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• Friday, 17 September, 2021
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Spiny Lobster Performance Shirt (Safety Yellow) Today our roots stretch out from our local waters, to Montana streams, New Jersey shorelines, Louisiana marshes, Everglades backcountry, Bahamas flats, and nearly everywhere in-between.

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Our fly-fishing knowledge & expertise is heavily influenced by proven guides and anglers along these routes. We partner with companies by fostering strong relationships between the manufacturer, distributor and outdoor retailer.

Outdoor Outfitters Group works to advance the vision of the manufacturer, distributor and retailer together. We engage in multiple aspects of our customer’s business along the way from ad planning & copy, distributor shows, forecasting, tracking order/back order status, warranty and repairs and customer/vendor compliance.

Our Mission is to provide the best service to our clients with the greatest products available to the outdoor enthusiast. Many traditionally feed their own families through hunting and fishing, and yet embrace the latest technology through annual new gear purchases which they study pre-sale on the internet and through social media.

Dennis has over 32 years experience representing sporting goods products in the outdoor industry. With a degree in business administration from the University of Kansas, as well has his experience with the outdoor industry, Dennis is a great asset to the organization.

Dennis works closely with accounts such as: Bass Pro Shops, Inc., American Rod & Gun, Graph & Sons, Sportsman’s Supply, Midwest Wholesalers, Midway Arms, Dunn’s Sporting Goods, Greens Supply and Rogers Sporting Goods. With Bass Pro he is experienced at working with their vendor-relations site to provide forecasts, manage inventory and track sales.

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He earned his Bachelors Degree from the University of Kansas, with experience and knowledge in sales, marketing, promotions, managing, planning, hiring, training and manufacturing. David believes in regular contact and communication, as well as keeping customers informed and trained on product, programs and promotions in order to create a successful sales plan that ensures inventory turnover.

He earned his Psychology degree as well as minors in Communications, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations from Southwest Missouri State University. Mike has excellent experience representing Hunting, Fishing, Marine, Camping, Gifts and Apparel throughout the Midwest states.

We are blessed with Jeff’s experience in manufacturing, product category management, retail sales and vendor representation. Jeff is our head Training Coordinator and Pro-Staff Manager for Bass Pro and Cabala’s as well as one of our key account representatives.

Developing innovative training methods based on his previous experiences will help drive our client’s product placement and sell-through. While managing Tucker and Associates, Dan has traveled six states extensively and works with all key accounts, distributors and buying group members throughout the Talk states representing product lines in hunting, fishing, camping and marine categories.

Mitch has invested over 30 years building relationships and experience in the outdoor sporting goods market for the upper Midwest. Mitch has excellent experience with representing hunting, fishing, camping, shooting optics and other equipment to Gander Mountain, Sc heels All Sports, Sportsman’s Guide, Running, Mills Fleet Farm, Big Rock-CSI, Sports Specialists and Bill Hicks as well as other key dealers and distributors throughout the upper Midwest.

performance seal florida sleeve upf fishing apparel sublimated
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Beyond the sales and management of the product lines, he has been responsible for creating and implementing training programs, POP displays and advertising placement throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas for several companies. Three of those years of combined experience are from retail sporting goods sales and product purchasing.

Covering the states of Arkansas and Louisiana, he enjoys working closely with Sports South, Tyler Petrus, Simmons, Alipay’s, Mack’s Prairie Wings, numerous buying group accounts and key dealers. Reece’s enthusiasm, experience and irreplaceable product knowledge are a great asset to the Dog team.

Greg hails from Minnesota, earning his degree from Century College of White Bear Lake. Greg enjoys opportunities to hunt big game, upland birds and waterfowl.

His other active pursuits include camping, paddling, fishing hard and soft water and target shooting. Greg provides exceptional service to his accounts large and small in eastern Minnesota, Wisconsin and northern Illinois including Sportsman’s Guide, Gander Outdoors, Mills Fleet Farm, Big R, Blaine's, Joe’s Sporting Goods, Maurice, Optics Planet and numerous key dealers.

Randy brings over 35 years of knowledge working in the fishing, hunting, marine, and camping arena. His experience includes promotional services with speaking engagements and seminars at Bass Pro, Cabala’s, Walleye Unlimited, and other organizations.

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Our industry supplies the outdoor enthusiasts with gear for hunting, fishing, camping, boating, travel and many other related activities. Although our industry has been consistent and stable in the past, technology, politics, raw material availability, customer brick and mortar outlet growth, internet growth, marketing and several other factors have lead to drastic changes in the outdoor sports market over the past decade.

We are urging you to follow the CDC recommendations to wash your hands, avoid touching your face and stay away from large crowds. If you are feeling ill, have a cough or fever, please call before coming in for your charter.

Welcome aboard Two Conchs Charters with second generation fishing guide, Capt. Aboard our open fisherman boats with twin engines, we get there fast so you have more fishing time.

We run 39 Yellow fin with triple 350’s, 36 Yellow fin with Triple 300, 34 Jab with twin 300’s, 30 Make with twin 200’s, 28 Keys Craft with a single 250, 24 North End with single 250 to cover all your fishing request.

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