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Hunting and fishing licenses may also be purchased or renewed by telephone for an additional fee. A valid hunting and/or fishing license must be carried on his or her person when participating in these activities.

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Application for disability licenses may be downloaded, printed and mailed into FCC. A Resident Disability Hunting and FishingLicense does not allow the holder those privileges found in the Commercial FishingLicense, Commercial or State Trapping License, Antlerless Deer Permits or the Federal Waterfowl stamp.

Expiration of Resident Disability Hunting and FishingLicense is determined by the type of certification submitted by the Tax Collector's office to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. Senior citizen hunting and fishing licenses are optional for non-commercial purposes and do not include the Federal Duck Stamp.

Residents of the State of Florida age 65 or older may carry proof of their age and residency, such as a driver license or voter registration card in lieu of a Complimentary License. The sale of hunting licenses, tags, and stamps is the primary source of funding for most state wildlife conservation efforts.

By respecting seasons and limits, purchasing all required licenses, and paying federal excise taxes on hunting equipment and ammunition, individual hunters make a big contribution towards ensuring the future of many species of wildlife and habitat for the future. Proceeds from the Federal Duck Stamp, a required purchase for migratory waterfowl hunters, have purchased more than five million acres of habitat for the refuge system (2005 statistics only); lands that support waterfowl and many other wildlife species, and are usually open to hunting.

If you’re ready to start your fishing season, you may find yourself wondering, “what fishing license do I really need and what are all these additional permits?” Simply put, a fishing license is required for any person attempting to take fish, mollusks, crustaceans, invertebrates or amphibians from any public fresh or saltwater body of water. Failure to do so could result in a fine and possibly other repercussions as dictated by state or local laws.

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Arizona stores sell paper fishing licenses that can be purchased and filled out in-store. The type of gear that is allowed in the body of water that you will be fishing and if any additional permits are required.

The bag limit is the maximum number of a specific species that you may catch and keep in one 24-hour period. Once you catch a fish and do not release it, it is part of your daily bag limit regardless of whether you give it to someone else.

All endangered species must be released and failure to do so could result in hefty fines and possible jail time. In some areas, length limits are enforced to protect juvenile fish.

Anyone older than 10 years old must have a valid fishing license when fishing in Arizona, except where permitted by law. Low income Native Americans as well as the blind, developmentally disabled and mobility impaired can receive a free sport fishing license.

Report Cards, which are additional permits in California, are needed to fish steel head, sturgeon, abalone, spiny lobster and salmon in certain areas. Additionally, you need an Ocean Enhancement Validation to fish ocean waters south of Point Arguello in Santa Barbara County or a Second Rod Validation to use two rods in inland waters.

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Report Cards have specific instructions independent of fishing licenses that must be followed to avoid additional penalties and fees. Additionally, a fishing license is not needed for fishing off a public ocean pier but a spiny lobster report card is needed if fishing for spiny lobster off of an ocean pier.

Each fishing license includes a small fee that goes towards search-and-rescue efforts and the Wildlife Management Public Education Fund. As some Colorado residents are eligible for fee exemptions or free fishing licenses, check to see if you may qualify.

Colorado resident seniors age 64 and older can obtain a reduced fee fishing license ; this license only requires seniors to pay the search-and-rescue and Wildlife Management Public Education Fund fee. Free lifetime low-income fishing licenses are available to eligible seniors over 64 years old.

Residents currently in the armed forces may fish for free up to 30 days a year while on temporary leave in Colorado. These active duty residents do not need any form of fishing license but instead must carry their official leave papers while fishing.

Idaho requires all individuals 14 years and older to have a valid fishing license but the rules relating to youth anglers are different for residents and non-residents. Youth residents under the age of 14 do not need a fishing license and have their own daily bag limit of fish.

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If a non-resident youth wishes to have their own bag limit of fish, they must purchase their own fishing license. Reduced fee licenses are available to resident juniors under the age of 18, seniors over the age of 65, disabled American Veterans, disabled persons and Idaho residents currently on a military furlough.

The standard combination license does not include any additional hunting or fishing permits, while the Sportsman’s Combination Package includes tags for salmon, steel head, bear, deer, elk and other larger game. If you purchase a combination license, you must also follow Idaho’s hunting rules and regulations.

This fee helps to improve hunting and fishing access, while providing more resources to manage big game and impacts of depredation. Anglers will need an additional permit when using two poles or fishing for salmon or steel head.

Those eligible for a Specialty Combination license include Nevada resident youth under 18, seniors over 65 who have at least 5 years of Nevada residency, Native Americans, servicemen, disabled veterans and the severely disabled. While fishing in New Mexico, anglers 12 years and older need to have a valid fishing license.

Resident seniors 70 years and older in addition to disabled veterans are eligible for a free fishing license. The combination license permits the hunting of squirrels and game birds but not turkey.

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In addition to a fishing license, anglers must purchase a Habitat Management and Access Validation once a year. If you plan to fish on U.S. Forest Service or BLM land, you will need a Habitat Stamp.

The Second Rod Validation as well as Habitat Stamp are not needed for youths under 12 years old or anyone on a free fishing license. Unlike other states, Oregon separately licenses angling and shellfish.

The Sports PAC includes licenses for angling, shellfish and hunting as well as tags and validations for protected fish and game. Some Oregon anglers are eligible for reduced fee or free fishing licenses.

For those Oregon seniors who are 65 years or older and have lived in Oregon for at least 50 years, the Pioneer license is deeply discounted and includes angling, hunting and the Columbia River Endorsement. All anglers, regardless of their age, need a Combined Angling Tag to fish for salmon, steel head, sturgeon and halibut.

Each wild salmon or steel head that is caught must be recorded on your Combined Angling Tag and your total catches for these two species cannot exceed twenty fish in a calendar year. Permits harvesting abalone and scallops are available free of charge and can be obtained when you purchase your fishing license.

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You may use the Two-Rod Validation to fish in standing bodies of water such as lakes, ponds and reservoirs and it is allowed, only when authorized, in certain streams. More than one line may never be used in ocean waters within three miles of the shore or in the Columbia River Basin.

As there are very specific rules relating to the use of this validation, it is always best to check local laws before fishing with more than one line. The state sells freshwater, saltwater, all-water and combination fishing and hunting licenses.

Prior to fishing, make sure you have all licenses and endorsements necessary for your intended activities. Some Texas residents are eligible for free or reduced fee fishing licenses.

Texas senior residents who are 65 years and older can get a reduced fee license. Free fishing licenses up to and including the Super Combo Fishing and Hunting Package are available to active duty Texas residents currently on temporarily military leave and disabled veterans.

The state of Utah requires all anglers 12 years and older to have a valid fishing license. Additionally, you may take brine shrimp from the Great Salt Lake without a fishing license.

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Washington requires everyone 15 years and older to have a valid fishing license while fishing except when taking common carp, crawfish, bullfrogs, smelt or shells. Residents and non-residents have the option of purchasing each as an annual license which includes a Vehicle Access Pass or a permit to park on DFW land.

Youths under 15 years old do not need either of these endorsements, but they still must fill out and complete a Catch Record Card. The Two-Pole Endorsement allows you to use two poles on most freshwater lakes, ponds, sections of some rivers and in a few ocean waters.

As this endorsement is accepted in some water but not in others, it is always best to check the local two-pole laws before you go fishing. All ages must have this endorsement to use two poles, but it is not necessary during the annual Free Fishing Weekend.

In Wyoming, anglers age 14 years and older need to have a valid fishing license. Everyone who purchases an annual Wyoming fishing or hunting license must also buy a Conservation stamp that is valid for the calendar year.

Those who fish on a daily or disabled veteran license do not need to purchase a Conservation Stamp. With your fishing license, you may use up to two rods at a time, but you can never use more than three hooks attached to each fishing pole.

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