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X1 achieves first win since debut on 'The Show'; becomes the fastest boy group to do so | alcopop On September 1, the Produce X 101 project group were named the winners of SBS MTV's The Show,' which was recorded as a live concert special in the city of Po hang.

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Countdown after only six days with their debut single Color Ring.” Meanwhile, the special episode, which was hosted by NCT's Juno and Change, ASTRO's Santa, and Song You VIN, will be televised on September 3.

Debuted with 'Empty' back in August 2014, WINNER managed to receive their 1st win on Meet “Countdown” in just 5 days time! Up till now, they still set the record of being the fastest idol group to receive a firs twin on music shows.

As for Ritzy, they are currently the fastest female girl group to have clinched their 1st win on a music show. (Photo : Twitter) Achieving the firs twin from music shows is never an easy task for K-pop idols.

Aside from their efforts and determination, the help of their fandom is always needed for digital and record sales. Some groups take even years to achieve their significant firs twin, while some K-pop bands disband without reaching that milestone.

However, these K-pop groups are indeed fortunate to have huge fandom who recognized their skills and talents even before debuting, leading them to gain their first music win the fastest. Six debuted in 2019, releasing their song, “Movie Star,” on July 23.

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One of the main goals of all K-Pop idol groups is to win 1st place on a music show. Each week, music shows from various broadcasting stations crown the group that got the most votes, most record sales, and other variables.

Leader Dunking was so surprised when Bob got their first trophy three years into their career with “Way Back Home” that he didn’t even prepare a speech for accepting the award. In 2013, “Female President” bought the firs twin for the ladies of Girl’s Day after being active for three years in the industry.

After their debut in 2012, it still took them almost three years to land their firs twin on music shows with “Up & Down.” Prepare your tissues, because the next few minutes will be emotional! Having debuted in 2014, Lovely was also heading into their third year when they received their first music show trophy with “Now, We.” The girls couldn’t help but burst into tears when they were announced as the winner.

It wasn’t until 2013 that Block B members got their firs twin with “Very Good.” Leader ZICO was truly confused after the announcement. All Monkeys were desperately waiting for the moment MON STA X got number one in a music program.

When she’s not studying or working, fanniberger spends her time obsessing over K-pop groups and drinking way too much bubble tea. On July 30, the group graced SBS MTV’s The Show with a performance of their debut album’s tracks “What You Wanted” and “Movie Star”.

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Joined: Jun 19, 2017 Messages: 731 Likes Received: 1,730 Currency: 0 Occupation: Too's Chew toy Ok I've been pretty cordial about U-kiss... but you guys cannot look at this, and tell me U-kiss wasn't a flop of a group Your r squared pi was denied for an entire era of K-pop.

Pretty crazy that legendary groups like BEG and KARA took much longer too. Honestly I feel like the data supports my idea that Music shows are, by and large, completely worthless.

As well as Winner, iron, and Black pink have done on music shows, poor management after the fact has led to iron being largely forgotten about, Winner having to struggle through 2016 to put their name back out there when logically by now they should have hit 2017 being able to easily compete with Ex and BTS, and Blacking still having no music released beyond the songs they made Vs for. If Music Shows truly were a good sign of how popular an idol group was, then Winner should be doing better than Ex and BTS (and it's a damn shame they aren't at that level because Winner consistently releases great tracks).

Shine and SND won early in their careers and were well-managed, being allowed to grow both among the public and with their personal fan bases. Then you have groups like AOA, Exit, Bob, and many others that took ages to win a music show but nowadays are considered excellent examples of the genre.

Again, shows like those are great for the morale boost given to the idols (and to a lesser extent the fans), but I don't really think they matter much in the grand scheme of things. Joined: Aug 16, 2016 Messages: 2,091 Likes Received: 131 Currency: 3,500 Genders: Male Ok I've been pretty cordial about U-kiss... but you guys cannot look at this, and tell me U-kiss wasn't a flop of a group View attachment 43950 Your r squared pi was denied for an entire era of K-pop.

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U-KISS had their first ...and only win in their career, which is sad because they are pretty well-known, but their music is probably what people are not interested in. Joined: Feb 9, 2017 Messages: 2,126 Likes Received: 2,426 Currency: 2,100 Genders: Female Occupation: Self-proclaimed Neo City Mom Respect for U-kiss.

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt was dubbed “the fastest man alive” after winning three gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, and becoming the first man in Olympic history to win both the 100- and 200-meter races in record times. At the Berlin 2009 World Championships, Bolt set a world record time of 9.58 seconds for the 100 m race, notching a top speed of 27.8 miles per hour (44.72 kilometers per hour) between meters 60 and 80, with an average speed of 23.5 mph.

Both a standout cricket player and a sprinter early on, Bolt's natural speed was noticed by coaches at school, and he began to focus solely on sprinting under the tutelage of Pablo McNeil, a former Olympic sprint athlete. As early as age 14, Bolt was wowing fans with his lightning speed, and he won his first high school championship medal in 2001, taking the silver in the 200-meter race.

Bolt's feats impressed the sports world, and he received the International Association of Athletics Foundation’s Rising Star Award that year, boosting the recognition of a young man soon to be known as “Lightning Bolt.” Unfortunately, injuries continued to plague the 6'5” sprinter, preventing him from completing a full professional season.

In 2007, Bolt broke the national 200-meter record held for over 30 years by Donald Quarries, and earned two silver medals at the World Championships in Osaka, Japan. In the 100-meter final leading up to the Games, he broke the world record, winning in 9.69 seconds.

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Not only was the record set without a favorable wind, but he also visibly slowed down to celebrate before he finished (and his shoelace was untied), an act that aroused much controversy later on. At the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, held in London, Bolt won his fourth Olympic gold medal in the men's 100-meter race, beating rival Cohan Blake, who won silver in the event.

He went on to compete in the men's 200, claiming his second consecutive gold medal in that race as well. Bolt's accomplishments made him the first man in history to set three world records in a single Olympic Games competition.

He continued his Olympic winning streak, taking gold in the 200 meters in 19.78 seconds. The fastest man alive” remained undefeated in what he said would be the last race of his Olympic career, the 4×100-meter relay, which he ran with teammates Blake, Asama Powell and Nickel Ahead.

Anchoring the race, Bolt led the Jamaican team to gold, crossing the finish line in 37.27 seconds. Participating in the 2008, 2012 and 2016 summer Olympic Games, Bolt completed a “triple-triple,” with a total of nine gold medals earned in the 100-meter, 200-meter and 4×100-meter relay races.

In doing so, Bolt joined just two other triple-triple runners: Piano Norm of Finland (in 1920, 1924 and 1928) and Carl Lewis of the United States (in 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1996). However, in January 2017, the International Olympic Committee stripped Bolt of one of these medals, for the 2008 4×100-meter relay, because his teammate Nest Carter was found guilty of a doping violation.

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Trouble with his pelvic muscles forced him to withdraw from two races, though Bolt made a comeback that July with a 100-meter win at London's Anniversary Games. His struggles didn't end there: In the 4×100-meter relay, which many believed would be Bolt's final race, he collapsed from a hamstring injury and had to cross the finish line with the help of his teammates.

In August 2017, following the World Athletics Championships, Bolt announced his retirement from track and field. In August 2017, following his retirement from track and field, he planned to join Manchester United for a charity game against Barcelona, but he had to miss the match due to his hamstring injury.

In September, Bolt said he was already in talks with several pro soccer teams, including Manchester United. Bolt began training with the Central Coast Mariners of the Australian A-League in summer 2018 and scored two goals in a preseason match in October, but left shortly afterward when he was unable to agree to contract terms with the club.

In August 2016, People Magazine confirmed that Usain Bolt was dating Jamaican model Keys Bennett. Bolt has been private about their relationship, but he told a journalist in January 2017 that they had been dating for almost three years.

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