes boat ownership seriously.

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Destiny has over 140 vessels that cater to anglers attracted to catching grouper, amber jack, snapper, mackerel, sailfish, Yahoo, tuna, and blue marlin. Along with Destiny’s deep-sea fishing opportunities, it maintains a city with a small-town feel with crystal clear beaches for cooling off, perfect for a family vacation.

Fly and spin angling might get you saltwater game fish, while reef fishing is great for reeling in delicious tasting snapper and grouper. Located in the Big Bend, Cedar Key is filled with shallow backwaters to the Gulf of Mexico, which makes it the prime spot for a variety of game fish.

With many off the water activities including an aquarium, wild bird center, eco-tours, island hopping, and a chance to swim with dolphins, your family simply cannot be bored in Key Largo. With such an engaging and active fishing spot, access is easy with plenty of charters ready to set up beginners and pros alike.

This underrated gem has crystal clear waters from the Gulf of Mexico, and you’re sure to spot redfish, flounder, tarpon and sea trout. If you venture offshore, it is not uncommon to see fishermen get lucky with king mackerel, blue marlin, tuna, and cobra.

No longer just a spring break destination, Panama City is a great place to take the kids to enjoy the sugar-white sand and emerald green waters from the Gulf. Compared to the chaotic hordes of tourists at Florida ’s theme parks, fishing in the Sunshine State is relaxed, peaceful and is budget-friendly.

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To take full advantage of what the state has to offer, bring your family to one of these top fishing destinations for fishing in Florida. This calm and picturesque lake is perfect for boat charters, or if you would rather you can keep your feet firmly on the ground and enjoy some of Florida’s best shoreline fishing.

Multiple resorts, campsites, charters, and guides can be found dotted around the lake, to suit all needs and budgets. Lake Okeechobee is featured in most major tournaments (including The Bass master Elite and Few Tour) and boasts all the amenities to help you catch and reel in prize-winners time and again.

Known commonly as the “Sailfish Capital Of The World” and famous for its legendary shook catches, Stuart is the perfect fishing location if you’re looking for variety. With the Gulf Stream only 10 miles offshore, big game fishing is easily accessible on both a half-day charter or a full day taking you that little further out.

Providing you with the opportunity to easily catch Snapper (Red, Black, White, Vermilion), Grouper (Gag, Scamp, Red), Amber jack (Some up to 150 pounds), Trigger fish, Sharks (Blacktop, Tiger, Bull, Hammerhead), Mahi, Tarpon, King Mackerel Yahoo, Cobra, and even Billfish and Tuna too. Boasting over 400 different waypoints along the offshore seabed which is packed with various artificial reefs and wrecks, even staying within the 9-mile state water limit will yield amazing catches.

Just a little further out and you will discover that Destiny offers some of the best deep-sea fishing in the whole of Florida and is host to world-renowned locations such as the Squiggles, the Edge, the Elbow, the Nipple, DeSoto Canyon, and 100-Fathom Curve. With the warm sun and crystal clear blue waters, Destiny provides the best of both worlds for anglers of many differing fishing styles.

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Redfish Speckled Trout Sleepyhead Flounder Black Drum Seasonal visitors such as Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, and Jack Crevasse being easy catches in just 3 feet of water or less. Extending over 400 square miles and being the largest open-water estuary in the whole of Florida, Tampa Bay has become an angler’s delight.

Offshore will take you along the Gulf of Mexico with its numerous wrecks, reefs, hard bottoms, weed lines, and ledges. Prime pickings for pelagic and other predatory fish species and sure to give you a little more of a challenge on the line.

Keep your bait on the surface and you will be sure to attract the local Barracuda, King fish, Dorado, and Permit. However, please make sure you check with your captain or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission as open season for some species found in the Gulf is limited.

Just a hours drive away from Disneyland, this quintessential beach town is host to the full array of pelagic, bottom fish, and coastal cruisers. While still, a great experience and generally fished a lot less, most fishermen prefer to stay inshore or nearshore due to the increased charter travel time.

Cocoa Beach is surrounded by protected shallow waters which are perfect for beginners or likewise some sight fishing in the grass flats. With it’s beautifully warm and fish-rich waters, the Gulf Stream is just a 10-mile journey out from town and gives you access to those big game pelagic.

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However, do be on the lookout for the local Barracuda, as they are known to catch anglers unawares, snatching your hard-fought prize right off the line. Afterwards, head into town and stop off at one of the many lakes or canals, where you can walk, kayak or even charter a boat trip.

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