Fastest Florida Fishing Villages

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While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date. Fishing in this little town is a lot of fun, with plenty of grouper, redfish, trout and tarpon in the area, depending on the season.

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Book a room in the Plantation on Crystal River, a resort that caters to anglers with its own marina. Steinhatchee is an authentic Old Florida town, where things move at a slower pace.

There are plenty of opportunities for boating and fishing around the fertile grass flats. Summer is scallop season, and Steinhatchee is one of the best places to catch them.

This beach sits on a barrier island between the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean. The fishing piers at Buena Vista Park are a good place to start.

On this charming island in Northeast Florida, you can choose between many fishing charters or head out to the fishing pier at Fort Clinch State Park and drop a line. The communities of Pine Island treasure the secluded and authentic atmosphere here, and fishing is a way of life.

Bring your own boat, choose from a variety of charters or try out the Fish ingest Bridge In The World over Malacca Pass. It's easy to find a charter to help navigate tricky oyster beds.

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The Moorings of Annabelle are a hotel/marina resort where you get a slip for your boat (up to 26 feet) for free. She also makes art, jewelry, and other things for her shop, The Gilded Gator.

Some of the most charming and relaxing destinations in Florida are the historic small towns and fishing villages dotting the coasts. While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date.

If you know of a local business that could use some extra support during these times, please nominate them here: onlyinyourstate.com/nominate This fishing village in Northwest Florida is famous for some of the best seafood in the country, especially oysters.

Visitors love the natural beauty and slower pace of this town. Cedar Key is famous for its clams, so make sure to try out a few local restaurants.

Steinhatchee is a true hidden gem located in Taylor County. There are plenty of relaxing activities, including boating, fishing and scalloping.

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You'll feel like you're vacationing in Europe when you enter this historic Greek town in Pinellas County. Adorable shops, Victorian homes, authentic Greek food, and the sponge docks make this one of Florida's most interesting small towns.

This historic fishing village on Sarasota Bay is as authentic as it gets. This fishing town has a beautifully restored historic district full of charm as well as plenty of perfectly preserved wildlife.

This colorful strip of seafood markets and art galleries is a must-visit for anyone in the Fort Myers area. It sits on the St. Johns River, and in the 1880s its mineral springs were noted for their healing properties.

She also makes art, jewelry, and other things for her shop, The Gilded Gator. The Villages are also located only an hour drive from Crystal River, which is considered to have some of the best Tarpon fishing in the entire world.

These guidelines were put in place to ensure that fishing in The Villages will be a great experience for years to come. The most important guideline to follow is that every fisherman over the age of 16 must have a valid license from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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The Villages Community Development District specifies that fishermen are required to respect any private property rights around fishing areas. The Villages Freshwater Fishing Club and the Recreation Department have put together a Rod Loaner Program that allows anyone to borrow rods and reels from the regional recreation centers at La Hacienda or Lake Fiona.

These rods and reels are loaned to Villagers and guests free of charge. Many Villagers suggest casting your line at the pond across from the Chula Vista Recreation Center.

If you are a seasoned angler, these local spots can be a great way to relax between bigger fishing trips. If you haven’t cast a line in years, you can borrow a rod for free and start practicing at any of these locations.

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