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Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
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Long-time client, friend, and business partner Bill Bragg came to explore what Florida bass fishing had to offer this month. His first adventure took him to Lake Okeechobee to put Mark Shepard’s Wow Factor 2.0 crank baits to work.

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Captain Mark Shepard had the pleasure of showing him around and putting him on some fish out of Lewiston, FL. Lake Okeechobee is one of Bill’s favorite places to explore when he is on tour.

Bill Bragg is a magician that travels around the United States putting on shows for the masses. Bill enjoys taking a couple of days off and putting some Florida large mouth bass in the boat.

Shallow water cover including submerged grass and cattails were heavily targeted. The best method to catch bass on this trip was the Wow Factor “Mullet” 2.0 Crank bait.

Bill and Captain Mark were catching numbers of males prepping and finding the best areas to start the spawning process. As Florida and Lake Okeechobee wait for cold fronts, you can have a great time catching numbers of fish.

Captain Mark and Bill himself wanted to see how the Everglades bass paired up with the Wow Factor Crank bait. The Florida Everglades showed up for Bill putting all the species listed above in the boat.

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Don’t miss out on your adventure Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing or in the Florida Everglades. By Terry Tomlin Anglers have been waiting all summer for fall to arrive, for every fisherman knows, when the water temperature cools, the action inshore and offshore starts to heat up.

Nothing beats the sight of a big gator trout Austin’ loose on the grass flats. Red Drum, or redfish as they are more commonly known, is another sport fish you will find throughout Florida waters.

When all else fails, try the artificial bait choice for redfish : the weedless gold spoon. The good news here is that, when it comes to catch and release, shook is one of the hardiest fish in state waters.

Kingfish, will soon begin their run from their northern summering grounds to their winter haunts off the Florida Keys. Anglers have a large window of opportunity to catch these bottom dwellers before new regulations may further limit the season.

And October through November is the best time of year for redfish and speckled trout. Inshore fishing is done in shallow waters with land in sight.

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Tom and his wife Sharon own Palace Outfitters, a very busy store in the heart of downtown Apalachicola. Tom and Sharon Morgan, of Palace Outfitters, show off their selection of spinning and fly rods.

Photo by Lowell Thomas Tom is a lifelong fisherman who still hunts and fishes with hometown buddies from as far back as the 6th grade. With no boat and no car, they would fish in the reservoir spillway runoff after heavy rains.

The thrill of catching lots of big large mouth bass on artificial lures hooked him for a lifetime. After college, he did a lot of inshore fishing in the Louisiana bayous.

His love of inshore fishing grew, and with its own skiff now, he never misses a chance to get out on the bay. Going over the equipment, Tom explains the basics of inshore fishing.

Explaining the difference, Tom points out that higher priced reels have a superior drag system and better materials are used in their construction. Higher priced rods have more and higher-quality graphite, they are stronger, and provide the angler more distance and casting accuracy.

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During tarpon season, Tom get customers from as far away as California, Australia, and South Africa. For fly-fishing on the flats, one angler stands at the bow while an experienced guide or friend poles the boat through shallow water.

Battery and Lafayette parks each have a long pier with a covered fishing platform. There are also two long fishing piers at each end of the St. George Island Bridge.

You can find these at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website or on a laminated fold-out with a fish species guide for the Gulf of Mexico, available at Palace Outfitters. The Robinson brothers, Tommy and Chris, have run their guide service here for over twenty years.

Courtesy Robinson Brothers Guide Service. For starters all equipment is provided: boat, rods, reels, bait, and lures. Just as important, a guide provides you with a license to fish for the day and maintains the correct catch limits in number and size.

Kathy explains that their guides have grown up fishing in the bay since they were kids. Keep an eye on it and you’ll be landing triple tail, sleepyhead, black drum, bluefish, pompano, tarpon, Spanish mackerel, cobra, black-tip sharks, and more.

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At the Owl Café, for example, they will prepare your (cleaned) catch fried, grilled or blackened and serve it to your family or group for a reasonable fixed price per plate that includes a salad and two sides. When you throw a line in the water, just remember it’s called fishing not “catching”.

October Bass Fishing in Central Florida is off the hook folks! Bass will be hitting the shallower waters now that things are cooling off for us, and the toads and Seiko type baits are really going to start putting some quality bass into the boat for some great pictures.

Be sure to check out our two and three day bass fishing trip specials. These trips become very popular this time of year and folks have a blast catching bass.

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