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• Wednesday, 07 October, 2020
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This is a very interesting question and the truth is that there isn’t a cut and dry answer here. Two guys could lift the same weights for the same amount of reps for one year and at the end of it have very different results.

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If you keep exercising regularly, and you are constantly increasing the mechanical tension then your muscles will eventually grow in size. Your Type I fibers are highly resistant to fatigue meaning that it would take a very high rep range to exhaust them, they contract slowly and have a low force production.

The Soles muscle is around 80% slow twitch (though some people can have anywhere from 60-100%), while the Gastrocnemius contains around 57% . To make things even more complicated there are actually two ways to increase muscle.

These are Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy which gives you huge yet not as strong muscles (think bodybuilder) and there is Fibrillar hypertrophy which makes your muscles stronger but more dense (think tiny weightlifters who can lift 3x their body weight over their heads). Well depending on your own unique genetic makeup the muscles with the highest composition of Type IIT fibers would grow the quickest.

But different muscles can have higher concentrations of Satellite cells, and can grow more when exposed to exercise. A study by Hansen et al. found that increasing training volume led to a greater increase in satellite cells in the legs then in the upper body .

So this study seems to indicate that the muscles of the lower body have more growth potential and respond better to increased training volume. There are other factors including the age of the person (teens gain muscle a lot quicker than anyone else), testosterone levels (men versus women, or steroids versus natural), and protein intake.

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But the reality is that the muscle group that will grow the fastest is the one that you dedicate the most time too. If you love training legs then these muscles will develop at a faster rate, if you prefer arms then they will.

There is such an overload of information and lots of theories, but we’ll focus here on hard, solid facts. Those of you that want to know how to build muscle fast at home will get the same answer as the ones working out at the gym: do more heavy lifting.

Fast-twitch muscles type IIT are the biggest ones in your body, and by their nature are much more prone to increasing than the other group. But which types of exercises exactly you should follow in order to build muscle fast at home without equipment isn’t really our story, but you can find the answer at Men’s Fitness.

For all of you dying to gain 30lbs of muscle as quickly as possible, let us just say that there are plenty of supplements and products in the market, but you should be varied. If you really want to have some good advice, read our article about 5 most important amino acids for muscle growth and hair loss.

Once we discerned which are the biggest muscle groups (glutes, pecs, lats, triceps, biceps, and quads) at Thrilling, they were to be studied and ranked. We feel obliged to say there are different theories and research about whether muscles of the lower or upper body grow faster, so we left our list random.

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Whichever muscle you focus on, you won’t make a mistake because it’ll start showing soon. The good thing about triceps is that they usually all work together, but if you wish to strengthen the one between the two, try close grip bench press, or bar dips.

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Building stronger muscles also raises your metabolic rate and helps you maintain a healthy weight. There are many ways to structure a strength training program, but many people find it helpful to pair certain muscle groups together.

Working out different body parts on different days gives your muscles more rest between workouts and helps you prevent over training. We’ll also provide you with samples of how you could set up your weekly training schedule.

Smooth muscles control involuntary functions like constricting your blood vessels. Other stabilizer muscles need to brace your shoulder and core so you can efficiently lift the weight.

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When designing your program, you may find some exercises fit into more than one category. If you’re training for general fitness, you can follow a program that balances all the different muscle groups.

Many people find it helpful to pair muscle groups that are close together. For instance, you may want to pair your shoulders and arms together since many exercises, such as rows, use both body parts.

If you’re only planning on lifting twice per week, a good way to structure your workouts may be: If you’re a beginner, sticking to those six basic muscle groups is enough to build a great workout plan that can help you improve your fitness.

If you’ve already been lifting for a while, you may want to be more specific with the muscles you target when building your program. The American Heart Association recommends taking at least two days between lilting sessions to give your body time to recover.

As you get stronger, you can lower the number of reps and increase the weight. Push-ups: Increasing the width of your hands puts an emphasis on your chest muscles Band chest press : Hook a band with handles behind you and push away from your body as if you’re passing a basketball.

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Superman: To make the exercise harder, you can hold a weight in your hands over your head. Plank: Support yourself on your forearms and toes with your abdominal and core flexed.

Bicycle crunches: The twisting motion in this exercise helps target the muscles at the side of your core called your obliques. Plank with arms straight: This exercise helps work your core, shoulders, and back.

Although some people enjoy the freedom of creating their own workout plans, you may also find that you’d rather work with a certified personal trainer or another fitness expert. Some people find hiring a personal trainer helps them stay motivated and makes working out more fun.

A trainer can keep you accountable and make sure that you’re working at an appropriate intensity for your current fitness level. Many people find it helpful to separate their strength training workouts by muscle group to give their muscles more time to recover.

It’s a good idea to give yourself a two-day break between strength training workouts to avoid over training. If you don’t have access to a gym, there are plenty of great strength training exercises you can do at home using household items, resistance bands, or your body weight.

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According to Zack George, personal trainer, gym owner, and the UK's fittest man, there are five main movements to focus on. George explained to Insider how to perform each exercise, and how to structure a training plan for maximum gains.

But whether your desire to get stronger comes from health or aesthetic motivations, there are five key exercises you should focus your training around, according to Zack George, a qualified personnel trainer and the UK's fittest man (he came top in the UK in the 2020 CrossFit Open). It's crucial to train with progressive overload, which means gradually challenging your muscles by increasing the weight or reps performed.

When it comes to structuring your workout plan, George, who owns CrossFit BFG gym in Leicester, UK, recommends performing all five movements twice a week, but using different rep schemes and weights. Session 1: 12 reps of each exercise for 5 sets, at a weight that is challenging but allows you to maintain good form throughout.

Session 2: 8 reps of each exercise for 5 sets, but this time with heavier weight. Zack Georgette are various different types of dead lifts, all of which will work many muscle groups.

“With your feet hip-width apart directly under the barbell, hinge at the hips and knees and place your hands on the bar, shoulder-width apart, just outside your shins,” George said. Using the strength of your legs, pull the bar from the floor, keeping it close to your body at all times, traveling up your shins and over your knees as you extend the hips.

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Bring the barbell all the way up so you're standing straight, and fully extend your hips and knees.” Zack Georgette are various ways to perform squats, but George recommends prioritizing back-squats (i.e. having the barbell across the top of the back).

Ideally you want to descend until your hip crease is below your knee, but each body is unique and will move differently. “As you hit full depth, quickly use the power of your legs, while keeping core tight and engaged and chest up, to drive the bar back up and fully extend your hips and knees to reach the top of the movement,” George said.

“Carefully lower yourself back to the hanging position, keeping a tight body throughout the whole movement to avoid swinging, and repeat,” George said. If you can't perform an unassisted pull-up yet, try using a large resistance band hanging from the bar (place your knees or a foot inside the loop) or perform negative pull-ups, where you jump up to the top position, then slowly lower yourself with control.

Zack Georgette bench press is a really effective compound movement, working mainly the shoulders, triceps, and pecs. “Using a bench, lie down on your back with your feet placed firmly flat on the floor and your eyes directly under the barbell,” George said.

“Keep your wrists neutral, core, feet, legs, and glutes tight and engaged. Zack Georgette all these exercises (except pull-ups), the shoulder press can be performed with different equipment, but George recommends a barbell.

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“Pause for just a second at the top to stabilize and complete the rep, and then carefully lower the bar back down to the front rack position,” George said.

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