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Daniel Brown
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
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We fish 24 tournaments a year, from the Everglades to Orlando. Citrus Bass masters We’re a small club that has been re-structured and are seeking both boater and non-boater members.

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But you don’t have to be affiliated if you wish only to compete at the club level. We are a Club that makes Fishing and Friendly tournaments a part of our lives.

We have members from all over the Clearwater, Tampa area and are open to all ages. But currently mostly retired Fishermen that enjoy extra time at the lake.

To promote our state conservation department, our organized moral and political support. We meet at Rich’s BBQ on the first Friday of every month at 7 PM.

One of the oldest bass clubs in Central Florida and meets on the first Tuesday of each month. The canal fishing here in the really southern part of the state is a well-kept secret.

Home club of 2003 BASS Federation World Champion Jerry Shaver! “The Bass Federation” conducting scheduled club tournaments, aiding conservation groups, providing public awareness through public service announcements and protecting local fisheries for future anglers.

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We fish from Pal aka (north) to Okeechobee (south) and all lakes in between. Milton 3 Rivers Bass Club meets 1st Money each month, tournaments 2nd Saturday; Zambia, Per dido or Blackwater Rivers.

The season started in March, ends in Feb. We have an annual meeting and are very community-minded, supporting Teen Sport fishing Assoc., Florida Disabled Anglers and Paralyzed Veterans of America Bass Tour. Seeking new members for the season beginning Jan.05 Come join the best tournament trail in central FLA. It’s all about fun, fish and having a GOOD TIME. E-mail Contact.

We are unique in that we fish every other odd month for a two-day weekend. There is a token money pot for winner and big fish to keep it interesting and friendly.

Dues and entry fees are low and the competition is friendly. If you are interested in having your Florida fishing club linked here, please just email your above information, and we will get it listed.

Bill (River rat Jr) & Dave (River rat Sr) collared six channel cats on the SJR Wednesday morning. Another of the SJR Cats for River rat Jr.

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My grandson Will & son Alan, each with a good Sallie from Drummond Island Michigan. A species that no longer eludes Troy.

Nice place to catch Bone fish in Hawaii We had some Father and Son doubles during our week at Kiribati on Christmas Island 2019.

Finally, GT on Fly but it was a 7wt Rod with 6wt Line and 16# Tippet. Crank Crabs work on Bones, trigger and everything else swimming...

Decent GT on Popper just outside in the channels between the Flats. 56 lbs cobra, caught on my Red Snapper trip in Port St. Joe.

After two weeks of offshore blue water tournament fishing in the Bahamas it was nice to find a pristine flat off Grand Bahama and break out the long rod for some solitude fishing. Chunky Nov 2018 Shook off Rock ledge Drive on 10lb spin and a Senile lure.

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Lionfish from the FIFA reef on a finger mullet. My son Alan with the best of our large mouth from the C54 canal on Tuesday, Nov 27.

Breezy, cloudy and cool prior to 1PM, but he managed to dig out 18 to my one.....oh to be 50 something again. St Johns River catfish, 32" long.

Sea-run Cut-throat trout caught on the edge of Puget Sound in West Seattle Larry with a really nice Red Snapper...keeper.

Stephanie with another fantastic Ultra Light catch @ just over 21 pounds. Missed First Place in the FIFA Tourney by 5 ounces...close.

The Sunshine Bass have made an early appearance... Good thing Stephanie fishes with me, that way I get to eat...LOL. 15" tarpon in January in the Econ River south of St Rd 46.

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8-Year-Old Carolyn Costello with her first Drum. We found these in the “secret” Shook spot...seems they like white bait too.

Grandson & son with bookend big sallies caught Aug 11 Drummond Island, MI. Pulled this Goliath Grouper off a wreck while fishing with Chris and Elena Costello a couple of weeks ago.

Lindsay Rowland March 2017 – 27.5”, 6.5 LBS Sea trout on Fly Literally ripped his Top Lip off during the fight... When fishing with Ryan “LockDown” Vetch it is common.LOL Awesome night/morning fishing through the Sunrise.

Rattletrap but by a different manufacturer (just a personal preference) Weightless Rigged Plastic Jerk Baits that I cast at schooling fish.

Slow Sinking Twitch Baits...for Casting at School Fish and Searching Ralph & I experienced a controlled burn Mar 1st at Farm 13, made 11:30 am look like twilight.

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Ralph with a nice Farm 13 bass, one of 21 for the day for he and Dave Best of the 21 fish morning for Ralph & Dave, Wednesday Mar 1st.

The trip following the Club Auction... Windy Windy, but we managed to get half dozen Drum and assorted Sheep and Trout. Tarpon rolling but no takers today.

Ella Elton with a nice shook 9lb on a pink jig :) Charlie and I managed to get a few hours on the water Saturday...kept the smell off the boat.

Not so good note, Chris messed up his Arm helping me land this dinosaur. Ryan and I out chasing Reds and Tarpon...found a few.

More Tarpon in Drinker Canal at the Mouth than I've ever seen. Went Red fishing yesterday and hooked Tarpon, went Tarpon fishing this morning and caught Reds...

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Just shy of 15 Pounds...nice Channel Cat returned to the water Almost a dozen are finding their way to the smoker tomorrow... Charlie is hooking them up.

Steve golfs with a red snapper on 15lb test First Tarpon and an Olympic Jumper (FUN).... Same Jig caught a Tarpon, a Red and a Sleepyhead today.

Last two hours of daylight... Simple 1/8th oz Jig w/ Buck tail. Caught about 3' from the boat on retrieve... Great Species day for Steph with, Whiting, Sail cat, Triple tail, redfish, lady fish and sheep all today.

Steph spotted this one and made a fantastic shot on it. We managed to get one to take but only gave one Big Jump and a Spit.

Bill Hendrix and I with a couple ENDANGERED RED SNAPPERS caught and RELEASED ALIVE. We caught quite a few on Saturday during the CFA tourney aboard #finfactorcharters with Capt. Joe Smith/John Durkee.

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Denny with one of the Stick Marsh Weed Bass on 'Earth Day' FIFA members Owen, John, Steve, Chris with a nice dolphin catch out of Port Canaveral on the “No Fear”.

A 4+ at Stick Marsh on April 13th, one of 29 taken by Steve Collins and myself on a pretty day. Steve took this 6-2 at the Marsh on a small plastic craw w 4# UL, a 20 point fish, bringing him one step closer to Bass species master.

Nice surprise while LMB School fishing. The Werner's w nice double, Will trying to make sure his appears bigger than his dad's.

Terry Win with Yahoo, 03/16/16, 80# gen tackle, 42# 14oz, north Ponce @ 140', high speed lure, caught with Jon Turner. Dave w 1 of 24 Stick Marsh bass Ralph & he got 03-17.

Max Alderman with a 4lb, 4 oz sunshine bass Shad are here, keep an eye out for the Reel Time boat coming to our area soon ...

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Dan Thompson with a 10lb, 6 oz channel catfish caught on Jan. 29, 2016 UAE near Funereal 2015- Same fishery as here, red snapper, dolphin, tuna, grouper, mackerels.

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