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Over the course of four seasons, the LC2 would claim eleven fastest laps, thirteen pole positions and three outright victories in the highest level of sport scar racing. Ferrari allowed Lancia and Abarth to adapt the newly introduced, naturally aspirated, 3.0 liter, 32-valve, V8 engine.

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This engine had initially debuted in the Ferrari 308 TBI UV, but in this naturally aspirated form would not generate enough power to be competitive. Lancia reduced the volumetric capacity of the engine to 2.6 liters but added two KKK K26 turbochargers to create enough power to be competitive, but also meet the required fuel efficiency.

Not only was the LC2 designed by Gain Paolo Dollar and his team of competition car chassis specialists, but his company was also responsible for the manufacture of the aluminum monocoque and Kevlar and carbon fiber bodywork. Over the course of its competition life, the LC2 went through continued development, leading to revised aerodynamics and an enlargement of the Ferrari V8 engine to 3.0 liter.

Today these cars are highly sought after and would go on to become Italy’s only entry in the Group era of endurance racing. Autonomy di Mona hosted round one of the 1983 FIA World Sport scar Championship, with this LC2 being driven in practice by Percale Guinean wearing race number 5.

Banning was a Formula One regular, driving for the Italian Minaret team alongside Gorilla, with Andrew having previously won the Monte Carlo, Tour de Corse and San Demo World Rallies. The ACO scrutineers insisted that Lancia add wheel-arch extensions above the rear wheels to cover the tires.

Qualifying saw this Martini-sponsored LC2 conduct a fuel consumption test, which was miscalculated, and the car was stranded at Julianne corner. This led to a significant loss of track time, which resulted in this car lining up 13th on the grid.

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Lancia Martini Racing continued to develop the LC2 in preparation of the 1984 season, with this car being fitted with the enlarged 3.0 liter, more powerful and more durable Ferrari 308C engine. This car was also fitted with a new Abarth-modified Hew land transmission, with the suspension also being developed specifically for the latest Dunlop tires.

This LC2 was chosen by Lancia Martin Racing for the penultimate round of the 1984 FIA World Endurance Championship, the Salami 1000 kilometers in South Africa in Early November. This LC2, wearing race number 5 was assigned to four-time Daytona 24 Hours winner and European Champion, Bob Rolled and promising Italian Formula One driver, Paolo Gorilla.

The race saw 31 cars line up behind LC2-0001 for 244 laps of the 4.104 km Salami circuit in ideal warm dry conditions. With the aim of competing and winning the 1985 All Japan Endurance Series, Garage Italy also contracted sport scar legend and four-time Le Mans 24 Hours winner, Henri Escarole alongside Alessandro Banning.

The first race in Japan for LC2-0001 was the 1000 km of Fuji in early May 1985 where it continued its traditionally strong qualifying performance, lining up third on the grid. At the end of July, LC2-0001 returned to Fuji for round three of the Japan Endurance Series where Banning shared driving duties with Australian, Lucio Scenario.

Once more, qualifying was an impressive affair, with this car setting the second fastest time, with gearbox issues leading to a retirement in the race. Having remained with Lippmann for twenty years, this LC2 was bought by a French racing driver in 2016 before joining The Champion Collection in 2017.

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Upon arrival in America, this LC2 was delivered to Andy Greene Sports and Vintage Race Cars for mechanical inspection and overhaul of the various required systems. The seven Lancia Martini Racing LC2’s evoke memories of the golden era where three of Italy’s automotive powerhouses combined to create one of the fastestGroupC cars.

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Tuning skills: beginner or experienced? I recently started running a Toyota 88C & it feels better to me than my Saber or Lancia(1st Eve), the Porsche 956KH is a favorite of mine as well, & I have done well w/ a Jag at times. Your driving style & controller will also factor into this strongly.

Hi Javelin is to keep std small can motor, no changes to gearing, motor pod, wheels etc. So in keeping with this ethos, answer to your question must be whatever is currently in your race box or on the shelf at home.

Only change I plan to make is to replace delicate spoiler on my car with plain racing one, assuming this is OK. And of course fit silicon tires. Over to everyone else, what will you race? The idea for the event was from young Phil (snaphead to his friends). To keep it low-cost cars will need to be “box standard” i.e. no changes to gearing, suspension kits etc. Hope this helps Dave.

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If you are looking to buy a car still just enough time to win one on eBay before Monday. Or if you wish I will be calling in at L D Discounts in Poole to buy new chassis for McLaren F1 to rebuild shell left from 24 hr car.

In my opinion the 88c has better weight distribution and a very slight width advantage. The Lancia has that annoying multipart chassis that could be prone to breakages.

If budget is not a problem, buy one of each and see which one you prefer to drive. If budget is not a problem, buy one of each and see which one you prefer to drive.

There is very little to chops between the Lancia LC 2 85, Toyota or even the Mazda. Don't forget the later Jaguar either. Give the Slot It group challenge a go at Modesty.

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