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Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 26 October, 2021
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The brands below form FloridaFishing Network and were founded by passionate and visionary anglers in today’s outdoor industry. The passion, desire, hunger and appetite for success has been revolutionary to the service industry.

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Network is dedicated to helping travelers everywhere to have more fun on the water and catching more species of fish. Gasoline is the largest freshwater website in Florida and a premium brand for freshwater fishing anglers that fuels their passion for fishing, offering the broadest array of innovative solutions for anglers.

IOutdoor is an all-inclusive, one-stop shop for all of your outdoor needs in the sunny state of Florida ! Its mission is to specifically market the Florida Outdoors to the Brazilian marketplace.

Each detail of Outdoors benefits from the natural unique actions to the online shopping revolution, it derived from detailed scientific studies of online shopping needs and habits. Today, Outdoors remains dedicated to our heritage of making the outdoor activities accessible to everyone with a flawless performance so Outdoors men and women can experience the joy loved by so many.

South beach and endless entertainment make this one of the most desired locations, but the great inshore and offshore is second to none. A culture in Miami like no other that is equally attractive to inshore or offshore saltwater anglers that enjoy a day on the deep blue sea.

A culture that is equally attractive to saltwater and freshwater anglers that fuel their own passion for fishing. Creating a stable and functional charter service through innovative solutions for Central Florida visitors.

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Based in Kissimmee, it is a direct connect to Disney fishing tours and activity outside the park. With over 30 years experience and a broad array of innovative solutions for anglers in what many say Central Florida is the fishing capital of the world, we help them find it exciting.

Focused on bringing Bass Fishing Charter captain together in one location for one common goal. A premium brand for freshwater anglers that fuels their passion for fishing and a desire for excellent service.

Stick Marsh Fishing Guides launched in early 2008 which provides a local market lift to fishery lacking tourism. Located in real Florida, local jobs and tourism are essential for the area.

This site specializes on Stick Marsh Fisher, but does not limit our reach to others surrounded area fishing. The brand operates from the Florida Keys to North Palm Beach the heart of Peacock bass population, with additional services in Naples Fl area.

With a current market share of 70% are higher this brand each year evolves growing both the numbers of anglers fishing and local employment of guides. NaplesFlFishingCharters.come Launched in late 2018, like a Naples premium offshore brand for saltwater anglers that want the true best of the best.

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NFC offers an array of innovative solutions for anglers from a deep drop, trolling to sunset cruises in Naples. Specializing in fishing services, the premium brand for freshwater and saltwater anglers.

Leveraging technology and tourism to provide the ultimate fishing experience for visitors. Creating the most stable and functional local charter network through innovative solutions and marketing.

Specializing in fishing services, the premium brand for freshwater and saltwater anglers. Leveraging technology, local and national tourism to provide the ultimate experience for visitors.

This vendor creates the most stable and functional local boating network through innovative solutions and marketing. Leveraging technology, partnerships, local and national tourism to provide the ultimate experience for visitors already in Orlando and Kissimmee.

This site specializes in Ocala boating services and backed by a large focus on local tourism. Building as a micro brand with a premium service in a rural local market, with worldwide exposure.

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This business creates very stable and functional local jobs through innovative solutions and marketing. Martin County, where the city of Stuart resides is a beautiful destination with a lot of offers.

Once again leveraging partners and technology to help local and national tourism in the destination. This site specializes in Coca Grande boating services and backed by a large focus on local tourism.

Always leveraging technology, local employment, and national tourism exposure to provide the ultimate experience for visitors. Leveraging technology, local and national tourism to provide the ultimate experience with the most options.

St Augustine Fishing Charters launched in early late 2018 which provides a local market lift to tourism, all while adding local jobs for the outdoor tourism industry. This site specializes in St Augustine surrounded area fishing, the local team is led by the longtime local pro fishing angler Peter T and avid supporter of conservation in the area.

Leveraging technology, local and national tourism to provide the ultimate experience for St Augustine visitors. Rodman Reservoir Fishing is well known as a trophy fishery, our focus is to help make it a great vacation destination.

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Building a micro brand with a premium service in the local market with worldwide exposure. Always leveraging technology, local employment, and national tourism exposure to provide the ultimate experience for visitors.

Flock The Fluffy was created to serve as a coalition of freshwater fishery organizations and anglers, to protect our rights by providing representation in Florida government on pertinent issues that affect recreation and conservation. With many years of innovations and testing it has allowed us to adopted to a growing marketplace with unlimited outdoor activity.

Its mission is to bring needed attention, awareness and involvement to the Latino communities. As she had done hundreds, perhaps thousands, of times before, Cindy Purcell advanced the throttles on a custom-built Huck ins, this one the new 45 Sport fisherman called Wombat.

Standing beside Purcell and watching the speed-over-ground figures rise on the multifunction display as the boat came cleanly and smoothly out of the hole sans squatting, I marveled at the sense of power and acceleration delivered by twin 480-horsepower Cummins diesels. We were gliding over a light wind chop on the St. Johns River near Jacksonville, Florida, home to one of the oldest custom boat builders in the united States that still produces fine yachts under its founder’s name, Frank Pembroke Huck ins.

Back in the late 1950s, Willis Plane dreamed of building a sport-fisherman from a then-new ­material called fiberglass, with separate staterooms for four anglers, a roomy salon and a complete galley. Oh, and it had to beat back the mad mix of seas created by the warm Gulf Stream and cold Labrador Current off Cape Hatteras.

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Fast-forward to the present day, and it’s easy to see that the Hatteras Yachts powers-that-be have kept Plane’s vision alive, building with the same attributes and commitment. Tricked out with a tuna tower, outriggers, cockpit mount for chair/rocket launcher/leaning post, tackle center and mezzanine seating for watching baits, the 45EX is rigged as a serious contender.

Our sea trial of the 45EX showed impressive handling, with the boat leaning moderately into turns without bogging down on the props. I’ve been amped up since the day I saw the mammoth sport-­fisherman just starting construction, stretching beyond my eye’s view with prop tunnels so big that, when one worker lay down inside one to take a break, there was room for at least one more.

“When my yacht broker and friend Dave Bernard emailed me 1½ years ago with the artist rendering of the 92, I printed it, hung it on my bathroom mirror and told my wife, ‘That’s what we’re going to ride into the sunset with,’” Rodriguez explains. Boat building legends and young upstarts have been locked in battle, creating custom masterpieces with no expense spared.

Hatteras has stepped up to the plate with the GT series of designs, which includes a 54, a 60 and a new 63-footer I recently sea-trialed in south Florida. Camper & Nicholson's Yachts unveiled plans for its Sagittal 45 sport cruiser at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

She is meant to handle rough seas, built with vacuum infusion and closed-cell foam sandwich plus reinforced bottom and structural elements. The proud bow of Viking’s 55 Convertible pierced the outer edge of Atlantic City, New Jersey’s Abs econ Inlet and entered into a near-flat-calm ocean.

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She was pointed east and I got the sense that this sport-fisherman wanted to bolt straightway for the distant canyons in search of novel-worthy pelagic that could easily span her 17-foot-9-inch beam. While the products of builders with long histories tend to evolve, Bliss started with a fresh piece of paper.

UNO Mas is indeed a hybrid and defies even the expert eye attempting to pigeonhole her Carolina heritage. She lacks the distinctive regional features of heavy tumble home and strong flag or, as locals prefer, Carolina Flare.

The complicated compound curves of her deck house and bridge are a far cry from the practical charter boats of the past, where ease of construction led to slab-sidedness and radii defined by old coffee cans. Cab’s new 44 Hex represents an embodiment of the term fish ability, which makes sense, since she is designed to replace the venerable 45 Express, with more than 130 hulls sold.

She does that, but the high quality and comfort of the 44 Hex’s living quarters are a bonus that will trump her angling prowess for owners who also like to cruise. Powered by twin 1,001-horsepower Caterpillar C18 Alerts, the vessel’s optimum cruise proved to be 27 knots, turning 1860 rpm at 70 percent load.

Cresting waves rolled toward the bow as my test vessel punched through the sea and smashed them into misty bits like a crab hammer does to a blue claw. When pushed to wide-open throttle (2,350 rpm), this vessel’s optional 1,700 hp Caterpillar C32A diesels helped propel her across the menacing sea at almost 40 knots.

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Sitting in the cockpit of a 50-foot convertible designed for a serious angler, an employee of the well-respected builder mentioned, “Well, only about a third of our owners actually fish and campaign their boats seriously.” By “seriously” he was referring to folks who participate in the tournament circuit every year. The big sailfish leaped and splashed at the end of my line, glowing iridescent purple against the bright blue sea off Fort Pierce, Florida.

This was the 14th shot we’d had at a fish that day, and mine would be the third sail we hooked and released from Ring Leader, the new Albert 65 Express custom-built by Lyman Morse Boat building in Maine. That’s because the engineering behind that fluid look makes maintenance easier, increases reliability, lowers noise levels and generally improves time spent aboard.

Going back through many previous tests of comparable boats, my sea trial showed that this Steve French designed Spencer 70 IPS burned up to 40 percent less fuel than the higher-powered machines did at the same speeds. Today, almost four generations later, the company still sits atop the list of most respected custom sport fishing boat builders in the world.

A quest for quality, sound engineering, and damn good looks has ensured the builder will remain on this list for the next 60 years. The 72-foot Brier Patch was built for an experienced owner, who traveled the world on his previous Merritt 58, searching for big game from the Med to the Pacific.

The most immediate and obvious benefit was seen in the expanded accommodations on this style of boat, created by placing the engines aft, under the cockpit. As the system becomes more readily accepted by diehard anglers, many more production builders are now embracing Volvo IPS (and Zeus-powered boats) for use in their convertible designs.

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Designed from the outset with the sport of fishing in mind, center console boats are a popular choice for both inshore and offshore anglers alike. The helm on these boats is conveniently located in the center of the boat, leaving an open passageway on either side, as well as open bow and stern decks at the front and rear of the vessel making for easy casting and reeling-in the catch of the day.

The hull design is typically built to withstand rough waters, making it an ideal boat for ocean fishing. Today’s top fishing boat manufacturers build center console boats in varying lengths with built-in options such as rod holders, outriggers, bait wells, high-end electronics, hardtops, sunshade structures and high-performance outboard engines.

Here are our picks for the best manufacturers and brands for center console style fishing boats in 2020 (alphabetically listed with no other rank): Known as ‘The Unsinkable Legend’, Boston Whaler boats can literally be cut in half and still float.

A division of the Brunswick Group, Boston Whaler currently makes center console fishing boats ranging from the 15-foot Montauk 150 all the way up to the giant 420 Outrage. Whether you’re looking for a center console for lake fishing, or running from Florida to the Bahamas and back, Boston Whaler’s diverse line of boats offers options for all budgets.

From the 24S with forward bench seating to the 44ST with two 55-gallon live wells in the transom, Contender has struck a balance between fishing and family. Contender boats are powered by Yamaha outboard engines ranging from 300HP to the 425HP TOS on larger models.

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With ten different center console models ranging from the 235CC to the 435CC, Everglades Boats are all built using their patented RAM CAP construction process that makes them unsinkable. The Everglades line-up also offers three bay boat options, beginning with the popular 243CC, while some boaters opt for the larger 253CC or 273CC models.

The brand has secured numerous innovative patents along the way, including a fold down cockpit step assembly that makes boarding and disembarking easy, as well as their offshore-worthy SeaV2 hull, which debuted in 1989. HCB maintains a “no compromises” dedication to detail and quality, and are a brand well regarded by the serious tournament fisherman.

HCB manufactures the largest center console boat in the world by length, the 65 foot “Estrella.” Invincible Boats is another newcomer to the list, offering an extended line of power catamarans and center consoles.

The Invincible fleet has grown to nine models since the company formed in 2006, ranging from the compact 33-foot fishing “V” hull center console to the horizon-crossing 46’ power catamaran. Invincible Boats are outfitted with Yamaha or Mercury power from the factory, and buyers can also opt for a choice of either Garmin or Sim rad electronics.

Seavey opened its brand-new manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida in 2020, and builds a wide range of fishing boats. Seavey Boats are powered by Mercury outboards from the factory, and also offer an LE (Luxury Edition) upgrade package for fishermen who like to entertain friends and family aboard.

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Valhalla’s V Series center consoles consist of three deep-V, stepped monohulls that range from 33 to 41 feet. With more than 55 years of experience building serious sport fishing yachts, we’re excited to see how Viking and Valhalla will continue to innovate.

Editor’s Note: This article was first published in March 2018 and last updated in April 2020 to represent the latest models currently available. Ryan McKinney and Todd Gray at Bosun's sea trial the newest boat from World Cat.

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