Fastest Low Insurance Group Cars

Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
• 8 min read

If you're after a good value, comfortable and well put together small car, the Rio is easy to recommend. It's also easy to drive and all models come well-equipped with air conditioning, electric windows and Bluetooth.

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Sitting in Group 2 means it's cheap as chips to insure yet is still wonderful fun to drive, despite its modest 1.0 engine with 60PS. The only estate car to feature in this list, the Logan represents amazing value for money.

It's powered by the same characterful 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine as the Mid which is proving pretty frugal in Real MPG. There are few small hatchbacks on the market that come close to matching the new Fiesta for all round handling, comfort and quality.

Standard kit is also decent, with base models getting air conditioning, Bluetooth and a body colored rear spoiler. If you want to keep insurance costs to a minimum, you'll want the entry-level Style model with the 70PS 1.1-litre petrol engine.

It's not fast but that makes it an ideal car for younger drivers who have recently passed their test. If you want a good quality small car that's cheap to run then you can't go wrong with the Hyundai i10.

Of course, it's ideal as a runabout but it's not out of its depth on the freeway with impressive refinement for a small hatch. Smart, stylish and backed by a range of brilliant petrol engines, the Ibiza feels more grown up and better rounded than ever before, while its huge boot and refined ride provide a workmanlike simplicity that is lacking with many of its rivals.

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What you do need to know is that the cheapest model to insure is the Sting version (which gets stripes on the bonnet) and comes with a 75PS 1.4-litre engine. The Twinge is now a bona fide sold-properly-in-the-UK car and is actually a joint venture with the Smart Forgoer.

We think the Twinge is the better looking of the two but if you're after the cheapest to insure model that's the basic Expression which comes with plastic wheel trims and no air conditioning. It's hardly a ball of fire but even if you opt for the 75PS version of the same engine in SE L trim, it's still only Group 3.

Like all Kia models, the Picante comes with a seven-year warranty but if you want even more proof of Kia's reliability, the Picante was the highest ranked city car in the 2016 JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study. Smart has stuck with the same formula that made the original 'city car' so recognizable.

So the latest For two is still a two-seater with that distinctive shape, an incredibly tight turning circle and tiny turbocharged engines. Some things have improved thankfully, not least the duff automated manual gearbox which has been replaced by a proper dual-clutch auto.

Real MPG shows that owners are not getting anywhere near the claimed economy figures, meaning the For two may not be as cheap to run as it looks on paper. Rather than being viewed as a cheap brand, Dacia has managed to position itself as the motoring equivalent of an austerity budget.

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Sadly this hatchback doesn't have the same charm as the original Viva, but it does have some redeeming features, not least its lengthy list of standard equipment. We did expect it to be cheaper to insure though, given that rivals like the far superior Volkswagen Up Group 1.

Given the success of cars like the MINI, Fiat 500 and the Audi A1, it’s easy to see why Vauxhall came up with the Adam. Like its rivals, there's lots of scope for personalizing and indeed ruining your brand-new Adam.

Like whom knew that individually colored alloy wheel spokes were a thing... It's cheap to run and while not the best small car in terms of handling or driver enjoyment, it's nonetheless cheap to insure with Adam Jam, Glam, Slam models all Group 3 if you choose the 1.2i 70PS engine.

It's just about the right side of cheap and cheerful although the likes of the Dacia Duster make the Quo seem expensive. It's ideal around town, more than happy on the freeway, cheap to run and comes well-equipped as standard.

Overall, the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 ranked as the cheapest sports car to insure, with an annual cost of $2,259 for our 40-year-old male profile driver. The 2013 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is the best fast car with cheap insurance, when you factor in its low rate for coverage and blistering speed.

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{“buttoned”:”Find Insurers”,”customEventLabel”:”",”defaultProduct”:”auto”,”default”:”",”Hittite”:false,”id”:”QuoteWizardQuoteForm--531”,”isAgeFieldVisible”:true,”isDeltyForm”:false,”isInsuranceTypeFieldVisible”:true,”isInsuredStatusFieldVisible”:true,”quoteWizardEndpoint”:”HTTPS:\/\/quotes.valuepenguin.com”,”showTrustMessage”:false,”style”:”drop shadow”,”tier”:”default”,”title”:”Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area”,”tracking Key”:”_cheapest-sports- cars -insure”,”trustMessage”:”It's free, simple and secure. Additionally, the Corvette's rates were $617 less per year than the next cheapest sports car to insure: the 2013 Chevy Camaro ZL1.

Though the Nissan 370Z Disco doesn't have the same straight line speed and is more expensive to insure than the Corvette and Camaro, it is one of the most affordable fast cars we considered. The Nissan's market value of $21,079, makes it the third cheapest sports car we considered in our study.

{“buttoned”:”Find Insurers”,”customEventLabel”:”",”defaultProduct”:”auto”,”default”:”",”Hittite”:false,”id”:”QuoteWizardQuoteForm--651”,”isAgeFieldVisible”:true,”isDeltyForm”:false,”isInsuranceTypeFieldVisible”:true,”isInsuredStatusFieldVisible”:true,”quoteWizardEndpoint”:”HTTPS:\/\/quotes.valuepenguin.com”,”showTrustMessage”:false,”style”:”drop shadow”,”tier”:”default”,”title”:”Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area”,”tracking Key”:”_cheapest-sports- cars -insure”,”trustMessage”:”It's free, simple and secure. Our study included coupes and convertibles with model years between 2013 and 2018, 0-60 times less than 5 seconds and prices of $50,000 or less.

For vehicles with multiple model years and trims that met these criteria, the specific car with the fastest 0-60 time was chosen. Bailey's analysis has been featured by CNBC, the Houston Chronicle and the National Transportation Bureau Safety Board.

Buying a car that’s cheap to insure doesn’t automatically mean having to sacrifice comfort or style. There are plenty of great-looking vehicles, packed full of the latest gadgets, that won’t trigger sky-high premiums.

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VW has a longstanding reputation for producing economical, spacious and reliable vehicles that also happen to be a lot of fun. Nissan prides itself on offering multiple configurations to enable owners of this neat five-door hatchback to express themselves.

This superb Spanish contender has proved itself more than a worthy rival to the likes of Ford’s Fiesta, Vauxhall’s Cora and Renault’s Clio. The manufacturer’s first fully electric car has a decent range of 170 miles, with prices starting from around £17,000.

As usual, there are various models to choose from, with the S offering five seats, an immobilizer, tire pressure monitoring system and electric front windows. The Premium SE, meanwhile, has an array of gadgets, including heated front seats, parking sensors and keyless entry with an engine start/stop button.

Millions of Pandas have rolled off the production lines since this cracking car arrived on the scene more than three decades ago. Then you have the muscular Panda Cross 4×4, with its all-wheel drive, and all-terrain selector switch giving you access to auto, off-road and hill descent control.

Standard equipment includes 16” gray machined alloy wheels, a stylish lower front grille, body-coloured door mirrors, privacy glass and follow-me-home headlights. Needless to say there are a host of optional extras available for this already stylish little car, including exhaust pipe chrome finish and side sills.

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Its most recent model carries on the trend for stylish, solid, practical motoring. If you’re after something that’s spacious and practical as well as pretty cheap to buy and run, it makes a compelling argument.

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