Florida Fishing Chart

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• Monday, 07 December, 2020
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Jump to the bottom of this page for tips and information on how to get free nautical charts. Staying within nautical markers is encouraged to protect both wildlife and our waterways, and to keep you from getting lost in the back waters.

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The waters on the Gulf of Mexico, The Keys, and inshore waterways can be shallow, so knowing your depth is very important to avoid grounding. The coastal waters of the Gulf and The Keys have little structure, so the sandy substrate is constantly shifted around.

The Boating and Angling Guides by FCC are a great resource consisting of area waterway maps and include information on speed zones, marinas and public access boat ramps, and seagrass and mangrove locations. Get your Guide at the Florida Fish & Wildlife website or pick one up locally.

We will not be held liable for any damages if you rely on the information or regulations listed on this website. Look for our blue oval logo at the top of the page and please shop for fishing spots carefully online.

(See what you get with any purchase here) If you’re already familiar with our GPS products, head over to our fishing spots shop for quick checkout. Florida NOAA Nautical Charts come built into our included Google Earth files for Mobile Devices and Computers.

This new mobile Nautical Chart and fishing spots imagery comes built in to many of our included Mobile Device files using Google Earth to display fishing spots, maps and nautical detail. You will get a direct email with attachments, there will be NO fishing spots download links for security reasons.

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Label matched PDF File list of GPS Coordinates for your purchased area included. Label Matched Google Earth file with NOAA nautical chart overlay is included.

This file is included and works with your computer, Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and other devices supporting Google Earth. Advanced “how to” fishing tutorials cover Rigging, Tackle and bait are available at no charge by request Copy and paste GPS spots with comments.

We include GPS files for Garmin, Lawrence, Sim rad, Hummingbird and Ray marine that accept SD cards. Our fishing is excellent, and one of the many reasons is the exceptionally large number of species which regularly prowl our waters.

The following chart lists the fish species which are regularly caught in Southwest Florida, together with the approximate times that they are most available. Although seasonal and weather variations can occur, this is a real good starting point for planning and scheduling your vacation.

A Florida Sportsman FishingChart will surely become one of your most valuable fishing tools in your tackle box for years to come. Our expert Florida Sportsman staff and network of professional guides throughout the state have worked together to chart many of their inshore and offshore “hotspots” to help put you on the fish.

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Designed by fisherman, Florida Sportsman Fishing Charts are waterproof, functional and durable. For better manageability on the water, this chart can be folded up to show only your favorite fishing grounds.

And while many species can be found year long, our new color-coded system indicates the peak seasons to go after your favorite fish. Each chart includes thousands of hot-spots, GPS numbers, boat ramp locations and fish ID illustrations.

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